10 Tips to Help You Stay Healthy as a Gamer

  • 10 Tips to Help You Stay Healthy as a Gamer

The positive effects that video games have on physical health are not well-known. The truth is that playing video games for an extended period of time on a regular basis is detrimental to your health.

However, this does not necessitate quitting gaming altogether. Instead, we've compiled a list of things you can do while playing your favorite video games to stay healthy.

1. Sit With a Good Posture

Sit With a Good Posture

We can't stress enough how important your posture is to your health. Let's start by going over some of the bad things that could happen if you sit in a bad position for a long time:

  • Back pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain, and neck pain. All of these result from musculoskeletal discomfort, which could lead to further stiffness and soreness.
  • Extreme cases could cause spinal misalignment, requiring medical attention to fix.
  • You might also experience poor blood and oxygen circulation if you slouch, causing fatigue and low energy levels.
  • Lastly, posture has a relationship with mental well-being. A bad posture could directly affect how much you enjoy your gaming.

Now you know all the bad stuff, here’s how to avoid them by sitting properly:

  • Rest your back in your chair by allowing the backrest to hold your body upright while keeping your back straight.
  • Support your lower back with a chair with adequate lumbar support. You can also place a rolled-up towel or a small pillow behind your lower back instead.
  • Adjust your chair to ensure your feet are flat on the floor. While making sure your knees and hips are at a 90-degree angle. You can also add a footrest to give you a better stance, help your back, and improve circulation.
  • Avoid jutting your head forward and stretching out to reach all your gaming peripherals. Keep them as close to your chest as reasonably possible.
  • Ensure your monitor is at eye level. Change the angle and height of your monitor so that you're looking right at the center of the monitor while maintaining a good neck position.

Try to develop the habit of actively maintaining this posture; Otherwise, you might become accustomed to a bad one.

2. Invest in Good Ergonomics

Invest in Good Ergonomics

The second and most important aspect of your gaming posture is ergonomics. If you don't have the hardware to back up your posture, no matter how noble your intentions may be, you won't make much of a difference.

For gaming, invest in a high-quality ergonomic gaming chair or an ergonomics-focused office chair that provides back support rather than lumbar support. However, there are a few reasons why an office chair should not be used for gaming.

Additionally, you should not compromise on the keyboard and mouse you select. Even though it is uncommon, you might develop carpal tunnel syndrome if you don't have a good mouse and keyboard set. By repeatedly bending your wrists, which pinch the median nerve that runs from your upper arm to your palm, you can get it. Test out split keyboards and vertical mice to determine which one provides you with the most comfort.

3. Reduce the Length of Your Gaming Sessions and Take Frequent Breaks

Reduce the Length of Your Gaming Sessions and Take Frequent Breaks

It's easy to play games for hours without stopping, but you should try to set a timer and take breaks to stretch and rest your body and eyes from time to time. To remind you to take breaks while gaming, set a timer on your PC or console.

Gaming for an extended period of time may result in computer vision syndrome, an eye injury. It's one of the real-world injuries that playing video games can cause. It can be avoided in the same way that eye strain and long-term visual issues can be avoided; by stopping frequently to rest your eyes and refocus on things at various distances.

During breaks, stretching and walking around will also help improve circulation, prevent body pain, and reduce burnout. In addition to being beneficial to your physical health, it may also assist you in maintaining optimal gaming concentration and performance.

Your gaming ought to likewise not adversely influence your rest cycle. Don't fall into the trap of "just another round" by setting a bedtime that you won't be able to miss. You'll be vulnerable to a slew of other mental and physical risks if gaming disrupts your sleep.

4. Avoid Loot Boxes

Avoid Loot Boxes

Gambling is a very addictive activity, and loot boxes are one type of gambling. Loot boxes should not be approached if you are prone to impulse control issues, especially if the loot box requires real-world cash. Gambling can be bad for your health and the health of your loved ones.

5. Stay Away From Toxic Online Gaming Communities

Equally as important as your physical health is your mental health. While social cooperation in computer games is great, some gaming networks can harm it. Your happiness and self-esteem can be eroded by online toxic communities, making you more susceptible to mental health issues.

It's time to leave a gaming community if you notice that there are a lot of people there with bad intentions. You should immediately block them and join a new group with a more upbeat attitude if this is a group you are friends with. Staying could cause anxiety, rage, and psychological and emotional abuse—the worst part is that you might become accustomed to it.

Even better, stick to playing video games with real-life friends.

6. Only Play Games That You Enjoy

Only Play Games That You Enjoy

Stress and frustration are not enjoyable. Gaming shouldn't be a grueling, painful experience that doesn't leave you feeling fulfilled; rather, it should be an enjoyable activity. Get rid of the games you don't like because they hurt your body and mind.

Additionally, stress is detrimental to cardiovascular health. For instance, if you find that playing Call of Duty is terrifying and stressful, you should stop playing it. Some people are not fans of war games; Don't believe anyone who says they are.

7. Develop Another Active and Social Hobby

Develop Another Active and Social Hobby

Gaming can be a sedentary, isolating pastime with few or no physical benefits. If you want to build your social skills and improve your heart health, you need to add another hobby to gaming. If you enjoy sports, hiking, dancing, or any other physical activity, you can help improve your cardiovascular health, strengthen your muscles, and improve your overall physical well-being by participating in an active hobby.

In addition, if you have a different pastime, you'll be able to appreciate gaming more because of the variety and balance it provides. In addition to other mental and cognitive advantages, you will also acquire time management skills.

8. Avoid Sugary Snacks and Drink Water

Avoid Sugary Snacks and Drink Water

Snacks made of sugar give you a quick rush of addictive energy, but you shouldn't eat them every day if you play games. When the brief burst of energy wears off, there is frequently a drop in mental and physical energy that makes you feel worse than before. Sugary snacks can also make people overweight, have diabetes, and have bad teeth in the long run.

For better eating, you should instead follow a meal plan that is healthy and balanced. Also, rather than drinking soda out of a can, keep a bottle of water nearby while you play.

9. Use Proper Lighting

Use Proper Lighting

Try to locate your gaming setup near a window when choosing a location. Compared to artificial light, natural light is gentler and easier on the eyes; That ought to take precedence over the background light. However, if you'd rather have artificial ambient light, you should get a lamp that can be adjusted and soft RGB background lights that match the color of your screen.

If your gaming area has good lighting, you won't have to strain your eyes or crane your neck to see everything.

​​10. Optimize Your Screen and Image Settings

You can use accessibility settings provided with many video games to enhance your experience. Adjusting your FOV (field of view) and mouse acceleration, as well as deactivating "head bobbing" and motion blur, could help reduce the frequency with which you experience motion sickness.

You should listen to the warning before most games with lights that cause epilepsy start if you are prone to seizures caused by light. You should always look for the option to turn off some of these lights in some games.

Make Healthy Gaming a Routine

As a gamer, sticking to a healthy routine is the best way to stay healthy. Systems are needed for lifestyle changes like these to work, and you need to build a system with consistency and self-control.

It's easy to get caught up in a hobby like gaming that's fun and exciting, but you should also put your body and mind first. Start your journey in the right direction by following these suggestions.



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