6 Logitech G HUB Features That Could Help You Up Your Game

  • 6 Logitech G HUB Features That Could Help You Up Your Game

Logitech's G product offering has enormously added to the development of the gaming space starting from the origin of its mouse and console items.

In 2018, Logitech released an early access version of the G HUB to better serve customers of its G products. Since then, the software has improved to include useful features that elevate your gaming experience to new heights.

On the off chance that you're a Logitech item proprietor, this is the thing you ought to pay special attention to in G Center point.

1. Sensitivity (DPI) Settings

Sensitivity (DPI) Settings

There are two vital parts of mouse awareness in gaming: your mouse DPI and in-game sensitivity settings.

You can get your effective DPI from either setting, which is an important number to keep in mind when choosing a sensitivity that feels right to you. But what exactly is your mouse's DPI, and does it have the potential to improve your game?

Dots Per Inch, or DPI, is the distance between how far your mouse moves on a surface and how far your cursor moves. Mice came with preset DPI ratings that you could be aware of and, in some cases, shift to prior to the release of management software like G HUB.

At higher DPIs, your mouse cursor moves further with less effort. This is very helpful in games with targets that move quickly. Conversely, at lower DPIs, your cursor moves more slowly and with less effort. This improves precision and could be useful in games like Counterstrike, which require surgical precision.

In either case, the Logitech G HUB Sensitivity (DPI) screen lets you change the DPI of your mouse by assigning various values to one of four levels. Gamers who play a variety of titles, each of which may require different sensitivities, may find this feature useful.

2. Key Assignments Tab

Key Assignments Tab

You can interact with your computer and the game thanks to the inputs provided by gaming devices like mice and keyboards. Tragically, on the off chance that you're another Logitech G item proprietor, you may know nothing about what each key on your gadget does.

The Assignments tab in G HUB comes into play at this point. You can change the mapping of each key on your mouse or keyboard here to make it more comfortable.

You should be aware of the side buttons on your mouse as well as the actions of each key. Additionally, you should check that these buttons work and are accessible for in-game actions.

This section of G HUB focuses primarily on assigning key functions, but it can do much more. The Assignments tab shows users how to use shortcuts to perform common Windows actions and lists important system macros.

Amazingly, Logitech keyboard and mouse users can assign any of the listed shortcuts to a single key. This is particularly helpful with Logitech gaming consoles with additional keys for large scale tasks.

Concerning macros, some games have advanced techniques that might necessitate particular macros. The jump-throw bind in Counterstrike Global Offensive is a good example. Users of G HUB can create and assign macros to a single key. You can record key presses and specify how you want the macro to behave when activated in the Macros tab.

3. Lightsync

Lightsync Good lighting can often make gaming an experience that is more enjoyable. Great gamers often appreciate having full control over their equipment's lighting and have incredible setups to match.

Fortunately, this requirement is met by G HUB. In the Lightsync menu, users can select one of a set of powerful colors for their devices' various light zones. Additionally, users can sync various light zones to ensure uniformity in behavior.

One more intriguing element presented by the Lightsync menu is variety customization. A color wheel format with white and black at the extremes or specific hexadecimal color codes can be entered by users.

G Center accompanies five lighting impacts. Fixed, Cycle, Breathing, the Screen Sampler, and the Audio Visualizer are all part of this.

The initial three are standard lighting impacts settings, yet the last two are extremely fascinating. Screen Sampler changes the lighting on your Logitech Mouse, console, or mouse cushion to match the predominant varieties on your screen. Audio Visualizer, on the other hand, adjusts your device's lighting to match the music playing in the background.

4. Game Profiles

Game Profiles

Games span a variety of genres, target audiences, and fundamental goals. The ideal mouse and keyboard settings, on the other hand, may differ from game to game. Be that as it may, changing your settings at whatever point you switch games can be an issue.

Fortunately, Logitech G HUB allows users to save profiles with settings that switch automatically when they start a game. Each game-explicit profile can contain different G Center settings custom-made to fit that game.

Additionally, you can have a subset of macros engineered specifically for your preferred gaming title. The Integrations section is the section with the most interesting feature.

A few game engineers worked connected at the hip with Logitech to give interesting responses to your gadgets. Counterstrike is a good illustration of this: Offensive worldwide. When playing Counter-Terrorist, the mouse lighting changes to a pale blue, a light orange, and a flashing red when you die in the game.

5. Device Settings

Device Settings

It is impressive and useful to have so many tabs and features in the G HUB. However, if you're a first-time user, the application's navigation may seem overwhelming. Fortunately, the Settings tab for your Logitech gadgets contains a stripped down breakdown of the multitude of different highlights presented in G Center.

This hub lets you change some settings and shows important information and settings about your Logitech product. For instance, users have the ability to alter the effect frequency, duration, and overall brightness. You can likewise empower Low Battery Mode for remote gadgets to ration energy.

The name of your Logitech device and the version of the software that is currently running are also displayed on this page. If you've lost track of all the changes you've made thus far, you can reset your mouse and keyboard settings from this location to their default settings.

6. On-Board Memory Mode

On-Board Memory Mode

Do you intend to use your Logitech product on another computer in the near future? The majority of G products are able to save settings to onboard memory. If you enable this, your device will operate in a plug-and-play mode. When On-Board Memory Mode is enabled prior to installing G HUB, you are not required to do so on a brand-new PC.

Users can save profiles to five slots in On-Board Memory Mode. The DPI Shift button lets you change your profile and specify Sensitivity, Assignments, and Lightsync.

Pro gamers who bring their devices to competitions will appreciate this feature for its convenience. G HUB may not be able to be installed on the computers of the organizers. But you won't have to with On-Board Memory Mode.

Take Full Advantage of the Convenience of Logitech G HUB

With Logitech G Center point, you can undoubtedly alter your mouse and console settings to match your play style. In addition, you can customize the lighting impacts to match your taste.

You can completely personalize your playstyle and elevate your gaming experience with these features.



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