5 Apps to Customize and Personalize Your Mac’s Desktop

  • 5 Apps to Customize and Personalize Your Mac’s Desktop

Most people don't immediately picture customization when they think of macOS. Contrary to what many people believe, you can personalise your Mac, starting with the desktop.

Unfortunately, macOS's built-in alternatives might not be sufficient. Consequently, you must rely on third-party programmes. Here are some apps to help you customise and personalise your Mac's desktop if you're not sure where to begin.

1. Folder Colorizer Pro

Folder Colorizer Pro

It's difficult to utilise alternative folder icons or change colours in macOS. It can be done manually, but it can be challenging. The same operation is made simpler with Folder Colorizer Pro, which enables you to change the colours, emojis, and images on folder icons.

Additionally, you can combine these components. For instance, you could apply a decal and set up a backdrop image for the folder icon. Additional features include smart search, automated folder colouring, and the ability to undo and redo your activities.

2. WidgetWall


Have you ever desired having educational widgets on the desktop of your Mac? You don't have to wait for Apple to roll out native support, though. With the addition of several widgets to the desktop interface, WidgetWall is a fantastic programme for customising your Mac desktop.

You must remember that WidgetWall does not use the macOS-built-in widgets. Instead, you must pick among the widgets in the app's custom collection. However, WidgetWall allows you to customise each of these widgets' many features.

3. uBar


Another aspect of the desktop that may be customised is the Dock. Try uBar, one of the greatest methods to customise the macOS Dock, if you think the built-in customization options aren't good enough. With the help of this tool, you may design a menu bar like to Windows that can display various items such as open windows, app shortcuts, etc.

Additionally, it adds various features like multi-monitor support and window previews. Additionally, the devs keep including incredible features through updates. In conclusion, you should try configuring uBar if you want your Mac's desktop to appear and function differently.

4. iCollections


If changing the colour of your desktop folders doesn't seem like enough, you may take it a step further by looking into iCollections. You can modify and personalise how files and folders are stored on the desktop using this software.

You can see a few collections by default, including discs and commonly used folders. However, you can make as many collections as you need. These collections could be as straightforward as a few of folders or a photo frame to display your favourite pictures.

5. Vanilla


You need to check out Vanilla if you believe the menu bar on your Mac to be a part of your desktop. When you have multiple macOS menu bar apps installed, your menu bar may get congested and have a lot of icons. Vanilla will organise them into an interface that you can access with just one click.

When compared to paid rivals like Bartender, Vanilla maintains a low feature set. Consequently, you might not discover as many customising possibilities as you anticipate. But rest confident that Vanilla will accomplish your goal of clearing your Mac's desktop of annoying menu bar objects.

Improve Your Mac's Desktop With These Apps

We think these applications enable you to personalise your Mac desktop to suit your preferences and needs. However, you should remember that macOS customization doesn't stop there.

In reality, there are a tonne more ways to make your Mac experience unique. You can customise your colour scheme, your sound effects, and even the way your mouse and trackpad operate.



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