Best Screen Sharing Tools for Windows in 2023

  • Best Screen Sharing Tools for Windows in 2023

Since the pandemic, many individuals and businesses have adopted a work-from-home culture. The number of screen-sharing and conferencing apps has also increased as a result of WFH's rise. There has been a surge in new screen sharing tools with more interesting features, while the incumbents are still doing well.

Screen-sharing apps are very helpful when you want to help friends or family with something, not just at work. In either case, it goes without saying that the right software can help you work more efficiently.

Let's take a look at our picks because many people own Windows PCs and laptops and probably want the best screen-sharing software for Windows.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

At the point when you are looking for the best screen-sharing apparatus for Windows, you ought to continuously think about the instruments from Microsoft at the top. Microsoft is able to offer a wide range of features while simultaneously optimizing its software and tools because Windows is developed under the same roof. Microsoft Teams is the first to receive these benefits, and Microsoft Teams is not an exception.

Teams is designed primarily for training or work, and the functions are also customized accordingly. Even though Teams is a meeting app, it has a way to share screens online. When a meeting starts, you click the button that says "Share Content."

You can share the entire screen or just the current window if privacy is important to you. When you share your screen, you can also turn on the sound on your computer if you want to. With the free rendition, you can settle on record and sound decisions for as long as an hour and 100 members.

In terms of features, it supports video, voice, and chat, and you can even use a custom background when video chatting. In addition, the calendar lets you schedule the next meeting.

One disadvantage is that you can not hold gatherings that last longer than an hour except if you buy in. You can, however, subscribe for longer meetings. Overall, Microsoft Teams is a great app to try, especially if you want screen sharing software for business and education.



For years, users have been able to share screens with the help of software called Teamviewer. Teamviewer has been around for a long time, so it can provide a smooth experience and a lot of useful features. Let's begin by discussing the feature for sharing screens.

You can begin screen sharing on Windows with Teamviewer by tapping on the device icon (the icon will change depending on the device you are using) once the meeting has begun. The current window cannot be shared, but you can pause sharing if necessary.

Additionally, the meeting option provides functions like chatting and even multiple meeting management. You can use Teamviewer's remote control feature in addition to regular screen sharing to see what the other person is seeing on their screen and take control of it.

You need to go to the Remote Control tab, ask the other person to install the app, and then visit the same tab to remotely control their screen. If you want to take control of their screen, ask the other person to share the code that is displayed on their screen and click Control. Share the code that is displayed on your screen with another person if you want them to take control of your screen.

In addition to the built-in file transfer function, Teamviewer lets you remotely control devices for presentations. Most importantly, the software can even be used in augmented reality mode! Even with fluctuating networks, most of these services function well, but the user interface could have been improved.

Google Meet

Google Meet

Screen-sharing applications for Windows are just one example of almost every software service for which Google offers a competing product. Google Meet is one of these applications, and its straightforward user interface makes it simple to use. One of the app's main benefits is this.

Additionally, the icons aid non-technical individuals in comprehending what each icon represents. When you start screen sharing, you can tap the button to pick between the default screen sharing or a particular window, or even a particular tab. Google Meet can be accessed online or as an application.

No matter what the different screen sharing elements, assuming that you consider it a video conferencing application, it needs a large number of the highlights that the opposition offers. Regardless of whether you concur, you are compelled to sign in utilizing just Google ID, which could be a huge issue for some. In the event that these disadvantages don't irritate you, then, at that point, Google Meet is an unmistakable proposal.



Zoom, in the same way as other different choices in this rundown, is a video conferencing device, however it likewise has a screen-sharing choice. Zoom, in contrast to Google and Microsoft, provides a variety of login options.

Additionally, Zoom has not compromised on security. Your account is safe, but recovering your password is time-consuming if you forget it. You can quickly begin sharing your screen by selecting Share Screen from the app's home screen once you have signed in.

To share the screen, provide an ID for the meeting. If not, you can begin a meeting by selecting the Share Screen option. When compared to the alternatives, Zoom has one of the most adaptable screen sharing options.

You can decide to share the whole screen, one of the applications you are presently utilizing, a whiteboard, or even your iPhone screen! The list goes on. On the off chance that you pick the High level tab, you can share part of the screen, the PC's sound, any video on your Windows PC, content from the subsequent camera, or even a PowerPoint show as a virtual foundation.

Sharing files from well-known online file-sharing services is another option. This is one of the most feature-rich Windows video conferencing apps because you can chat, schedule meetings, and even use app integrations.

The app is free, but there is also an optional premium subscription that gives you access to more features like the ability to hold video conferences with a much larger group and other things. The feature-rich app Zoom can make it difficult for users to determine what they want, which is both a blessing and a curse.

Likewise, notwithstanding the elements offered, the cost may be all in all too high for some. Nonetheless, the app is still the best choice for business owners and everyday users seeking a Windows screen sharing tool with a lot of features.



When it comes to screen sharing on Windows, Loom takes a completely different approach. You can click "Record" directly, whereas with other programs, you can only do this when other members are online. You can begin recording immediately after logging in without having to go through any additional steps.

Loom also lets users share just their camera or use the webcam on a Windows computer to share the screen. Loom lets you share the screen without using the camera if you don't want to use the webcam. You can use the app's built-in speaker notes to read out what you want to say and not miss any points if you want to give a presentation.

For those who are concerned about their privacy, there is even the option to share the screen through a custom canvas. If you are using a network that is unstable, you can also choose the quality of the video. You can share the screen recording with those who require it once it is finished.

While the free version's features are sufficient for many, the premium plan may provide additional options for those who desire them. The superior arrangement offers the capacity to transfer screen accounts of limitless length and a lot greater, custom marking, secret word security for the recordings, and, surprisingly, the capacity to install joins into a video.

Even though Loom doesn't have as many features as the competition, it's still a good app to try, especially if you want to make screen recordings on Windows that are already recorded.



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