System76 updates its 15.6-inch Orynx Pro Ubuntu laptop with a 4K ‘retina’ screen

System76, the popular computer manufacturer known for producing high-quality Linux-based laptops, has recently updated its 15.6-inch Oryx Pro Ubuntu laptop with an impressive 4K "retina" screen. This update is bound to excite business professionals and tech enthusiasts alike, thanks to the stunning display and enhanced visual experience it offers.

With the introduction of a 4K display, the Oryx Pro takes a giant leap forward in terms of image clarity and sharpness. This high-resolution screen boasts four times the number of pixels compared to traditional Full HD displays. Consequently, every single detail on the screen becomes significantly clearer and more vibrant, offering users an unmatched visual experience.

The increased pixel density of the 4K display makes it ideal for tasks such as graphic design, photo and video editing, 3D modeling, and other visually demanding applications. Content creators and professionals in various industries will benefit greatly from the enhanced level of detail and color accuracy provided by this new display.

The Oryx Pro's 4K display also allows for a more immersive gaming experience. Gamers can now enjoy their favorite titles with stunning visuals, vibrant colors, and exceptional clarity, bringing their gaming sessions to a whole new level. The combination of powerful hardware and the high-resolution display ensures smooth gameplay and an immersive adventure like never before.

Beyond the impressive display, the Oryx Pro continues to deliver exceptional performance. Equipped with powerful Intel processors and the ability to support up to 64GB of RAM, this laptop is designed to tackle even the most demanding tasks effortlessly. Whether you're crunching numbers in a spreadsheet, developing complex software, or multitasking with resource-intensive applications, the Oryx Pro can handle it all with ease.

Additionally, System76 laptops are renowned for their excellent build quality and robustness. The Oryx Pro is crafted with precision and durability in mind, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of daily use and frequent travel. Its sleek and modern design exudes professionalism, making it a perfect companion for business professionals who value aesthetics as much as performance.

As with all System76 laptops, the Oryx Pro is powered by Ubuntu, a Linux-based operating system known for its stability, security, and customization options. Ubuntu provides an intuitive interface and a vast selection of productivity tools, allowing users to work efficiently and seamlessly. This Linux-based operating system receives regular updates, ensuring that your laptop remains up-to-date with the latest features and security patches.

In conclusion, System76's update to the Oryx Pro Ubuntu laptop with a 4K "retina" screen is certainly a noteworthy development. The addition of this visually stunning display enhances the laptop's appeal to business professionals and tech enthusiasts alike. Its remarkable image quality, combined with powerful hardware and the reliability of Ubuntu, creates a laptop that is well-suited for a wide range of tasks. Whether you're a content creator, a gamer, or a business professional looking for a reliable and high-performance laptop, the Oryx Pro is definitely worth considering.

How is its design?

The design of System76's 15.6-inch Oryx Pro Ubuntu laptop with a 4K 'retina' screen is optimized for a high-quality viewing experience. This laptop offers a visually stunning display with a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels, providing crisp and vibrant visuals.

The 4K 'retina' screen on the Oryx Pro offers four times the resolution of a standard Full HD display, resulting in sharper details and improved image clarity. Whether you're working on graphics-intensive projects, watching movies, or editing photos, the 4K display ensures that every detail is brought to life.

Not only does the Oryx Pro's screen deliver exceptional image quality, but its design also incorporates slim bezels, maximizing the available display space. This feature enhances the immersive experience by reducing distractions and creating a sleek, modern look.

Furthermore, System76's commitment to providing a top-notch user experience is evident in the design of the Oryx Pro's display. The laptop utilizes high-quality panel technology, ensuring accurate color reproduction and wider viewing angles. This means that whether you're sharing your screen during a business meeting or enjoying multimedia content with colleagues, everyone can enjoy the same vivid visuals from any angle.

Additionally, the Oryx Pro's 4K 'retina' screen is complemented by other powerful specifications that make it ideal for business professionals. With options for high-performance processors, ample memory, and fast storage, this laptop ensures smooth multitasking and efficient workflow.

In conclusion, the design of System76's 15.6-inch Oryx Pro Ubuntu laptop with a 4K 'retina' screen offers business professionals a visually stunning and immersive experience. Its high-resolution display, slim bezels, and top-quality panel technology contribute to enhanced productivity and enjoyment, making it a valuable tool for professionals across various industries.

How is its performance?

The performance of System76's 15.6-inch Orynx Pro Ubuntu laptop with a 4K 'retina' screen is truly impressive. With its powerful hardware and optimized software, this laptop delivers a smooth and efficient user experience.

