BenQ’s new 4K HDR projector is designed with gamers in mind

BenQ, the renowned technology brand, has recently introduced its new 4K HDR projector that specifically caters to gamers. With a dedicated focus on the gaming community, this projector is designed to enhance the gaming experience to unprecedented levels. Let's delve into the key features and benefits of this remarkable device.

One of the main highlights of BenQ's 4K HDR projector is its stunning visual quality. With an impressive 3840 x 2160 resolution, every detail in your games will be portrayed with exceptional clarity and sharpness. The high dynamic range (HDR) technology further enhances the contrast and color accuracy, resulting in breathtaking visuals. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of gaming like never before.

Gamers understand the significance of quick and fluid movements during gameplay. This is where the BenQ 4K HDR projector truly shines. With an ultra-fast response time of only 8.3ms, it ensures that there is minimal input lag, translating to instant and precise on-screen actions. This is crucial, especially in fast-paced games where split-second decisions make all the difference. Stay ahead of your opponents with this unparalleled responsiveness.

Additionally, the BenQ 4K HDR projector boasts an exceptional brightness level of up to 3000 lumens. This means that even in brightly lit environments, your gaming visuals will remain vivid and vivid, ensuring an optimal gaming experience regardless of your surroundings. Say goodbye to limitations and enjoy your favorite games wherever you please.

Sound quality is often overlooked when it comes to gaming, but not with BenQ's new projector. It features powerful built-in speakers that deliver immersive audio, allowing you to fully appreciate the audio effects of your games. The crisp and rich sound adds another layer of depth to your gaming sessions, immersing you in a world where every sound matters.

Connectivity options are abundant in this projector, offering convenience and versatility. The HDMI ports enable easy connectivity with gaming consoles, PCs, and other devices. Additionally, the USB ports provide hassle-free access to media files, allowing you to enjoy movies, music, and photos effortlessly. The included remote control ensures that you have full control over your gaming experience from the comfort of your couch.

BenQ understands the importance of eye health, especially during long gaming sessions. The 4K HDR projector integrates the exclusive eye-care technology, reducing eye strain and fatigue. This technology incorporates features such as low blue light and flicker-free technology, safeguarding your eyes while you indulge in extended gaming sessions. Focus on achieving victory without any discomfort or compromises.

In conclusion, BenQ's new 4K HDR projector is a testament to their commitment to the gaming community. Boasting impressive visual quality, ultra-fast response time, superior brightness, immersive sound, and advanced connectivity options, it is truly designed with gamers in mind. Couple these features with the incorporated eye-care technology, and you have the ultimate gaming companion at your disposal. So level up your gaming experience with BenQ's new 4K HDR projector and unlock a new dimension of gaming enjoyment.

How is its design?

BenQ's new 4K HDR projector has been meticulously designed to cater to the needs of gamers like you. With the aim of immersing you in a visually stunning gaming experience, this projector comes packed with features that enhance gameplay and overall performance.

First and foremost, this projector boasts impressive 4K resolution, providing you with incredibly sharp and detailed visuals. Every texture, character, and environment will come alive on your screen, helping you spot even the tiniest details crucial for gaming success.

Furthermore, the High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology incorporated into this projector ensures that your games are displayed with incredible contrast and vibrant colors. This means that dark areas will be deep and rich, while bright sections will be strikingly vivid, creating a more realistic and immersive gameplay environment.

To enhance your gaming experience even further, BenQ's 4K HDR projector features a low input lag. With a minimal delay between your controller input and its display on the screen, you'll have a more responsive and precise gaming experience, allowing you to react quickly to in-game events.

In addition, the projector is equipped with a high refresh rate, making it capable of displaying fast-paced action scenes without any motion blur. This means that every frame will be rendered smoothly, ensuring that your gaming visuals are always crisp and fluid.

Furthermore, the design of this projector includes multiple connectivity options, allowing you to connect various gaming devices simultaneously. Whether you're playing on a PC, console, or even a mobile device, you'll have the flexibility to connect and switch between them effortlessly.

Lastly, the projector's compact and portable design enables you to set up your gaming station anywhere you desire. Take it to a friend's house, set it up in your living room, or even enjoy gaming sessions under the stars in your backyard. The options are limitless.

Overall, BenQ's 4K HDR projector is specifically designed with gamers in mind, providing them with stunning visuals, low input lag, high refresh rates, and versatile connectivity options. With this projector, you can elevate your gaming experience to a whole new level and immerse yourself in the virtual world like never before.

How is its performance?

