Keychron Q1 Pro Evaluation: Excellent Value, Premium Click-Clacking

  • Keychron Q1 Pro Evaluation: Excellent Value, Premium Click-Clacking
Secret Takeaways:
  • The Keychron Q1 Pro is a costs mechanical key-board with excellent construct top quality and also an elegant feeling. It features a durable CNC aluminum construction and also sound-absorbing functions.
  • The Q1 Pro offers a smooth keying experience, particularly with the Keychron K Pro Red buttons. The hot-swappable buttons as well as VIA desktop software integration allow for modification and also enhanced personalization.
  • With wireless Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity as well as a 4,000 mAh battery, the Q1 Pro offers excellent cordless simpleness and also approximately 12.5 days of battery life without backlighting. It lacks a 2.4 GHz wireless dongle as well as the RGB battery life can be better.

Keychron has ended up being the indisputable gateway into the globe of mechanical keyboards. The Keychron Q1 Pro continues the superb work supplied with the initial Keychron Q1, with the Pro versions including wireless connection via Bluetooth 5.1 and also an integrated battery to the existing personalized firmware, hot-swappable buttons, as well as much more.

Keychron's Pro upgrades are always welcome, especially to those that want wireless simpleness on their workdesks. Does the Q1 Pro still deliver like the initial variation?

Style and Construction

Keychron kindly sent us a Q1 Pro with Keychron K Pro Red switches, in black, totally assembled with a media control handle. If you don't already have stacks of mechanical key-board switches over hanging around or a set of excellent keycaps you desire to fit, the $20 for a collection of Gateron Pro switches and a set of keycaps is money well invested.

Style and Construction

Like all Keychron mechanical keyboards, the Q1 Pro is a beefy device. The completely constructed version evaluates 1.73 kg and also is developed from machined CNC aluminum. It's large, and also feels like a durable, premium keyboard. Inside the Q1 Pro is a polycarbonate plate together with numerous layers of sound-absorbing foam (above and also below the PCB), while the silicone gasket additionally assists to minimize the click-clacking related to mechanical keyboards.

The weight of the Keychron Q1 Pro means you won't be throwing it in a knapsack as your go-to travel wireless mechanical key-board. As with Keychron's other boards, the Q1 Pro is strong and really feels premium.

Keychron Q1 Pro

The Keychron Q1 Pro is a 75% keyboard, which is successfully a ten-key-less with less spacing in between the tricks. There are still some rooms in between the number row as well as feature row, and also there is additionally space around the instructions keys, so it's not ultra-compact as you locate with various other 75% mechanical keyboards. There is also area around the side of the Q1 Pro; the keys aren't pushed right approximately the side of board, leaving area for screw housings and so on to lower sound, movement, as well as normally finish the visual.

Its impact is 145 x 327.5 x 35.8 mm (back elevation), with a 5.2-degree creating angle. The angle is good, particularly when utilized in mix with wrist rest to offer extra support and aid you cover the entire keyboard.

Wireless Connection

The largest difference between Keychron's regular as well as Pro collection keyboards is the inclusion of wireless. The Q1 Pro, after that, features Bluetooth 5.1, which works well out of package. I located the Q1 Pro Bluetooth connection secure throughout the whole of my screening, and experienced no random drop outs, and not truly any type of discernable lag between input and also outcome on the screen.

Wireless Connection

The Q1 Pro is limited by its dependence on Bluetooth link. Where other cordless mechanical keyboards like the Royal Kludge RK61, Nuphy Air75 (and also Nuphy Air75 V2), and Razer Blackwidow V3 Mini all come with a 2.4 GHz cordless USB dongle, the Q1 Pro is stuck making use of Bluetooth.

USB dongle, the Q1 Pro is stuck

I do not think the Q1 Pro is a go-to key-board for pro-gamers. However, if you enjoy gaming, the 90Hz wireless ballot price might become a consideration. Certainly, you might always simply change to the USB-C wired connection, which likewise has a 1,000 Hz ballot price.

