How to Install the Java JDK in Windows 11

  • How to Install the Java JDK in Windows 11

First of all, hello to everyone, my dear readers. Today I will tell you how to Install Java JDK in Windows 11 and I would like to show you the detailed sequential steps. Dear readers, I aim to explain it to you in detail in this article, and I request you to find constantly updated information on this website and to star this website in your Google Chrome plug-ins.

Now let's explain how to explain it sequentially and show you how to do it:

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Aside from JavaScript, one of the most popular programming languages for back-end development is Java, which is also a popular option for desktop and mobile development.

Therefore, it makes sense for anyone interested in programming and the world of software development in general to get their hands on Java, which you actually need to know. But before you start, I recommend you, my dear readers, to take advantage of JAVA basic training and learn it at an advanced level, because after this training, you will be able to easily find a job in the software field or in different companies and everyone will need you.

How to Install the Java JDK in Windows 11 now let's get back to our main topic: In this article, we will actually cover the exact method of installing JDK or Java Development Environment, which is a software development environment required to run Java on your computer. I will provide you with more detailed information in this article. So let's dive right in and see how it's done sequentially.

Run a Check for Java JDK on Your PC

However, before proceeding with the installation, it would be useful to see whether the JDK is already available on your system, my dear readers. As you read this article, I am so happy that I showed you the real presentation, I cannot express it. Now back to our main topic To do this, go to the Start menu search bar, type 'cmd' and select the Best match now!

After opening the command prompt, type the following command and Press Enter:

Run a Check for Java JDK on Your PC

The Command Prompt will search for JDK on your computer as soon as you execute that. In case the JDK is not installed on your Windows 11, the CMD screen will appear as follows:

microsoft java komutlari

Alternatively, you can also check for the JDK through the Control Panel as well. Here's how:

  1. Head to Start Menu search bar, type in 'control panel', and select the best match.
  2. Head to Programs and Features Menu and see if you can find the JDK there.

If you cannot find the JDK partition using either method, continue to the section below for installation instructions. But you must follow the instructions in the following section in their order. If you miss a sequence, unfortunately these will not be command codes.

Installing Java JDK in Windows 11

To install the JDK installer, we need to head to Oracle’s website first. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Java Downloads section of the Oracle website, and download the x64 Installer from there.
  2. As soon as the download completes, launch the installation file and click on Yes.
  3. The JDK installation wizard will be launched. In the dialog box, click on Next.
  4. On the next screen, you’ll be asked for the location of your file. Click on Next.
  5. Once the JDK installation is complete, click on Close.
JDK installation is complete

By the end of this process the Java development kit will be successfully installed on your PC.

java installation se development

Installing and Running Java in Windows 11

And that's it, folks. In fact, my dear readers, when you follow the steps above in detail, the Java environment will be successfully installed on your computer. Installing and learning Java, one of the most popular programming languages on the market, is the first step to growing in this useful, object-oriented language. Actually, friends, when you install JAVA, some factors will work automatically.

For example, when you want to play an online Flash game, if this game does not work and the image and video factors do not work, you must install JAVA, so I wanted to explain to you in detail how to install it.

In fact, in general, the best way to follow JAVA versions is on JAVA's own website. Do not forget this, my dear readers. You will find the main source of detailed information here; I am sharing the JAVA website.



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