The 6 Best Apps to Make a Quick Plan

  • The 6 Best Apps to Make a Quick Plan

It can take a lot of time to plan. If you've ever tried to meticulously plan a day, you know that things don't always go as you had hoped. Making room for alterations will assist address this problem and guarantee that you stay focused on what you want to accomplish today.

One of the best methods to do more and be realistic about your short-term goals is to make brief plans. These apps will assist you in staying on track and realigning your priorities, whether you're pressed for time or running behind schedule. The top applications for making quick plans are listed below.

1. Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do

You may use Microsoft To Do, a clever task management programme, on your PC or smartphone. One of the main features of the app, the My Day tab, allows you to quickly arrange your day.

To expedite the planning process, you can quickly add things from prior days to My Day using the Suggestions feature. This function may be found towards the bottom of the My Day page. It only takes a single click of the addition (+) sign to add a task. If necessary, you can set reminders and due dates from this point.

Daily planning is made simple by Microsoft To Do by incorporating the My Day feature into every aspect of the programme. For instance, you can use the Add to My Day option to immediately add a task to your daily chores after generating it in any list.

Another element that makes Microsoft To Do perfect for quick planning is home screen widgets. To prevent distractions and finish your to-do list quickly, the adaptable widgets let you mark off items without opening the app. By using the dropdown button in the top banner, you may easily alter the list that is shown on the widget.

2. My Daily Planner: To Do List

My Daily Planner: To Do List

Quick plans might make it simple to overlook details. My Daily Planner keeps your to-do list organised while enabling lightning-fast task management.

Instead of typing, you can add tasks using the voice input tool. The New Task page's clarity keeps you focused without making you feel overburdened. Use the Auto move to tomorrow option if you're unclear whether you'll finish a task. By doing so, you can simply catch up without having to start from zero with your plans.

You can see what chores are due today and any that are due in the next days in the Home view. You can see the Calendar tab for a zoomed-out viewpoint to see how many tasks are due on each day of the month. By touching the three dots next to any activity, you may rapidly switch between days and switch tasks.

3. FocusWriter


A simple text editor for Windows and Linux computers is called FocusWriter. The software offers a focus mode, live statistics, and a distraction-free writing environment with customisable themes.

The editing window simply contains the writing interface and a unique background, simulating a real-world writing experience. By doing so, you may concentrate on your plans without being diverted by superfluous elements.

To open your notes in other programmes, you can save files in the TXT, RTF, and ODT formats. You may organise your notes however you like using folders or by storing files to your desktop for super-quick access by saving them to your hard drive.

4. FlowSavvy: Time Block Planner


An autonomous planner tool called FlowSavvy was created to make scheduling less complicated. The app's ability to automatically add things to your schedule is a notable feature. This means that you don't need to second-guess when to fit things in; simply select a task's maximum deadline, and FlowSavvy will try to fit it in.

In FlowSavvy, you can create both tasks and events. You choose a start date and an end date for events, just like in most calendar apps. Additionally, the option to include commute time exists. There are tasks for both big projects and smaller items on your to-do list.

5. Microsoft Sticky Notes

All Windows computers come pre-installed with the extraordinarily quick and easy note-taking tool Microsoft Sticky Notes. This programme has a simple interface, simple formatting options, and cross-platform syncing, providing everything you might desire from a sticky note app.

Search for Sticky Notes in the Windows search box to start using this effective application, which is free for all Windows users. Then, start typing. You might want to pin the programme to the Windows taskbar for quicker access.

6. Laverna


Laverna is a straightforward text editor that you may use online or download. The programme resembles a condensed version of Evernote in that it has fewer capabilities but has the essentials, such the ability to organise notes using categories or notebooks.

The Markdown language is supported by the programme, which facilitates rapid and simple formatting. For example, you can type [] for a checkbox and [x] for a checkbox that is not complete. Additionally, Laverna provides a live markdown preview so that you may modify notes and see how they will appear at the same time.



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