The performance of BenQ's new 4K HDR projector is specifically designed to enhance the gaming experience. With its impressive specs and features, it aims to cater to gamers' needs and preferences.

Firstly, the projector offers 4K resolution, providing stunningly clear and detailed visuals. This level of clarity ensures that gamers can fully immerse themselves in the gaming world, with every intricate detail coming to life on the screen.

The projector also supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology, which enhances the color and contrast of the images. This means that gamers can enjoy more vibrant colors and deeper blacks, creating a more visually striking and realistic gaming experience.

Additionally, the low input lag of BenQ's projector is another key factor that makes it gamer-friendly. Input lag refers to the time it takes for a command from the controller to be displayed on the screen. By minimizing input lag, the projector ensures that gamers enjoy smooth and responsive gameplay, without any noticeable delays.

For gamers who enjoy multiplayer or competitive gaming, the projector's high refresh rate further enhances the experience. With a high refresh rate, the projector can display fast-paced action smoothly, reducing motion blur and providing a clearer view of the game.

Furthermore, BenQ's projector offers multiple connectivity options, allowing gamers to connect various gaming devices easily. Whether you prefer gaming on a console, PC, or even a mobile device, the projector provides flexibility in connecting and playing games from different platforms.

In conclusion, BenQ's new 4K HDR projector is designed with gamers in mind, providing exceptional performance and features to enhance the gaming experience. Offering 4K resolution, HDR technology, low input lag, high refresh rate, and versatile connectivity options, this projector aims to meet the needs of gamers who seek the best visual and gameplay quality possible.

What are the models?

BenQ has launched two models of its new 4K HDR projector that are specifically designed to cater to gamers. These projectors, namely the BenQ TK700STi and the TK700STi+, are created with the gaming community in mind.

The BenQ TK700STi projector boasts a stunning 4K resolution, which delivers incredibly sharp and detailed images. With a high dynamic range (HDR) capability, it offers vibrant colors and enhanced contrast to bring the gaming experience to life.

Both models feature an ultra-low input lag of only 16ms, ensuring a highly responsive gaming experience. This lag reduction is crucial for gamers, as it minimizes the delay between player input and on-screen action, enhancing overall gameplay.

Moreover, these projectors offer a high refresh rate of up to 120Hz, providing smooth and fluid motion during fast-paced gaming moments. This feature is especially valuable for competitive gamers, as it allows for a more immersive and responsive gaming session.

The BenQ TK700STi series also incorporates a built-in Game Maestro feature. This feature provides easy access to various gaming modes and settings that can be personalized according to individual preferences. This allows gamers to optimize the projector's display performance, customize colors, and fine-tune image details for an enhanced gaming experience.

Additionally, both projectors are equipped with industry-leading CinematicColor technology, delivering accurate and true-to-life colors. This ensures that the visuals displayed on the screen are vivid and realistic, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

In conclusion, the BenQ TK700STi and TK700STi+ 4K HDR projectors are specifically designed with gamers in mind. With their impressive specifications, such as 4K resolution, low input lag, high refresh rate, and customizable gaming modes, these projectors offer an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.


In conclusion, BenQ's latest 4K HDR projector is undoubtedly a game-changer for avid gamers. With its specifically tailored features and design catering to the needs of gamers, this projector offers an unparalleled gaming experience like never before.

One of the key highlights of this projector is its 4K resolution, which delivers stunningly detailed visuals, bringing games to life with exceptional clarity and realism. Paired with HDR technology, the projector enhances the color accuracy and contrast, immersing you in vibrant and dynamic gameplay.

Designed with gamers in mind, this projector also boasts low input lag and high refresh rates, ensuring smooth and responsive gaming sessions. You won't have to worry about any lag or delay, giving you a competitive edge in fast-paced games.

Additionally, the flexibility and versatility of this projector are worth mentioning. It offers multiple connectivity options, allowing you to connect various gaming consoles, PCs, and other devices effortlessly. Whether you want to enjoy gaming in your living room or set up a dedicated gaming room, this projector fits seamlessly into any gaming setup.

It's also worth noting that BenQ, as a reputable brand, is known for its commitment to quality and innovation. With a proven track record in display technology, you can trust that this projector meets the highest standards for performance and reliability.

So, if you're a serious gamer looking to elevate your gaming experience, BenQ's new 4K HDR projector is certainly worth considering. With its exceptional features, incredible resolution, and top-notch performance, it's time to take your gaming to the next level. Upgrade to this projector and immerse yourself in a world of gaming like never before.



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