Microsoft Office deal is down to $49 for a lifetime license

  • Microsoft Office deal is down to $49 for a lifetime license

Using your PC for work and leisure is excellent, but sooner or later you will need a productivity suite to write, proofread, perform calculations, or produce a presentation, regardless of whether you're managing a business or performing basic duties. Although PowerPoint, Word, and Excel are business stalwarts, purchasing an Office 365 subscription might not be in your near future.

Consider purchasing Microsoft Office Professional 2021, which costs only $49.99 and includes all the necessary programmes including Word and Excel in addition to Outlook, Access, Publisher, and OneNote. For a standalone licence, that is a discount of more than 85%, and it is accessible on both Windows and macOS.

This offer was active on Black Friday but has since expired. It is now returning for a brief while at this record-breaking low price.

The most current updates to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint provide a number of new features, a contemporary UI that supports high DPI, dark mode, and real-time co-authoring and collaboration from within the programmes (a benefit over utilising browser-based tools).

LibreOffice and FreeOffice are two respectable free alternatives, but Microsoft's suite is still the most complete, feature-rich, and attractive solution for the task.

The ideal substitute for reoccurring costs associated with a subscription is purchasing an Office licence altogether. Office 365 does, after all, bring extra online services, but if all you want are the top Office applications, then making this one-time purchase at a significant discount is a no-brainer.

Work more quickly by automating Word operations with macros, learn PowerPoint productivity hacks, and explore how to make a presentation flow using charts, graphs, and tables. One of the most helpful tools ever made is likely Microsoft Excel. Learn how to navigate and automate a large portion of your office work by being familiar with common formulae and how to combine them.

Increase your output with Microsoft Office Professional 2021, which is available for Windows and Mac for just $49.99. You may immediately download and install Office 2021 using your software licence keys.



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