What Is Sony’s Project Q?

  • What Is Sony’s Project Q?

Though not quite in the way you would have anticipated, Sony is once again dipping its toes into the realm of portable gaming. No, a PSP-Ultra or PS Vita 2 are not in the works, but maybe later this year, enthusiastic PlayStation fans will be able to play all of their favourite PlayStation games from the comfort of wherever there is a good Wi-Fi connection.

Sony Announces the Release of a New Portable Gaming Device, Project Q

Project Q

For a while, there have been rumours about Sony working on a new handheld gaming device, but those rumours were confirmed on May 24 at the 2023 PlayStation Showcase (Playstation.Blog).

Among the numerous amazing forthcoming game releases revealed at the showcase, Jim Ryan was able to confirm that a brand-new PlayStation portable gaming system, internally referred to as Project Q, is in fact in development.

There wasn't a tonne of information provided about Sony's new project at the showcase, and it is still unclear whether it will rank among the top handheld gaming devices, but there was still plenty to learn about how it functions.

How Will Sony’s Project Q Work?

How Will Sony’s Project Q Work

The Sony Project Q is a handheld game console with an 8" HD screen. Gamers can enjoy all the benefits of the DualSense controller while playing portably thanks to the device, which resembles a DualSense controller that has been divided in half and attached to either side of a screen.

The fact that Sony's Project Q doesn't physically play games is one of its key features. Instead, Project Q uses Remote Play to stream games from your PS5. Project Q appears to be a physical device designed with the purpose to make this process easier. Remote Play is an app that enables you to access and play your PS5 games on your mobile device utilising Wi-Fi.

Players must have a strong and reliable internet connection as well as a PS5 in order to use Project Q because it only broadcasts games that are already installed on a PS5 via Remote Play.

How Will Project Q Compare to Other Handheld Devices on the Market?

The Project Q's 8" HD screen is nearly an inch bigger than the screens on the top handheld consoles now available, most notably the Nintendo Switch and the Steam Deck. Even while an inch might not seem like it would make much of a difference, it is unquestionably an improvement.

The largest possible issue with Project Q, though, is the fact that the device only uses Remote Play. Video game cloud streaming services have become more popular in recent years, but they unquestionably offer a worse connection and gameplay experience than those that come with the system.

Gamers may set up and use Remote Play on their mobile devices to get a feel for how the Project Q device will function. Remote Play is also already available via mobile on a free app. Project Q's price has not yet been disclosed, but given how readily available and cost-free Remote Play is on portable mobile devices, it does make one wonder whether buying a completely new device is necessary when one could simply use a DualSense controller to play their PS5 on their mobile device instead.

Project Q Could Be the Beginning of a New Portable Gaming Era for Sony

The idea of playing Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and your full PS5 collection from the comfort of your bed is appealing, even though there isn't a firm release date or price for Project Q just yet.

Project Q may pave the way for even larger and greater things for Sony in the future for portable gaming, given that PlayStation has previously enjoyed considerable success in this sector.



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