How to Use Steam Achievement Manager to Unlock Any Achievement

  • How to Use Steam Achievement Manager to Unlock Any Achievement

Are you having issues with a certain Steam achievement? With Steam Achievement Manager, you may avoid any challenges that Steam achievements present.

You want to unlock an achievement, but you don't necessarily want to go through the necessary procedures. Maybe you want some undeserved bragging rights, or maybe it's coupled to an in-game item unlock.

Whatever the reason, here's how to use Steam Achievement Manager to unlock any achievement on Steam.

What Is Steam Achievement Manager?

What Is Steam Achievement Manager

An open-source tool called Steam Achievement Manager, or SAM, enables users to organize and unlock all achievements offered for every game on the Steam marketplace.

Despite being barred by Steam, SAM has been widely used since 2008 and has seen relatively few upgrades.

Visit the Steam Achievement Manager GitHub page to get SAM. If you're using Windows 10, make sure you know how to unzip files because the program is available as download. There are solutions that we'll discuss later in the guide if you're using an alternative OS like Linux on a Steam Deck.

Could I Get Banned for Using Steam Achievement Manager?

Could I Get Banned for Using Steam Achievement Manager?

As was already stated, SAM is not an official Steam endorsement. It might possibly be against the platform's Terms of Service, depending on how it's construed.

Although no one has ever reported being banned in the past, Steam has yet to openly addressed the program.

It could be wise to use caution depending on how you intend to utilize the application. Are you merely achieving something to show off on your profile? That's likely to be secure. Will an in-game item, such as one found in Team Fortress 2 or Payday 2, be made available by the achievement? That is a little trickier.

It's up to you to decide if the risk, however minimal, is worth it. If it is, read on to find out how to use SAM.

1. Getting Started With Steam Achievement Manager

Getting Started With Steam Achievement Manager

Once you've extracted the files, you should be left with two executables:

The SAM.Picker.exe file is the one you need. The other executable file, SAM.Game.exe, is a fake version of the game for which you are unlocking accomplishments. Make sure you don't delete it; simply preserve it in place.

Once an application has started, it's time to conduct a search for some games.

2. Scan and Find Your Games

Scan and Find Your Games

When the software is launched, scanning will start automatically. If this is your first time opening the program, it might take up to 30 seconds.

All of the games that are linked to your account should be visible in SAM.

Skipping a game? Go to the SteamDB page page and conduct a search for the desired game. The AppID can then be copied and pasted into the empty area next to Add Game. The game you're looking for will appear when you tap the same button as SAM.

Still experiencing issues? Making sure the game is installed and recognized on Steam might be worthwhile. For additional assistance, see our troubleshooting article on Steam failing to acknowledge installed games.

3. Find and Select Your Achievements

Find and Select Your Achievements

Let's investigate Apex Legends achievements. The list of all the achievements for that game will appear after you choose it from the list or pull it up using the AppID.

Just select the boxes next to the accomplishments listed to complete it. If you feel inclined, you can choose one, multiples, or perhaps the whole lot.

Once you do, presuming Steam is presently functioning, you ought to see an achievement pop-ups activate:

Check your Steam profile to see whether the adjustments were made if it isn't operating. Be judicious about how many you unlock at once, as the alerts may clog up your Steam community page.

Keep in mind that you can lock achievements further using this method. Just choose not to select the achievements.

Steam Achievement Manager for the Steam Deck

Steam Achievement Manager for the Steam Deck

You may still use this method if you're using a Steam Deck, but you'll need to make a few changes. You'll need to ensure you're up to speed with using the desktop mode on the Steam Deck, and then follow the steps from this guide, with a few differences.

You will be using a Linux-specific clone of the Steam Achievement Manager. This means that everything else will be the same irrespective of whether you skip the first step regarding.exe files and only run the software.

Get it from the SAM Rewritten GitHub page. If you run into problems with the main download, find a version specially made for Steam Decks in the comments section of the GitHub page.

Gain All Steam Achievements Without Putting in Any Work

You can quickly obtain any achievement with SAM and with minimal effort. Certain individuals could view this as cheating, while others might regard it as a simpler way to get around in-game achievement criteria.

For you, it might not even be about the games. Sometimes all you want to do is highlight the eye-catching achievements on your Steam profile page.

Whatever the cause, SAM can effortlessly unlock any achievement.



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