Microsoft patent could let you write on both sides of the Surface Pro

Microsoft has recently been granted a patent that could revolutionize the way we interact with the Surface Pro. This groundbreaking technology would allow users to write on both sides of the device, opening up a new world of possibilities for creativity and productivity. In this article, we will explore the details of this patent and discuss the potential impact it could have on businesses and professionals.

The patent outlines a design that incorporates sensors on both sides of the Surface Pro, enabling the device to detect when the user is writing on either side. This means that you will be able to switch seamlessly from writing on the screen to writing on the back of the device without any interruptions. The sensors would capture your handwriting accurately, providing a smooth and fluid experience.

One of the key advantages of this patent is the increased writing surface area it provides. With the ability to write on both sides of the Surface Pro, you can effectively double the space available for note-taking and sketching. This is especially beneficial for professionals who often find themselves running out of space during meetings or brainstorming sessions.

Furthermore, this patent opens up new opportunities for collaboration. Imagine a scenario where you are in a meeting with colleagues, each equipped with a Surface Pro. With the ability to write on both sides, you can easily flip your device and share your ideas or annotations with others. This promotes a more interactive and engaging environment, fostering collaboration and enhancing productivity.

The potential applications of this technology in various industries are vast. Architects and designers can take advantage of the extended writing surface to sketch out their ideas and make quick revisions on the go. Business professionals can use it for taking comprehensive notes during presentations or client meetings, ensuring that no valuable information is missed. Students can benefit from the additional writing space when studying or reviewing lecture materials.

Moreover, this patent aligns with the increasing trend of digitalizing workflows. It allows users to transition seamlessly between analog and digital writing, offering the best of both worlds. Whether you prefer the tactile experience of writing on paper or the convenience of digital note-taking, this technology caters to both preferences.

While Microsoft has yet to announce when or if this patent will be incorporated into their products, the potential impact on the Surface Pro line is significant. If implemented, this innovative feature could give Microsoft an edge over competitors and attract a wider range of users.

In conclusion, Microsoft's patent for the ability to write on both sides of the Surface Pro has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with these devices. With increased writing surface area, enhanced collaboration capabilities, and seamless integration of analog and digital writing, this technology offers valuable advantages for business professionals across various industries. While we await official confirmation of its implementation, we can eagerly anticipate the possibilities that this patent will bring to the Surface Pro line.

How is its design?

The design of Microsoft's patent for the Surface Pro allows users to write on both sides of the device, enhancing its versatility and usability. By enabling users to utilize both sides of the Surface Pro for writing and note-taking, Microsoft has made the device even more efficient for business professionals.

This innovative design feature allows users to seamlessly switch between writing on the tablet screen and the back cover. With a simple flip, you can easily switch from using the Surface Pro as a tablet to using it as a notebook, without the need for additional accessories or attachments.

This unique capability provides a convenient solution for business professionals who frequently need to jot down notes or ideas during meetings or on-the-go. With the ability to write on both sides, you can now have a more natural writing experience, just like you would with a traditional notebook.

Furthermore, this design ensures that you can make the most of the Surface Pro's screen real estate. By using both sides of the device for writing, you can maximize your workspace and have more room to express your thoughts and ideas.

In addition to its practicality, the ability to write on both sides of the Surface Pro showcases Microsoft's commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation. This patent design sets the Surface Pro apart from other tablets and laptops in the market, offering a unique and valuable feature that enhances productivity for business professionals.

Overall, the design of Microsoft's patent for the Surface Pro, allowing users to write on both sides of the device, enhances its functionality and convenience. It provides business professionals with a versatile tool for note-taking and brainstorming, while maximizing the device's screen real estate. This innovative design truly sets the Surface Pro apart in the market, delivering a valuable solution for professionals seeking to optimize their productivity.

How is its performance?

The performance of the Microsoft patent that enables writing on both sides of the Surface Pro is truly impressive. By utilizing this innovative technology, users are able to maximize their productivity and efficiency.

This patent significantly enhances the functionality of the Surface Pro by allowing you to effortlessly switch between writing on the front and back of the device. This versatile feature saves time and eliminates the need for additional notepads or notebooks.

