What is Forex and its Current Status ?

  • What is Forex and its Current Status ?

Forex or FX, which is the abbreviation of foreign currency words, is preferred by investors because it has the advantage and feature of being the most liquid money market in the world. It is like an online exchange office where you can safely perform your transactions in Forex markets, where foreign exchange transactions are carried out by using the exchange rates and comparison rates of the official currency of one country with the currency of another country in Forex markets. Any device, anywhere with internet. Forex Nedir Another reason why the Forex market is loved by investors is that it allows leveraged trading. Although the maximum leverage ratio determined by the CMB in Turkey is 1:10, it is possible to come across 1:1000 leverage ratios on official websites serving in different countries.

Forex Nedir and What Is Its Market ?

Forex markets began to be used by the world in the 1970s and began to be called a market that expresses the conversion of foreign currencies into the main currency. The main reason for starting to be used is that intermediary overseas banks want to carry out intercontinental transactions with each other faster and with lower fees. It has gained the reputation of being the largest money and financial market in the world, with thousands of investment instruments and investors' transaction volumes of 5.5 trillion dollars, in the forex markets, which have undergone a lot of change and development since its first appearance in the 1970s.

How to Trade in Forex Markets? How Are Transactions Performed ?

Meta Trader 5, or MT5 in short, is the new and advanced version of Meta Trader 4, which we offer to investors at ALB Forex with Meta Trader 5, for your transactions in the Forex market. In Forex markets, it is possible to make a profit when the price of an investment instrument is both falling and rising. For this reason, it has become a favorite of investors.

meta trader 5

What are the Forex Advantages ?

In addition to being the most liquid money market in the world, Forex markets are also famous for being one of the markets with the most transactions in the world. In Forex markets, where you can access product information and product pricing of any company or precious metal from all over the world, all you need is an internet-connected device. With being so easily accessible, Forex markets have gained the attention and trust of their investors. Thanks to the leveraged transactions you will make in the precious metals, shares, commodities and other instruments you want, you can create transactions with high amounts despite keeping your capital low, and you will have the opportunity to increase your transactions up to 1:10 times your money thanks to the Forex markets. Forex markets are frequently preferred due to the fact that they are not easily manipulated and that they provide double-sided transaction facilities to investors.

What Are the Disadvantages of Forex ?

For investors who are new to the Forex market, any decision they make without the necessary platform and market training may result in harmful results. It is inevitable that random or emotional transactions without following the agenda will have negative consequences for your investments. While making your transactions in Forex markets, you should also follow the world agenda, analyze the data you will obtain well and perform your transactions within the scope of this data and the information you have obtained. Otherwise, you may face bad results that you did not plan for your capital. By using the DEMO Account we created for our new Forex users without using your capital, you can experience yourself in the Forex markets and have experience in the forex market.

What are the Trading Hours in the Forex Market ?

Forex is a market that is open and ready for information 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, independent of information and financial markets. But this may not be true for every second in the forex markets. It is beneficial to realize your productions in special times for money markets. Because most of the work in the forex markets is done during these hours. Time zones such as the opening of the middle of the Australian and Asian market, the day in America and London can be shown on this screen.

what are the trading hours in the forex market

How to Choose a Forex Brokerage Firm ?

You need to work with a Forex broker in order to carry out your transactions safely and quickly in the Forex markets. One of the factors that you should pay attention to when choosing a Forex brokerage house is whether the company is approved by the CMB. Firms approved by the CMB and holding certain certificates should be the first sources in the market that investors can trust. Investors who will trade from non-approved companies are putting both their capital and themselves at risk. At ALB Forex, we get the lowest commissions from our investors and open the doors of the Forex markets where they can reach them 5/24. It is also beneficial to choose a Forex brokerage house with high capital, because you need to work with reliable and large-capital companies in order to guarantee your capital in case of a possible crisis.



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