How to Clear the Cache on Your PS5

  • How to Clear the Cache on Your PS5

You may or may not have heard the advice to clean your cache if you ever experience issues with your PS5. But what exactly does that mean? Many people may find it difficult to understand what a cache is or where to discover one on their PS5.

Fortunately for you though, we are here. In this article, we'll explain what a cache is, why and when you should clear one, as well as how to do so on your PS5. You can fix any performance difficulties you may have in this way.

What Is a Cache? Why Should I Clear It?

On your PS5 console, whenever you launch a game or app, your system temporarily saves data to make that app or game launch faster the next time you do. Theoretically, doing this ought to improve your performance. And in the majority of cases, it does. But on rare occasions, your cache may fill up or these files may get corrupted.

What Is a Cache

Your performance will suffer if one of these take place. Your PS5 might start to freeze or disconnect, and you might notice lengthier load times. This is the time to think about emptying your cache. Thankfully, if you know where to look, emptying your cache is simple.

How to Clear Your PS5 Cache

The PS5 cache is tucked away in the Safe Mode option on your console. You would be excused for not being aware of how to delete your cache since this menu is not available while using your PS5 normally.

You must first power off your PS5 in order to reach Safe Mode. Next, hold down the power button for five to seven seconds until a second beep is heard. Make sure you have your DualSense controller and USB cord ready to connect in once your console enters Safe Mode because you cannot navigate the Safe Mode menu while using a wireless controller.

Once you're in Safe Mode with your controller plugged in, head to the fifth option on the list, Clear Cache and Rebuild Database. Then press Clear System Software Cache, and then press Okay to confirm.

How to Clear Your PS5 Cache

After clearing the cache on your PS5, you might need to reapply some customization options, but none of your games or save data will be impacted.

The PS5's Cache Can Do Your Console a World of Good by Clearing It

Corrupted files or a full cache may result in speed issues, which may be quickly and simply fixed by clearing your cache. You don't have to be concerned about losing progress while cleaning your cache because it leaves all of your save data and other important files intact.

When you notice that your PS5 is loading a little slower than usual, if you get strange freezes, or if you are encountering other problems, try emptying your cache to see if it helps before taking it in for repair. There are really only benefits to doing this occasionally.



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