The 4K 'retina' screen provides stunning visuals, showcasing vibrant and crisp images. Its high resolution makes details appear sharp, allowing you to enjoy a visually immersive experience whether you're working on multimedia projects or watching movies. The display's color accuracy is exceptional, making it suitable for graphic design and photo editing tasks.

Under the hood, the Orynx Pro is equipped with top-of-the-line components. Its powerful Intel processors and ample RAM ensure snappy performance, enabling multitasking with ease. Whether you're running demanding applications, editing videos, or working on complex computations, this laptop can handle it all without breaking a sweat.

In terms of storage, the Orynx Pro offers fast and sizable solid-state drives (SSDs). These SSDs provide quick boot times and rapid data access, enhancing overall system responsiveness. You can store and access your files, documents, and media with impressive speed and efficiency.

To complement the impressive hardware, System76 regularly releases updates for the Orynx Pro. These updates not only enhance the laptop's performance but also introduce new features and bug fixes. System76's commitment to providing firmware and software updates ensures that you can enjoy a reliable and up-to-date system, free from vulnerabilities and performance issues.

In conclusion, the System76 15.6-inch Orynx Pro Ubuntu laptop with a 4K 'retina' screen offers exceptional performance. Its powerful hardware, high-resolution display, and regular updates contribute to a seamless user experience. Whether you're a business professional working on resource-intensive tasks or a creative individual seeking a visually captivating display, the Orynx Pro is an excellent choice that delivers reliable performance and stunning visuals.

What are the models?

System76 updates its 15.6-inch Oryx Pro Ubuntu laptop with a stunning 4K 'retina' screen, delivering exceptional display quality for business professionals. This innovative laptop model ensures you can enjoy a superior visual experience while working on various tasks.

The updated Oryx Pro features a high-resolution 4K display, providing a remarkable level of detail and clarity. With a pixel density that is four times greater than traditional Full HD screens, you can expect sharper images, crisp text, and vibrant colors. This makes it ideal for professionals who require precise visuals for design work, editing, or multimedia presentations.

System76 has designed the Oryx Pro with a focus on performance and productivity. Powered by powerful Intel processors and supported by ample RAM and storage options, this laptop is ready to handle demanding tasks effortlessly. Whether it's running complex business applications or multitasking between a multitude of programs, you can rely on the Oryx Pro for seamless performance.

In addition to the stunning display and robust performance, the Oryx Pro also offers exceptional connectivity options. With multiple USB ports, HDMI, and even Thunderbolt 4, you can easily connect all your external devices and peripherals. This ensures you can easily expand your workspace and collaborate effectively, whether you're in the office or on the go.

Moreover, System76 is known for its commitment to supporting open-source software and Linux-based operating systems. The Oryx Pro comes pre-installed with Ubuntu, a widely respected Linux distribution that offers stability, security, and a wealth of software options. This allows business professionals to benefit from an OS tailored to their individual needs, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow.

In conclusion, System76's updated 15.6-inch Oryx Pro Ubuntu laptop with a 4K 'retina' screen is a fantastic choice for business professionals seeking top-tier visual quality and performance. With its stunning display, powerful hardware, and seamless connectivity, it is sure to enhance your productivity and provide a visually immersive experience.


In conclusion, System76 has taken its 15.6-inch Oryx Pro Ubuntu laptop to another level with the addition of a stunning 4K 'retina' screen. This upgrade brings an incredibly vibrant and detailed visual experience to users like you, elevating your productivity and entertainment to new heights.

With four times the resolution of Full HD, the 4K display offers crystal-clear images and sharp text, making every task, presentation, and creative project a pleasure to work on. Whether you are editing photos, designing graphics, or simply enjoying high-quality media, the immense clarity and richness of colors on this screen will draw you in.

Not only does the 4K screen enhance your viewing experience, but it also packs a punch in terms of performance. The Oryx Pro comes equipped with powerful hardware, including the latest generation Intel processors and NVIDIA graphics cards, ensuring smooth and responsive performance even with demanding applications.

System76 has always been committed to providing top-notch hardware compatible with the Ubuntu operating system. By updating the Oryx Pro with a 4K screen, they have once again demonstrated their dedication to delivering exceptional laptops tailored to the needs of business professionals like you.

So whether you're presenting in a boardroom, working on advanced simulations, or simply appreciating the finer details in your favorite movies, the System76 Oryx Pro with its 4K 'retina' screen is designed to impress. Embrace the power of high-resolution visuals and elevate your productivity to new heights with this remarkable laptop.



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