5 Common Complaints Users Have About Windows 11

  • 5 Common Complaints Users Have About Windows 11

Since its release, Windows 11 from Microsoft has seen significant improvement. The OS still lacks a few capabilities that were present in earlier Windows editions, though. Additionally, Microsoft has made some operating system capabilities more difficult to find and utilise.

We are compiling a list of Windows 11's shortcomings and customer complaints in this post.

1. Windows 11 Has Strict Hardware Requirements

Windows 11 Has Strict Hardware Requirements

Microsoft provided a free upgrade for computers running Windows 7 and 8.1 when Windows 10 was released. Users of Windows 10 can also upgrade for free to Windows 11, however due to the strict hardware requirements, not everyone qualifies.

TPM 2.0 processor technology is unlikely to be present on Windows 10 computers older than six years. And this is one of the main reasons why the Windows 11 upgrade is still not being delivered to many users via Windows upgrade.

There are ways to install Windows 11 without complying with the TPM 2.0 requirement, but it's unclear how secure the results will be. Bypassing the minimum hardware requirements before installing it, you could run into all kinds of problems. If Microsoft removes the TPM 2.0 requirement, many Windows 10 customers are ready to upgrade. While waiting, you can install Windows 11 without meeting the minimal requirements, but only at your own risk.

2. The Need for a Microsoft Account During the Windows 11 Setup Process

If you utilise Microsoft Account with your Windows 11 computer, you gain a number of advantages. While using a Microsoft account over a local account is not required to get the most out of Windows 11, Microsoft does advocate it.

However, while installing Windows 11, you require a Microsoft account. This implies that before you can begin the installation, you must first create a Microsoft account. It's unlikely that you have a Microsoft account if Windows 11 is your first experience with a Microsoft product. If you don't immediately create an account on another device, you won't be able to finish the installation in that scenario.

3. Windows 11 Does Not Offer Significant Benefits Over Windows 10 for Many

Windows 11 Does Not Offer Significant Benefits Over Windows 10 for Many<

Because of its wealth of new features, changes in design, and enhancements, many people believe that Windows 11 is worthwhile. However, many individuals will never use the updates since they are not useful. Additionally, because people have been using Windows 10 for a while, they feel at home with it.

It's crucial to maintain software on devices updated to the most recent version. This will increase device security and provide additional benefits for you. However, consumers are reluctant to update to a new OS version when they believe the new capabilities will not materially improve their workflow. Here are the key differences between Windows 10 and Windows 11 if you wish to compare them for clarity.

Many Windows 10 customers have expressed dissatisfaction that Windows 11 does not bring many useful new features. The only way to assist those people is by giving Windows 11 additional useful features.

4. Changing Default Apps Is Too Hard

Microsoft received harsh criticism for making it more difficult to switch default apps. In Windows 10, you can set default apps for email, music, photo viewing, the web browser, and more using the Default apps interface on the Settings page. The default programmes in Windows 10 can be changed with only a few clicks.

However, it is difficult and time-consuming to modify Windows 11's default apps. You may define defaults for different file and link types in Windows 11. This implies that, just like in Windows 10, you must now choose each file or link type and alter each default.

Users want Microsoft to make it simpler to change Windows 11's default apps. The issue of changing default programmes is probably going to be resolved first out of all the issues consumers have about Windows 11. Microsoft had previously disclosed that it would give users the ability to easily modify defaults by introducing a new Settings deep link URI for programmes.

5. The Limited Functionality of the Windows 11 Taskbar

Users have also expressed dissatisfaction with the Windows 11 taskbar's limited capabilities. Popular features like the "never combine" option, which displays a taskbar button with extra information, are currently lacking. Microsoft has been under fire from users of Windows 11 for not allowing the taskbar to be moved to the top or sides of the screen. Users want Windows 11 to restore both of these taskbar features. There are additional possibilities for Microsoft to enhance the taskbar in Windows 11 than these two.

Microsoft is working to bring the never merge programme icons option to the OS, which may be a comfort to many Windows 11 users. The feature was discovered in Windows 11 Insider builds by Twitter user Albacore.

Windows 11 Has Flaws, but Every Other OS Has Them Too

Windows 11 is a flawed operating system, just like every prior one. For the most part, it does, though. Many new functionality and a redesigned operating system design will be loved and appreciated by users who are not overly disturbed by the missing features.

With the aforementioned features, Windows 11 will undoubtedly appeal to a wider audience.



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