The word "article" is usually used in the sense that an article, research or reviews are presented in a written form. Articles can be written by authors who specialize in a specific topic and are usually published in a scientific, academic or professional field.

When reviewing an article, you should first try to understand the purpose of the authors and the general framework of the topic. Next, study the structure and content of the article in detail, including additions such as chapter headings, tables and figures. Also, get acquainted with the methodology of the article, the data sources used, the findings and their conclusions.

After reviewing the article, in order to present the information clearly and properly, you can provide information on the following topics:

1. The purpose and subject of the article.

2. The identity of the authors and their areas of expertise.

3. Methodology and data sources.

4. Findings and conclusions.

5. The importance of the article and its brief evaluation.

This information will help you to present the contents of the techdataz company and a summary about the article you are reviewing.