BenQ outs two new Designer displays ideal for graphic artists, CAD operators

BenQ, a leading manufacturer of technology products, has recently unveiled two new displays specifically designed for graphic artists and CAD operators. These cutting-edge monitors offer a range of features and specifications that cater to the unique needs of professionals in these fields. With their exceptional color accuracy, high resolution, and user-friendly design, these displays are set to enhance the work of graphic designers and CAD operators alike.

The first display, the BenQ Designer PD3220U, boasts a 4K UHD resolution, delivering stunningly sharp images with excellent clarity and detail. This expansive 32-inch monitor provides users with a large canvas to work on, allowing them to view their designs and creations in exceptional detail. This feature is especially beneficial for graphic artists and CAD operators who rely heavily on precise visuals to ensure the accuracy of their work.

The PD3220U also comes equipped with Thunderbolt 3 connectivity, offering lightning-fast data transfer speeds and the ability to daisy chain multiple monitors. This feature is incredibly useful for professionals who require seamless multitasking capabilities or for those who work with resource-intensive applications. Moreover, the monitor provides a USB-C port, HDMI, and DisplayPort for versatile connection options.

Another notable feature of the PD3220U is its exceptional color accuracy. This is a crucial aspect for graphic artists and CAD operators as it ensures that the colors depicted on screen are true to life. The PD3220U covers 95% of the DCI-P3 color space, giving users access to a wide range of vibrant and accurate colors, making it ideal for editing photos, creating digital art, or designing architectural plans.

For users who require an even higher level of color accuracy, the BenQ PD2700U is an excellent alternative. This 27-inch display is also equipped with a 4K UHD resolution, providing users with a more compact option without sacrificing visual quality. With its 100% sRGB and Rec. 709 color spaces coverage, the PD2700U ensures that the colors rendered on screen are highly precise and consistent, which is vital for professionals working in visual fields.

Both the PD3220U and the PD2700U come with BenQ's AQCOLOR technology, which guarantees the delivery of accurate and stunning colors. Through this technology, these displays are capable of reproducing precise colors and shades, allowing graphic artists and CAD operators to work with absolute confidence in the authenticity of their designs.

Additionally, these displays feature an intelligent display mode and a brightness uniformity function. The intelligent display mode automatically adjusts the monitor's settings based on the content being viewed, ensuring optimal performance for various applications. The brightness uniformity function, on the other hand, ensures consistent brightness across the entire display, eliminating any potential discrepancies in image quality.

In conclusion, BenQ's latest displays, the PD3220U and the PD2700U, are a testament to the company's commitment to providing high-quality products tailored to the needs of graphic artists and CAD operators. With their exceptional color accuracy, high resolution, and convenient connectivity options, these displays offer an unparalleled experience for professionals in these fields. Whether you are editing photos, creating digital art, or designing complex architectural plans, these displays will undoubtedly elevate your work to new heights. Trust BenQ to deliver the tools you need for your creative endeavors.

How is its design?

BenQ has recently introduced two new Designer displays that are specifically designed to cater to the needs of graphic artists and CAD operators. These displays are the perfect choice for professionals in these fields who require high-quality visuals, precise color representation, and enhanced productivity.

The design of these BenQ displays focuses on providing an optimal viewing experience for graphic artists and CAD operators. With their large screen sizes and high resolutions, these displays offer a detailed and clear view of designs, images, and models. This ensures that every intricate detail is visible, allowing for accurate and efficient work.

One standout feature of these displays is their color accuracy. BenQ has incorporated advanced color technologies, such as AQCOLOR and IPS panels, which deliver 100% sRGB and Rec.709 color spaces. This means that the colors displayed on these monitors are incredibly accurate and true to life. Graphic artists can rely on these displays to depict colors with precision, ensuring that their designs are visually appealing and consistent.

CAD operators will appreciate the precise color representation as well, as it allows them to accurately analyze and evaluate their models. This can be crucial in industries such as architecture and engineering, where accurate color representation is necessary to make informed decisions.

In addition to color accuracy, these BenQ Designer displays also offer ergonomic features that enhance comfort and reduce eye strain. They feature adjustable stands that allow users to find the most comfortable viewing position and reduce neck and back fatigue. The displays also come with low blue light and flicker-free technologies, which minimize eye strain during long working hours, ultimately leading to increased productivity.

With the increasing demand for high-quality displays in the graphic design and CAD industries, BenQ's new Designer displays have proven to be a popular choice among professionals. Their exceptional visual performance, precise color representation, and ergonomic design make them an ideal solution for graphic artists and CAD operators who seek excellence in their work.

So, if you're a graphic artist or CAD operator looking for a display that offers unparalleled image quality, accurate color representation, and optimal comfort, be sure to consider BenQ's new Designer displays. These displays are specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals like you, allowing you to unleash your creativity and work with confidence.

How is its performance?

