With ground-breaking new products and sales, Creality marks its ninth anniversary. Galore

  • With ground-breaking new products and sales, Creality marks its ninth anniversary. Galore

Here's some good news for all you 3D printing aficionados out there. For its ninth anniversary sale, Creality, the manufacturer of the well-liked Ender 3 series 3D printers, is introducing a wide range of fascinating new products.

There is something for everyone, from quick printers to stylish shoe options. Hundreds more products are also on sale.

So now is the perfect moment to upgrade your 3D printing tools or give something new a shot.

9th Anniversary New Launches From Creality

In order to make 3D printing more accessible, Creality has a series of special launches. The products are designed with the user experience in mind, especially for non-engineers who might lack the coding and modelling expertise.

High-Speed Printing at Your Fingertips with the K1 Series

K1 Series

Creality's FDM printers like the K1 and K1 Max are part of the K1 series. These CoreXY printers are designed for use by professionals and have a print speed of 600 mm per second. The K1 series printers can move quickly and accelerate to their top speed of 600mm/s in just 0.03 seconds because to their lightweight print heads.

With a 2-core 1.2GHz CPU and the most recent Creality OS, these printers have a strong processing capacity that makes them quick and effective. High-speed printing is made possible by the slicing programme Creality Print 4.3, which uses sophisticated algorithms to optimise nozzle movement. Using the Creality Cloud app or the Creality Print software, you can now monitor and manage the printers remotely.

High-Speed Printing at Your Fingertips

Dual hands-free auto levelling on the K1 Max makes it simpler than

Halot-Mage Series: cc

Halot-Mage Series

The Halot-Mage and Halot-Mage Pro printers from Creality are worth keeping an eye out for if you deal with miniatures, jewellery, dentistry, or other crafts. The Halot-Mage Pro advances resin printing thanks to its 170mm/s print speed. Moreover, it has the Dynax motion mechanism, which prints each layer swiftly and with little delay. Moreover, the printer may speed up by modifying the motor algorithm using the Halot Box slicing programme.

The 10.3-inch 8K Display on the Halot-Mage Pro will make your models clear and detailed. Also, the print can be placed anywhere on the build plate thanks to Integral Light Source 3.0 resin technology because the quality is constant. The printer can also be controlled wirelessly or via an RJ45 cable.

You will be amazed by the intelligent air purifier and the replaceable activated carbon filter if you care about your health. The Haot-Mage Pro has a MageArc flip lid for comfortable one-handed operation on the ergonomics front. In addition to being visually appealing, the orange tint on the printer serves the practical aim of preventing 99.89% of ambient UV light from entering the device.

Sermoon D3 Pro: Versatile for Your Business

This industrial-grade printer can boost your company's productivity with a speed of 300mm/s, LAN printing, and compatibility with various materials. The D3 Pro's twin extraction technique expands the ability to create stable support structures.

The Sermoon D3 Pro offers an active heating function and a consistent temperature chamber to assure print quality and prevent model distortion. A smart, one-button auto-leveling option is also available. In order to increase production efficiency for the end users, Creality is also working with BASF Forward AM to employ BASF metal and support filaments on Sermoon D3 Pro printers.

Accessories to Build Your Creality Ecosystem

A strong laser engraver that uses Dynamic Spot Size Adjustment is the Creality Falcon2 40W. This tool has updated safety features and a 25000mm/min working speed.

Accessories to Build Your Creality Ecosystem

The CR-Scan Ferret produces detailed scans and streamlines the modelling process because to its ASIC chip, full-color camera, and structured light. Although though the 3D scanner is quite lightweight (approximately 190 grammes), it can scan both tiny and large objects whether used on a turntable or as a handheld device.

Nebula Pad is a multifunctional smart interactive terminal that enables remote printing. For auto-leveling and monitoring filament flow, link it with AI LiDAR. You may create a time-lapse movie of the entire procedure by adding a 1080p night-vision camera.

3D Printed Footwear Solution

Check out these cutting-edge 3D-printed footwear options from Creality that use FDM technology. Their professional-grade Sprite extruder makes it feasible to print softer materials for your footwear. You can design and print your own shoes for a variety of reasons, including comfort and health.



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