When is The Best Time To Buy a TV?

  • When is The Best Time To Buy a TV?

We have a tonne of wonderful articles to guide you in your search, including the best choices for TVs under $1,000, under $500, and even TVs with particular operating systems like Roku and Google TV. But the reason you're here is to find out the precise optimal time to purchase a new TV in order to ensure that you don't lose the farm when doing so.

If you believed the advertising hoopla and sales strategies used by TV manufacturers and merchants, you'd assume there was never a bad moment to purchase a TV. Of course, this is untrue. If you wait and buy when the bargains are available, you can save a lot of money on a TV. While it's a good idea to bookmark our frequently updated best TV deal posts, there are some crucial seasons of the year to be more watchful, including When the new TVs of the year first arrive in the spring, there are some decent prices to be had on models from the previous year.

Amazon Prime Day usually falls in the middle of the summer. Black Friday/Cyber Monday is around the end of November. All of those topics will be covered shortly.

Follow the New TV Release Cycle

TV Release Cycle

Simply adhering to the release schedule is a terrific way to find the finest TV discounts. Between February and April is when new TVs often launch, and while that is a terrific time to get the newest TV technology, it is also the period when manufacturers reduce prices on last year's models to make room for the new ones. This can make you think you're not getting the newest and greatest, but remember that these TVs were the best available only a few short months ago.

In essence, we advise keeping an eye out for bargains that begin in March. Even though not all manufacturers adhere to the same precise release schedule, the majority do introduce their new TV lines during the big Consumer Electronics Show in early January, with release dates frequently being disclosed in the weeks that follow. If you are aware that a TV brand you like will be releasing a new lineup, start watching the news for information on when the new models will hit the shelves. You can anticipate steep reductions on models from the previous year as soon as those become available, or perhaps earlier.

On the other hand, now is still a terrific time of year to buy a TV if you want the newest and greatest. Here's your chance to be the first on your block to flaunt the newest features or that stunning OLED display.

Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day

Even while Amazon Prime Day isn't as full with TVs as other sales and most of them are cheaper models, there are still plenty of options to browse. Prime Day has generated its fair share of good TV deals. We're crossing our fingers for some good prices on Omni and other TV brands this year because Amazon's Fire TV Omni QLED TVs are making a splash this year and because Amazon prefers to favor its own products on Prime Day.

The event, which lasts 48 hours, has moved about a little from July in recent years. Due to the pandemic, the 2020 episode was relocated to October; however, in 2021, it returned to the summer and took place in June. While Amazon hasn't yet announced the dates for Prime Day 2023, we anticipate this year's dates to be somewhere in June or July. Prime Day returned to its July home last year.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

You may have anticipated this, but you don't need to put yourself in danger by going to the mall or your neighborhood electronics store in order to score a great deal during Black Friday deals. While the big day after Thanksgiving is often when you'll discover the finest prices, discounts frequently start to appear in early November. If you don't get a chance on Friday, TV deals have been growing better and better over the past few years on Cyber Monday, also known as the first Monday after Thanksgiving.

In contrast to Super Bowl discounts, you may find TVs of various shapes and sizes on sale during this time, including the best TV technology like OLED and QLED. Some of these TVs can be found for as little as half of their original cost. In spite of this, the majority of the greatest offers will be on mid to lower-priced TVs, making this an excellent time to purchase the bedroom TV you've had your eye on at a discount. Keep an eye on tech websites (like this one) that handpick the best discounts because there are so many models on sale that it may be overwhelming to sift through them all.

Super Bowl Sales

Super Bowl Sales

The Super Bowl is more than just an opportunity to load up on chips, dip, and those tiny hot dogs that you'll be forced to consume for weeks following the game. For the NFL's clash of the conferences, manufacturers and merchants frequently mark down their current lines of TVs in January, typically maintaining them at a low price until just a few days before the celebrations begin.

The most frequent bargains you'll find at this time of year will be on models with screens that are 49 inches and larger because the screen size is always a key component of a successful Super Bowl party. To put it another way, now is the moment to take risks. We have instructions on how to set up your TV for the best Super Bowl viewing, and you should do the same.



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