The performance of BenQ's new Designer displays has been specifically tailored to meet the needs of graphic artists and CAD operators. These displays provide an ideal solution for professionals in these fields who require high-precision visual clarity and accurate color representation to bring their creative visions to life.

BenQ's Designer displays boast exceptional color accuracy, with the ability to reproduce a wide color gamut, including 100% sRGB and Rec. 709 color spaces. This ensures that graphic designs and CAD drawings are displayed with utmost accuracy, allowing professionals to see even the slightest variations in color shades and gradients.

In addition to color accuracy, these displays offer a high pixel density, resulting in crisp and sharp images. With resolutions of up to 4K UHD, every intricate detail of designs and drawings is rendered with precision, enabling professionals to work with ease and efficiency.

Furthermore, BenQ's Designer displays incorporate advanced features to enhance productivity and ease of use. These displays are equipped with unique CAD/CAM and Animation modes, which optimize the display settings for precise line rendering and smooth animation playback. This allows CAD operators to work seamlessly and graphic artists to see their designs come to life in an accurate and fluid manner.

To enhance comfort during extended periods of work, BenQ's Designer displays also feature an eye-care technology that reduces eye strain caused by prolonged exposure to blue light. With this feature, professionals can work for longer hours without compromising their visual health.

In summary, BenQ's new Designer displays offer outstanding performance for graphic artists and CAD operators. With their exceptional color accuracy, high pixel density, advanced productivity features, and eye-care technology, these displays are an ideal choice for professionals in these industries who require precise, detailed, and comfortable visual experiences.

What are the models?

BenQ, a leading brand in display technology, has recently unveiled two new Designer displays that are perfect for graphic artists and CAD operators. These displays are specifically designed to meet the unique needs and demands of professionals within these fields.

The first model, the BenQ PD2705U, boasts a 27-inch IPS panel with 4K UHD resolution. This display provides stunning visuals with exceptional color accuracy and detail, making it ideal for graphic designers who require precise color representation. With its USB-C connectivity, users can easily connect their laptops or other devices to the display, eliminating the need for multiple cables.

For CAD operators, the BenQ PD3200U is the perfect choice. This 32-inch display features a 4K UHD resolution and an ultra-slim bezel design, providing a large and immersive workspace. With its DualView function, CAD operators can view designs in two different modes simultaneously, enhancing their productivity and efficiency. Additionally, the display's Darkroom mode ensures optimal contrast and clarity, allowing for detailed analysis of intricate CAD designs.

Both models come equipped with the unique Hotkey Puck feature, which allows users to switch between different display modes with just a click of a button. This feature greatly enhances workflow efficiency and saves valuable time for busy professionals.

In terms of eye care technology, BenQ's Designer displays are equipped with Low Blue Light and Flicker-Free technologies. These features effectively reduce eye strain and fatigue, enabling users to work for extended periods without discomfort.

With their sleek and modern designs, the BenQ Designer displays not only deliver outstanding performance but also complement any workspace. Business professionals can rest assured knowing that they are investing in top-of-the-line displays that will significantly enhance their work experience.

Overall, BenQ's commitment to innovation and attention to the specific needs of graphic artists and CAD operators make the PD2705U and PD3200U the ultimate choices for professionals in these industries. Upgrade to one of these displays today and take your creativity and productivity to new heights.


In summary, BenQ's new designer displays offer an ideal solution for graphic artists and CAD operators looking to enhance their creative productivity. These innovative monitors have been specifically designed to deliver superb color accuracy, sharpness, and clarity, allowing you to bring your visions to life with utmost precision.

With their advanced technology, BenQ displays provide a vast color spectrum that covers 100% of sRGB and Rec.709 color spaces. This means that every hue and shade will be faithfully reproduced on screen, ensuring that your designs are accurate and true-to-life.

Not only do these displays offer exceptional color accuracy, but they also provide an impressive resolution and pixel density, enabling you to view your intricate designs and detailed renderings without compromises. This level of clarity enables you to make precise adjustments and truly refine your creations.

Additionally, BenQ's designer displays are equipped with remarkable ergonomic features, such as height adjustment, tilt, and swivel capabilities. These features allow you to customize the viewing experience to suit your comfort, reducing fatigue and enabling you to work effectively for longer periods.

Furthermore, these monitors are also equipped with technologies that minimize eye strain, such as low blue light and flicker-free technologies. By reducing the harmful effects of blue light and eliminating screen flickering, you can protect your eyes during extended work sessions, ensuring your well-being as you push the boundaries of your creativity.

In conclusion, BenQ's new designer displays offer an exceptional solution for graphic artists and CAD operators seeking top-notch performance and precise color representation. With their advanced features and ergonomic design, these monitors not only enhance your creative productivity but also prioritize your well-being. Elevate your graphic artistry and design capabilities with BenQ's cutting-edge displays – the perfect companion for professionals like you.



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