Someone Turned the macOS Folder Icon Into a Real-Life Wallet

  • Someone Turned the macOS Folder Icon Into a Real-Life Wallet

Take a quick look at your desktop if you're using a Mac. In a feeble attempt to organize your digital existence, it's undoubtedly loaded with a tonne of muddled folders containing random data. One more blue folder with no labels can now be added to the confusion, but this one slide into your pocket.

Although you can't haphazardly name this folder icon wallet to remind you of what's inside it, Nikolas Bentel, a New York-based artist and designer, has created a fun IRL homage to the one thing keeping your Apple computer from degenerating into complete digital chaos. Assuming you haven't already migrated everything in your pockets—from credit cards to photo IDs, to cash, to even your car keys—to your smartphone or another mobile device

 Untitled Folder Wallet

The aptly named Untitled Folder Wallet has three separate pockets, each of which can hold up to four plastic cards, as well as a variety of small receipts, business cards, and paper money. It is large enough to fit a standard-sized credit or photo ID card.

You won't have to worry about an animal's life being taken for a sight gag because it's made of vegan leather. It also has matching stitching, a duotone finish that mimics the three-dimensional appearance of the real macOS icon, and a duotone finish. It cannot be deleted, but it can be lost, so perhaps one day we will see a model with an outside pouch to hold an AirTag. The likelihood of that occurring, however, is remote because Bentel intends to sell only 500 of these via their website. You'll need to shell up $49 and have the patience to wait five to six weeks for it to be produced and delivered if you want one.



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