The 6 Best Cricket Games for iPhone and Android

  • The 6 Best Cricket Games for iPhone and Android

With mobile gaming, cricket games have undergone a significant transformation. PC games were the only options for immersive cricket experiences in the past. In any case, presently, because of headways in portable equipment, you can partake in the tomfoolery and fervor of playing cricket helpfully on cell phones.

Thus, whether you're a carefully prepared cricket fan or only searching for a pleasant method for breathing easy, there are a lot of incredible cricket match-ups accessible for iOS and Android gadgets that will take special care of your requirements. We'll cover the best of these in the post underneath.

1. Real Cricket 22

Real Cricket 22

It's safe to say that Real Cricket 22 lives up to the high standards set by its predecessors. The game conveys exceptionally sensible player models, itemized arenas, and amazing livelinesss through Movement Catch, which genuinely help you see and value the force of 3D games over 2D.

The meticulousness reaches out to legitimate live analysis from globally prestigious pundits, including Danny Morrisson, Sanjay Manjrekar, and Akash Chopra.

The T20 World Cup, RCPL Edition, ODI World Cup, and Tour game modes in Real Cricket 22 cater to a wide range of preferences. You can also compete against ranked and unranked teams in the Real-Time 1v1 Multiplayer match.

Real Cricket 22's gameplay mechanics achieve a satisfactory balance between accessibility and realism. The designers have outdone themselves by introducing a novel shot map, manual fielding and catching controls, and hundreds of new batting shots. Every match feels more real because of this attention to detail, which adds depth to the gameplay.

2. Cricket Gangsta

Cricket Gangsta

With such engaging simulations and motion-capture animations that those with a career in video game animation can relate to, Cricket Gangsta 1v1 League aims to recreate childhood memories of gully cricket.

In one-on-one, two-over matches, you can compete against friends or random online players (unlocks at level 2). There are only two skills in the game: batting and bowling, but these are sufficient to offer a thrilling, immersive cricket experience.

Cricket Gangsta offers a variety of settings, including a park, a village, the downtown, an underground, a beach, and a jungle, among others. You can open extra rooms by buying into Gangsta Prime or procuring coins through winning matches.

You can also personalize your Cricket Gangsta avatar, voice-chat with friends, and compete against other players around the world by moving up the leaderboard.

3. Cricket League

Cricket League

Cricket League is a 3D multiplayer cricket sports game that gives players full control over batting and bowling for an extremely authentic cricket experience. You can play as a guest or sign in with Facebook to play with friends and save your progress in the game, which features quick one-on-one matches.

Certifiable cricket areas like Mumbai, Karachi, Adelaide, and London add a vivid touch by allowing players to encounter the excitement of cricket in real scenes. Besides, Cricket Association gives a smooth interactivity experience, even on 3G cell information, guaranteeing continuous ongoing interaction.

Albeit the engineers of Cricket Association market it as a "free web-based cricket match-up," it's not totally free since it has a few in-application buys. It's important to know the difference between free and free-to-play games because it can help you decide if you'll be tempted to spend money or not.

4. World Cricket Championship 3

World Cricket Championship 3

World Cricket Championship 3 (WCC3), like Real Cricket 22, features a variety of tournament formats, including ODIs, World Cup, Asia Cup, Ashes, Tri Series, World Tour, and Test Cricket. We've never seen better graphics in a mobile cricket game.

The selection of teams, stadiums, jerseys, pitch and match conditions, commentary, and the number of overs in a game are all completely under the control of the players. You can set the bowling swing/spin, speed, accuracy, and ball pitching spot among the seven different bowling techniques.

Without precedent for the series, the game allows you to control defenders and make direct hits, plunge stops, and athletic tosses. The slider can be moved while batting to select shot power and generate runs between hits. This is as close to reality as a mobile game can get!

WCC3 stands apart among portable cricket match-ups by giving Test Matches, NPL, a Profession Mode involving north of 400 matches across various organizations, and the choice to play with genuine players. Notwithstanding, these modes must be gotten to through a one-time membership or in-game platinum coins that can be purchased or procured by finishing everyday missions.

5. Stick Cricket Super League

Stick Cricket Super League

Stick Cricket Super League is a great option due to a number of outstanding features. To begin, you can design and personalize your own 3D player and compete in matches against 70 teams representing cities around the world.

In addition, the game lets you keep track of your progress throughout your career and season, earn trophies, and strive to be the best player in the League. To improve your team's performance, you can negotiate seasonal contracts and sign players who are like superstars. As the skipper, you have full command over your group's setup and batting and bowling orders.

However, the fact that you have no control over bowling, fielding, or batting is disappointing about the game. You can only hit runs while batting by tapping the left and right arrows, and when bowling, you can only choose which team member bowls; the rest is all autoplay.

Stick Cricket is a decent game for cricket devotees who love to settle on captaincy choices and select a group that assists them with ascending through the positions in the Association. In any case, assuming that you're searching for some constant cricket activity, this game will undoubtedly dishearten.

6. Hitwicket Superstars

 Hitwicket Superstars

Hitwicket Superstars is a cricket game packed with action that takes a different approach to traditional cricket. A boy's desire to win the cup finals and his passion for cricket are the focus of the game. You can't physically bat or bowl in this game, yet all things considered, you're permitted to pick between runs from 0-6.

The player's likelihood of scoring a particular run is listed at the top. The higher the likelihood, the higher the opportunity your player will raise a ruckus around town. The strength of the batsman and bowler determines this probability score. You can constantly prepare your players utilizing rewards acquired from past matches to upgrade their presentation and get better chances of hitting goes against rivals.

In addition, every run you make helps you unlock a special ability that makes it more likely that you will score a four or six. You must choose your runs carefully to achieve the goal in order to win the match. You can also team up with friends online, build and train your team by bidding on players in an auction, and take part in live tournaments throughout the year.

Play Cricket on Your Phone

You can now play cricket on your mobile device from the comfort of your couch thanks to these amazing games. With their noteworthy elements, practical ongoing interaction mechanics, and scrupulousness, these cricket match-ups will keep you drew in for quite a long time. What's more, best of all, you don't need to pay a penny to introduce these games — whether you're on iOS or Android.



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