Windows 12: the top features we want to see in the rumored OS

  • Windows 12: the top features we want to see in the rumored OS

Windows 12 was mentioned in a leak from Intel, and a new Windows Insider channel that promises cutting-edge versions of the operating system suggests that Microsoft is anticipating the next major release.

Microsoft may release Windows 12 as soon as 2024, according to reports, despite the fact that Windows 11 is less than two years old. Although Microsoft has not yet made any official announcements, it is not too early to start making a wish list. What I hope to see in the next major Windows release is as follows:

A set Windows 12 release date

A set Windows 12 release date

Windows 11 was released slowly. After the official release date, anyone could install Windows 11, but you had to do it manually. The release of the new version was somewhat unceremoniously because Microsoft slowly distributed the upgrade to other users via Windows Update.

I want Microsoft to take a more upbeat approach for Windows 12; Go play around with the new operating system, which is here. As a result of Microsoft's move to a service model for Windows, updates are distributed via Windows Update; it would be wonderful to see the next version of the operating system appear simultaneously on each PC.

However, I am not counting on that to happen. With good reason, Microsoft has an insider program that allows registered users to test out new features before they are made available to the general public. Windows 12 is likely to follow suit.

However, it would be nice to have a more precise timetable for the new operating system so that PC users can anticipate when the upgrade will arrive.

Microsoft hasn't said when Windows 12 will be released or whether or not it is working on the OS. We can only rely on a Windows Central report by Zac Bowden, who claims that Microsoft is moving to a three-year release cycle between major Windows updates. That indicates that Windows 12 will be released in the fall of 2024, but it is still too early to say for sure.

Broad compatibility

Broad compatibility

Windows 11 received a lot of criticism for its stringent CPU requirements and the requirement that a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) be installed on your computer. This was, as indicated by Microsoft, a work to increase present expectations for security across the Windows biological system by matching current security with a cutting edge operating system.

It hurt at the time, but since Windows 11 was announced, Microsoft has made significant progress (PC gamers, who primarily felt the brunt of the TPM issue, have started flocking to Windows 11). I hope that Microsoft will keep the same security system it used in Windows 11 for Windows 12, making it easier to upgrade, especially on custom-built PCs.

If Microsoft decides to raise the requirements once more, I hope there are fewer restrictions on how Windows 12 can be installed. Even when Windows 11 is fully supported, a baffling watermark continues to appear on PCs that are not properly configured for the operating system. Microsoft should hopefully be able to handle the next version with a little more grace. Custom PCs that are supported by Windows 11 will still state that they aren't, citing configuration issues.

Free upgrade from Windows 11

Free upgrade from Windows 11

Windows 12 ought to be a free upgrade to Windows 11, and this probably goes without saying. Microsoft still sells new Windows 11 licenses, but licensed Windows 10 users can upgrade for free. It is hoped that Microsoft will use the same system for Windows 12.

The growing amount of information that Microsoft collects about Windows users is one of the primary reasons why I would like to see this. Since Windows 8.1, Microsoft has offered subsequent versions of the operating system for free. This is primarily due to the fact that the operating system has evolved into a service, allowing Microsoft to monetize advertising and thought data collection. That is unlikely to change with Windows 12.

Despite the fact that some privacy-conscious individuals have justified concerns regarding Microsoft's data collection, these efforts ensure that license holders continue to receive free Windows updates rather than upgrades that cost $100 or more, as was the case with previous versions of Windows.

Dense AI features

Dense AI features

From Bing Chat to AI features in Skype, Microsoft's multibillion-dollar investment in OpenAI is already revolutionizing every aspect of the business. I want AI to be able to interact with every part of Windows 12 OS.

Microsoft already has a few AI-powered features. As an accessibility feature, AI-powered voice typing is included in Windows 11, and AI aids in the improvement of background blur and noise reduction in Teams. That is also Bing Visit itself, which is coordinated straightforwardly into the pursuit bar in Windows 11.

It's hard to say where Microsoft could use AI in Windows 12. I'd like to see more attention paid to productivity because it can use AI in Focus Sessions, notifications, and widgets to provide more relevant information and create a schedule based on how you use the app.

More customization options

More customization options

Microsoft's operating system received a much-needed facelift in Windows 11. Windows 11 has the appearance of a much more up-to-date operating system thanks to its rounded corners, centered taskbar, and updated icons all over. But in the process, Microsoft gave up the customization that Windows is known for.

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I'd like to see more customization options in Windows 12 I would like Microsoft to incorporate the tools that make Windows 11 look like Windows 10 into the operating system itself. I want options to move the taskbar to different sides of the screen, change the style of the Start menu, and disable widgets and other features.



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