Battery Life and RGB

Below's the rub: with wireless connectivity comes the option to use the incorporated battery. The Keychron Q1 Pro has a 4,000 mAh Battery that Keychron claims lasts up to 300 hrs ( around 12.5 days ) without backlighting, while making use of Bluetooth. The battery life figure falls to around 100 hours ( around 4.1 days ) with RGB lights turned on.

Keychron Q1 Pro has a 4,000 mAh Battery

I found those figures accurate, specifically concerning the RGB lights while making use of wireless. With the RGB cranked approximately 11 and the default rainbow wave lights mode on, the Q1 Pro lasted a minimum of 3.5 days, otherwise more. Remember, you can always boost the battery life by turning off the RGB lights results.

The Q1 Pro includes suitable south-facing LEDs to terminate the RGB towards your eyes, this isn't a mechanical key-board renowned for its lighting. Since there's no RGB beaming with the keycaps, decreasing the RGB impact, you're most likely to transform the effects down or also entirely off.

Buttons as well as Typing Experience

The Keychron Q1 Pro includes 3 various button types: Keychron K Pro Brown (responsive), Keychron K Pro Red (linear), or Keychron K Pro Bananas (clicky). My review unit included Keychron K Pro Red switches over, to make sure that's what I'll be talking about, including just how they impact the keying experience.

Buttons as well as Typing Experience

The pre-lubed Keychron K Pro Red buttons are straight and also offer quick and also very smooth keying experience. With a light-weight actuation pressure of just 45g as well as a traveling range of 0.4 mm, you fingers veritably fly throughout the Q1 Pro secrets, punching in letters with superior precision. The linear switches aren't particularly loud. Straight buttons are understood to deliver the typical "click-clack" mechanical key-board noise, and also while that exists, the greater pitch isn't especially disruptive.

I state that as the individual using the key-board. Individuals around you might have a various idea concerning the sound in a busy workplace! With that in mind, offer the Keychron Q1 Pro keying audio instance a listen. When in usage, it'll provide you a much better idea of exactly how the Q1 Pro sounds.

It's a great typing experience. The combination of the Keychron K Pro Red switches and also the double-gasket mounted design provide rapid keypresses however outstanding security, absorbing your keystrokes however supplying a firm base.

Hot-Swappable Switches

Keychron always focuses on customization, and the Q1 Pro's hot-swappable switches is testament to that. You can swap out the five-pin switches for virtually any other Cherry-compatible button, suggesting you have a substantial series of alternatives.

Hot-Swappable Switches

The hot-swappable buttons are basic to remove using the included switch-puller, and just as easy to port back into place (just don't flex or damage any type of pins!).


The Q1 Pro keycaps, as mentioned, as double-shot PBT, however have Keychron's KSA profiling. Keychron KSA profile keycaps are a little taller than previous layouts, yet the modification is welcome and add to the smooth inputting experience. The home-keys of K and also J both function bigger concaves to aid you situate the facility of the key-board, but otherwise, that's the only difference.

Customization Options

You can customize the Keychron Q1 Pro using the VIA desktop computer software program. The Q1 Pro was identified immediately (utilizing the current variation of VIA), and its format, layers, crucial configurations, and also a lot more were filled into the device promptly.

Customization Options

Once using tons the Q1 Pro account, you can begin developing custom-made vital arrangements throughout the key-boards four layers. The four layers stand for the Windows as well as macOS alternatives (switched over between on the rear of the key-board), as well as you can likewise create macros from this panel.

Customization Options

Some mechanical key-board producers opt to design in-house modification software application, yet VIA stays among the best cost-free mechanical keyboard personalization tools, and it's a shame much more keebs do not integrate this device rather than developing something inferior.

Is the Keychron Q1 Pro Worth the Money?

The Keychron Q1 Pro at $200 deals excellent value. Within that cost, you get Keychron's outstanding reputation, a well-built mechanical key-board, a set of smooth Gateron Pro switches over, and also the choice of wired or cordless connection. Not forgetting that the Q1 Pro is hot-swappable as well as has extensive modification alternatives.

Altogether, even if Keychron's Pro variations only bring wireless connection to their boards, the Keychron Q1 Pro still supplies a fantastic, cost-efficient mechanical keyboard inputting experience, and it's well worth your time.



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