Exactly how to Use the Attachment Field in Airtable

  • Exactly how to Use the Attachment Field in Airtable

Airtable has gained popularity as a versatile productivity device thanks to its diverse selection of functions. The capability to attach to and integrate with a limitless quantity of data and also information is one of Airtable's unique strengths.

Among Airtable's standout features that enables this is the capacity to affix files straight to your records. Here's a take a look at Airtable's Attachment field and just how you can include it to your base.

What is The Attachment Field in Airtable?

The Attachment field in Airtable permits you to attach any file directly to the documents in your base. This allows you add supporting info like pictures, spreadsheets, slide shows, or files right into your data, helping you easily handle your tasks with Airtable.

The Attachment field sustains several sources for your data attachments, including your neighborhood computer storage and also prominent cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. It's crucial to keep in mind that uploaded documents should be smaller sized than five gigabytes.

Usual file kinds such as PNG as well as JPG images, Word records, Photoshop files, as well as PDFs, to name a few, will certainly display thumbnail sneak peeks in your table. You can click these thumbnails for a full-screen sneak peek of the data. More uncommon file kinds won't show a preview, yet you'll still have the ability to interact with them in Airtable.

Exactly how to Add the Attachment Field to Your Airtable Base

There are two simple methods to add the Attachment field to your base in Airtable. You can include the field from Airtable sights, such as the Grid view, or straight from a record.

1. Adding Attachment Fields Using Grid View

Inside Airtable's Grid view, click the plus-sign ( + ) at the end of your table's top row of headings. You may need to scroll to the right, depending upon your screen dimension as well as the number of areas you already have.

Adding Attachment Fields Using Grid View

Click Attachment from that list to add the Attachment field. When you're completed establishing up your area, click Create area to include it to your base.

2. Including Attachment Fields Within a Record

In a document in your base, click Add new field to this table at the bottom of the record. Click the Single-line text drop-down menu as well as select Attachment from the checklist. Enter a title if you would certainly like and click Save.

Including Attachment Fields Within a Record

In the Edit field pop-up, you may additionally see a toggle for Show attachments in reverse order, particularly if you're utilizing a template. This toggle includes brand-new attachments to the beginning of the checklist as opposed to the end. This setting was discontinued since April 2020, and instead, you can drag and also drop add-ons in the field to manually reorder them.

Attaching a File Using the Attachment Field

You can engage with it from within the Grid view or specific documents once you've added the Attachment field.

In the Grid view, click the Attachment field in a document's row to accessibility options for including a brand-new documents (via the plus-sign button) or drag and drop a documents directly onto the cell.

Attaching a File Using the Attachment Field

Inside a document, the Attachment field appears as a big box analysis Drag files here or browse. You can either drag as well as drop data into package or click the browse files link to open up a data option pop-up with even more choices.

Attachment Field

Clicking the plus sign button in Grid view or the browse files link in a document opens up a pop-up home window where you can select files from numerous sources. You can drag as well as drop files from your regional storage to include them as add-ons.

 browse files link in a document opens

You can pick one of the various other options in the sidebar to find a data to affix. You can link a file from an internet or a link search, take an image from your cam, or include files from on the internet storage space services like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box, as well as images from Facebook.

Keep in mind that you'll need to connect your accounts from these services to Airtable prior to including documents to your base. You can link your exterior accounts by following the provided prompts after you click a solution.

Effortlessly Connect Your Workflow With Airtable

With so many items to track in today's electronic workflows, maintaining your work organized and connected to the pertinent details can be challenging.

The Attachment field in Airtable assists you handle this by connecting your data directly to the info you need inside its robust database ecological community. This assists maintain you extra arranged and also efficient, making sure every little thing you need is close.



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