Top 7 File Managers for Windows 11/10 in 2023

  • Top 7 File Managers for Windows 11/10 in 2023

The built-in program for accessing files on Windows computers is now File Explorer, formerly known as Windows Explorer.

Windows, on the other hand, hasn't worked as hard on the software because it has few features, hasn't added any new ones, and is too basic for organizing files.

In addition, there are numerous File Explorer alternatives that provide a variety of fascinating features, such as batch renaming, file organization, and language translation. For these reasons, the best Windows file manager is one from a third party.

This article will introduce the seven best Document Supervisors for Windows 11/10 to browse. These record directors are extremely secure, easy to use, and have an abundance of highlights.

What are the best File Managers for Windows?

Are you looking for the best Windows File Explorer alternatives? The seven choices you have are as follows:

1. Total Commander

Total Commander

All out Authority, previously known as Windows Administrator, is truly outstanding and most involved record supervisors for Windows, aside from the inherent Document Voyager. The program utilizes an exemplary plan however is truly adaptable. Total Commander lets you share files by opening up to two file windows next to each other.

This alternative to the file explorer lets you use multiple languages and has a quick view window that shows video thumbnails and image previews. It's also great for advanced file manager use because you can compare files and use plugins for more features.

This file manager will also provide you with support for batch renaming, a duplicate file finder to free up disk space, an integrated FTP client, and other features. Additionally, this application is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit computers. Nonetheless, it is both free and paid, contingent upon the number of elements you that need to utilize.

2. Shrestha Files Pro X

Shrestha Files Pro X

This Windows File Explorer alternative is for you if you like great design. Shrestha Records Star X is an extremely clean document director with different topic tones, both underlying and self-made. Furthermore, it has a two-window structure that can be either vertical or flat, making it a lot more straightforward to get to envelopes.

The program's ability to open folders in six distinct view formats, just like in a browser, is an intriguing feature. Comparing files is simple due to the quality. Icon packages for drives, folders, and libraries are also available. This demonstrates how adaptable Shrestha Files Pro X is in comparison to other Windows file managers.

Drag-and-drop is supported and there is built-in zip and unzip functionality in Shrestha Files Pro X. In addition, it is easy to use and extremely stable. Like browsers, the program saves and restores the open tab on its own.

The file manager has all of the other features of the file explorer in addition to the ones already mentioned. However, upgrading to a premium package is required to access some of its advanced features.

3. Directory Opus

Directory Opus

This premium app completely replaces Windows File Explorer as a file manager. Additionally, it is one of the oldest alternatives to File Explorer. The design of Directory Opus is contemporary, and it supports single- and double-file display options.

It is an incredible document chief since it is incorporated with a view sheet for reviews, very much like Complete Officer.

The metadata of files can be viewed and edited with Directory Opus. Furthermore, you can stamp records, tweak the status bar and do numerous different things with the program. Support for FTP, a built-in duplicate file finder, and scripting are all features of this software.

Similar to File Explorer, it can be opened with Windows + E and allows for simple customization of keyboard shortcuts. Additionally, you can use image converters and uploaders on your computer with Directory Opus. It is compatible with Windows 11 and 10, and there are free and paid versions of the application. However, since the premium package costs quite a bit (from AUD 49 to AUD 249), it is preferable to use the free version.

4. XYplorer


One of the best file managers for Windows PCs is XYplorer, which has tabs. The program's functions are extremely deep and extensive. It has many functions in the menu bar and a highly customizable interface. The optional double window makes it much simpler to copy files. In addition, this software is optimized with powerful file backup features and features a directory panel for accessing file folders. XYplorer is a lightweight application that will not impede your computer's memory.

This program also lets you automate repetitive tasks to make it easier to use. The fast file search option in XYplorer is excellent. Different highlights of the program incorporate Compress backing, saving and naturally reestablishing open organizers, and backing for labels and remarks on individual document names. Very much like a portion of the recently referenced record supervisors, this one likewise upholds a single tick see of pictures, recordings, reports, and sound. Furthermore, they are continuously dealing with adding new elements.

5. Free Commander

 Free Commander

Free Commander is yet another Windows file manager you can use. Free Authority is a simple to-utilize programming to get to, coordinate and investigate records on your PC. The program's user interface is attractive and straightforward. This application, like the majority of alternatives to file explorer, has dual-panel technology and offers vertical and horizontal options. However, this application only supports a single window.

You can use a built-in file viewer, compress files, filter files for viewing, and do a lot more with the Free Commander software. Additionally, this application includes a number of shortcuts that are absent from other file explorer alternatives. Since the application is very portable, it doesn't need to be installed to be used. Simply ensure that you have the document duplicate on your PC.

6. Xplorer²


Xplorer² is stand-out while picking the best document supervisor for Windows PC. It is a very much planned Windows application that permits you to be more useful with the records on your PC because of a great many capabilities. This product has two windows, an envelope tab, and Mill operator sections for performing multiple tasks, and it allows you to see reports, pictures, music, and other record types.

It synchronizes the contents of folders with all of the attributes and functions of files and has a quick desktop search. Additionally, you can make use of the computer's built-in duplicate file search feature to free up more space. You can likewise utilize variety codes to arrange documents on your PC. Another component worth focusing on is stick choice, which permits chosen records to keep in touch when you click on different pieces of your screen. Be that as it may, this large number of capabilities include some major disadvantages.

7. Q-Dir


Here is one more record supervisor for Windows with extensive and complete elements to suit your necessities. Drives, folders, and computer storage can be better controlled with this software. The program can display up to four windows simultaneously in the file manager window, as indicated by the Q in the name Q-Dir. This greatly simplifies file management.

Moreover, Q-Dir has a registry structure with noticeable tree limbs. The majority of the Windows file manager's features are also included in the application. Depending on your preference, you can use it as an installed or portable application. In addition, the application is lightweight and runs smoothly on any Windows computer. In Q View, you can drag and drop files to move them. The fact that the Q-Dir app is free is yet another benefit.

Final Thoughts

The seven best file managers for Windows computers have been covered in this article with details on what you should expect from each of the programs. You just have to choose the one you prefer the most to replace or work with Windows File Explorer. Besides, most of the commands these programs use are almost identical to those of File Explorer, making them adaptable. The additional functions are a significant difference.



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