New Warning From Giant Chip Manufacturer: "The Processor Crisis will Continue"

  • New Warning From Giant Chip Manufacturer: "The Processor Crisis will Continue"

Giant chip manufacturer TSMC; Apple warns Qualcomm and AMD that the chip shortage could last until 2022!

The semiconductor shortage will certainly stretch into 2022, according to new reports, after the world's largest chip provider tech companies said production would struggle to meet growing demand. At an online conference this week, TSMC CEO Dr. CC Wei said that TSMC foundry manufacturing capacity is still insufficient to meet the demand for its chips in the 5nm architecture, particularly component orders for high-performance computing (HPC) systems and the 5G devices the company is using. According to Taiwanese news outlet United Daily News, the company's other compute nodes, which are heavily used in cars, IoT and server equipment, are also down. While TSMC isn't nearly as big as Intel in terms of revenue, it has a diverse customer base as its chips are used by companies like Apple, AMD, Qualcomm to make everything from network equipment to iPhones and graphics cards. In fact, a short time ago, Intel announced that it was collaborating with TSMC.

Why Is There a Chip Problem, What is the Solution?

So what will happen? According to the information received, the shortage of processors will continue. New agreements made and new factories opened are to save the future. Because while processors with the 2nm production process are expected to go into mass production in 2025, a new factory based on the 5 nm production process will open in 2024.

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