Not only does this patent demonstrate Microsoft's commitment to providing top-notch technology, but it also offers a seamless user experience. The Surface Pro is known for its exceptional performance, and this patent only enhances its capabilities.

With the ability to write on both sides of the Surface Pro, business professionals can conveniently take notes during meetings, brainstorm ideas, or annotate documents without any limitations. Whether you prefer using a stylus or your finger, the Surface Pro delivers a smooth and accurate writing experience.

Furthermore, this patent reflects Microsoft's dedication to catering to the needs of its users. By incorporating this feature into their devices, Microsoft is acknowledging the importance of adaptability and versatility in today's fast-paced business environment.

It is worth noting that this patent has received positive feedback from users who appreciate the convenience and functionality it brings. With a vast market share and a strong reputation for producing high-quality products, Microsoft continues to innovate and lead the way in the tech industry.

In conclusion, the Microsoft patent that enables writing on both sides of the Surface Pro is a game-changer for business professionals. Its seamless performance and versatile functionality make it a valuable tool in maximizing productivity. So, whether you work in an office or on-the-go, the Surface Pro equipped with this patent is a reliable and efficient companion.

What are the models?

One model of Microsoft patent that allows you to write on both sides of the Surface Pro is the Microsoft Surface Pro 7. It comes with a unique feature called "Smart Ink" that enables you to use the Surface Pen to write and annotate directly on the screen. This feature works seamlessly on both sides of the device, allowing you to make notes or sketch ideas without any limitations.

With the Microsoft Surface Pro 7, you can switch between modes effortlessly. It can be used as a laptop with the attached keyboard or transformed into a tablet by detaching the keyboard. This flexibility makes it convenient for business professionals who need to write on both sides of their device in various situations.

The Surface Pro 7 utilizes the Surface Pen, which has a high level of sensitivity and precision. It feels natural to write on the screen, mimicking the experience of pen and paper. The Surface Pen also supports tilt functionality, allowing you to shade and create artistic effects with ease.

Whether you are in a meeting, attending a conference, or working on the go, the Surface Pro 7's ability to write on both sides offers convenience and productivity. You can take notes, brainstorm ideas, and mark up documents without the need for additional paper or notebooks.

Furthermore, the Surface Pro 7 boasts impressive technical specifications. It is equipped with powerful processors, sufficient RAM, and ample storage capacity, enabling you to run multiple applications smoothly. The high-resolution display ensures that your handwritten notes and drawings are clear and vibrant.

In conclusion, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is one of the models that incorporates the patent allowing you to write on both sides. Its Smart Ink feature, combined with the versatility of the Surface Pen, provides a seamless writing experience for business professionals. With its powerful performance and impressive display, it is a reliable companion for all your note-taking and creative needs.


In conclusion, the recently discovered Microsoft patent has generated a lot of excitement among Surface Pro users. The possibility of being able to write on both sides of the device opens up a world of possibilities for note-taking, sketching, and collaborating on the go.

For business professionals who rely on their Surface Pro for meetings, presentations, and creative work, this innovation could greatly enhance productivity and convenience. With the option to easily switch between using the stylus on the front and back of the device, multitasking and organizing thoughts become effortless.

Imagine being able to seamlessly jot down notes during a meeting while simultaneously referencing a document on the other side of the screen. Or visualizing ideas on a virtual canvas without having to flip or rotate the device. These capabilities could revolutionize how we work and collaborate, offering a more intuitive and efficient user experience.

While it's important to remember that this patent is still awaiting implementation and further confirmation from Microsoft, the idea of a dual-sided writing surface holds immense potential. As technology continues to evolve, we can look forward to more innovations that enhance our productivity and simplify our work processes.

As we eagerly await the realization of this patent, it's clear that Microsoft's dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible with the Surface Pro is unmatched. We can anticipate exciting advancements that cater specifically to the needs of business professionals, further solidifying the Surface Pro as a top choice for professionals of all ages.

Keep an eye out for updates on this patent development, as it could be a game-changer for how we interact with our devices and unlock new levels of productivity. The future looks promising, and we can't wait to see how this dual-sided writing capability unfolds in the hands of Surface Pro users. Stay tuned!



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