MUO Giveaway: Win Two Geekom Mini PCs

  • MUO Giveaway: Win Two Geekom Mini PCs

Our readers are important to us here at MUO, as we always try to find out the answers to some of the coolest questions and problems you can have. Well, the latest question we know was going through your head was "How awesome would it be to have a mini PC?" Well, we can help you find out on your own because we have a new giveaway prepped up for you.

This Easter, we're giving away two Geekom mini PCs that will help improve your productivity, allow you to have some fun, and give you a ton more space on and around your desk. So, two prizes, two lucky winners. Read on to get all the details on how you can win one of these two prizes from Geekom.

Sign Up To Win One Of Two Geekom Mini PCs


The giveaway starts now, Sunday, the 9th of April, 2023 . You can sign up until 23:59:59 on April 15th, 2023, so you have plenty of time to choose one (or more!) of our newsletters. Our recommendation is to go for all of them since that's how you get the latest and most awesome guides.


You will need to complete the sign-up form on the giveaway page and sign up for one of our seriously useful newsletters. We have a few to choose from! MUO Daily will deliver you the freshest content every day, MUO Weekly will give you a cool roundup of our best articles published in the past week, while MUO Windows, MUO Apple, and MUO Linux give you the roundups for each specific platform.
We won't flood you with emails, but you will learn quite a bit by reading each one of these, so pick as many as you're interested in. However, you have to know that even if you sign up for more than one newsletter, you'll still get a single giveaway entry. While we do hope you're here to stay and read our newsletter regularly, you can unsubscribe at any time. As long as you're still subscribed when the giveaway ends, you're eligible to be selected as a winner. Read our privacy policy to find out more.

Who Wins

The two winners will be randomly selected from our newsletter subscriber pool. It doesn't matter which newsletter you get. Winners will be alerted via email once the draw is closed. Shipping is only available to the U.S.

MUO Giveaway Prizes

We can't have a giveaway without some cool prizes, right? Well, this time around, both prizes come from Geekom, a well-known brand that makes some of the best mini PCs out there.

  • Geekom Mini IT11
  • Geekom Mini Air11
 geekom mini it11

The powerful, all-in-one Geekom Mini IT11-11390H features an Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM to power it all up. There's an integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics board, alongside a 512GB SSD, so you can store all your apps, games, media, and documents. This small device is powerful enough to support multiple 8K displays. The Mini IT11 offers high-end performance and is worth $779.

 geekom mini  air11

The ultra-compact Geekom Mini Air11-N5105 comes with an Intel Celeron N5105 processor and 16GB of RAM. There's also a 512GB SSD on board for all your files. This pocket-sized mini PC weighs just 1.1 pounds, so you can easily carry it with you anywhere you go, ready to tackle your everyday tasks with ease. The device supports up to two 4K displays and costs $329.

Enter Our Giveaway And Win One of Two Prizes

This unmissable giveaway will have two winners, so remember to fill in the form on the giveaway page and choose one of our cool newsletters to sign up for. Once the giveaway is over, on April 15th, 2023, we'll notify the winners via email, so keep an eye on your inbox! Remember, prizes can be shipped to the U.S. only. If you simply cannot wait, Geekom is also running an Easter sale right now, so go check those out too!



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