5 Proven Ways to Skyrocket Your Sales

  • 5 Proven Ways to Skyrocket Your Sales

There are many ways to increase sales, but you probably won't find many new ideas if you look for advice online. The majority of online resources offer fundamental tips like increasing your sales calls, training your team, and developing stronger people skills.

You are probably ready for more in-depth sales strategies because you have probably already implemented every basic sales strategy in existence. If that is the case, the following five sales strategies won't let you down.

1. Strengthen your website usability with a store locator

Strengthen your website usability with a store locator

When you think of website usability, you probably picture users navigating your website with ease, finding everything they need, and not having any issues with the way your website works. Website usability encompasses more than this.

Anything that makes it easier for your visitors to locate what they are looking for, both online and offline, is included in website usability. For instance, adding a store locator to your website makes it easier for customers to locate your products in person. Utilizing Google Maps is ten times worse than using a store locator. Although Google Maps can be embedded into a website, it is not user-friendly as a store locator because it was designed as a map program.

Where to Buy is one of the most widely used store locators for food and beverage products. When a company adds Where to Buy to their website, customers can look for grocery stores in their area that carry the products they sell.

Don't leave it up to your customers to decide where to buy your products. They can, of course, conduct online searches and phone calls to various stores, but both of those options require a lot of effort. Help your customers locate your products in the real world from your website, making their lives easier.

2. Learn NLP and apply it to your sales letters

Learn NLP and apply it to your sales letters

All of your sales letters, landing pages, and emails should, hopefully, be written by an experienced sales copywriter. If not, you won't be able to use NLP techniques on your sales copy without the help of an expert.

Neuro-linguistic programming, or NLP, is a method for influencing outcomes in a variety of fields. Therapists, for instance, use NLP to help their patients get used to new ideas that they might normally resist. NLP is used in sales to get people to buy something by getting to know them and finding a way to tie the sale to their emotions. NLP basically helps people become better communicators who can have a big impact on how the conversation goes.

It sounds like NLP could be used for bad things, but sometimes even good products need a little push to get people to buy them.

NLP, according to many, is difficult to translate into writing. That may be partially accurate. Although applying NLP to writing is difficult and frequently unsuccessful, it is not impossible, as A-list copywriter Harlan Kilstein has demonstrated throughout his career. He even teaches others to use NLP effectively in their copywriting projects.

NLP has been used to increase sales by many experienced copywriters to great success. You might be wondering if training your copywriters to use NLP strategies will yield the same results. You will be amazed if you put in the time and effort.

3. Use advanced email segmentation strategies

If you're like most businesses, you sort your leads into basic categories as they come in. Maybe you have labels for things like orientation, age, or pay. Use these important tags, but they aren't very useful.

Sending different emails to different age groups is about the most you can do with an age-segregated list. While that is a component of an effective segmentation strategy, it is not the entire game.

This is how advanced segmentation, also known as marketing automation, works. On your website, you set up a web form that asks visitors to answer specific questions about your products and services. Let's say, for instance, that you run a health clinic and want practitioners from a variety of fields to work there. Users of your form would be required to specify their type of practice, income, level of experience or degree, and average monthly patient count.

You would set it up in the backend of your email management software so that every possible response gives the lead a tag. Each lead could wind up with 5 distinct labels. Better if there are more tags. You will be able to tailor your marketing efforts to your leads in this manner. For example, you can only send an email to chiropractors who see 50 or fewer patients per month and earn $200,000 annually.

You can embed links in each email to automatically add even more tags to the lead who clicked them to take advanced segmentation to the next level. You can do this by sending emails to leads with the intention of getting them to click your links and tell you more about themselves. Market your products and services to your leads with ease if you know more about them.

Additionally, you can create multiple email sequences and move leads into and out of them based on their actions. When a lead buys something, for instance, you can move them out of your sales sequence and into a sequence that nurtures them until they buy something at a higher price point.

4. Send free products to influential YouTubers to review

Send free products to influential YouTubers to review

Getting influential YouTubers to review your products is one of the best ways to increase sales. You will need to send them free samples because you cannot expect them to buy your products unless they are already customers.

Request a product review from a few influential YouTubers with a sizable following on their channel. You are more likely to receive a positive response if they are interested in your product.

If you are turned down by some YouTubers, don't give up. Some people prefer to review products they have purchased for themselves, while others dislike doing so. Keep trying, and if you're turned down, start looking for influencers who already regularly write product reviews.

5. Be generous with unhappy customers

One interesting way to increase sales is to publicly be generous with dissatisfied customers, which can tip the balance in favor of those who are still skeptical.

When a customer posts a complaint online in a location where others can see it, follow up quickly to apologise for the inconvenience and inquire about what you can do to rectify the situation. Give them a refund and let them keep the product if they want one. Make sure to let them know that you will be refunding their purchase and that they can keep the product in that public area.

You want other potential customers to see how generously you respond to complaints because it will demonstrate that you are a dependable business and that you care about your customers.

Being generous with anyone who has a complaint is the best way to provide that long-lost customer service and generate customer loyalty, as exceptional customer service is now uncommon.

Keep perfecting your products and services

All of the above strategies are great ways to boost your sales. However, don’t lose sight of perfecting your products and services. Great products don’t sell themselves, but when you have great sales strategies, having a superior product certainly helps.



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