4 Things You Could Lose if Google Deletes Your Account

  • 4 Things You Could Lose if Google Deletes Your Account

Google revised its policy about dormant accounts in May 2023 and will begin removing accounts that have not been used for the previous two years. Although it makes sense from Google's point of view, it may spread alarming information over the internet.

This is due to the fact that many users use their Google Accounts to access other accounts besides Google. What information may you lose if Google deletes your dormant account, then?

1. You Could Lose Your Google Photos

You Could Lose Your Google Photos

Many users find Google photographs to be a useful service, especially since it automatically backs up your photographs and videos. To make it simpler to organise images, Google even revamped Google Photos.

When Google deletes your account, you run the danger of losing all of your images if that's the only place you save them, particularly if they come from an old phone and a previous Google account that you no longer use.

Logging into your previous Google account and downloading all of its stuff will help you prevent that. So, even if Google decides to erase it, you will still have a duplicate of your memories on your current computer or account.

2. Publicly Available Google Drive Files Could Disappear Forever

Publicly Available Google Drive Files Could Disappear Forever

Another possibility is that a file stored on the Google Drive of an inactive Google account will vanish without a trace. After all, a lot of individuals make use of the ability to share Google Drive files with accounts other than Gmail.

However, there's a chance that Google will terminate the account if they post the shared file using an account they no longer use. Google Photos, Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, and other related Google services are all deleted when Google does this.

Therefore, you should download the file and upload it to your own Google account if you routinely download a file from a Google Drive account and want to assure that it will continue to exist even if Google deactivates that specific account. You can then distribute it to others to guarantee future accessibility.

3. You Could Lose Access to Other Accounts

You Could Lose Access to Other Accounts

In the era of Single Sign-On (what is Single Sign-On?) and Google accounts as usernames, there is yet another unsettling result of deleting a Google account. Imagine you have a subscription to Spotify through an old account. You are unaware of this, though, because you retain access to your Spotify account.

You might not be able to access your Spotify account, for instance, if Google deletes your previous account. This is because you won't have access to your original email if you need to regain your account.

4. You Could No Longer Send Emails to a Deleted Account

You Could No Longer Send Emails to a Deleted Account

Most users send and receive emails using their active Google account. Only a few people on Gmail, though, automatically forward emails to several addresses. Some people do this to retain their privacy, while others do it because they changed their name but didn't want to tell anyone.

Sometimes, a small number of individuals email their deceased loved ones to maintain contact with their memories. You can no longer send emails to that address if Google deletes it because it is inactive, regardless of the reason.

You run the risk of losing significant emails if you forward emails from your old address to your new Google account. The message would not reach your active inbox; instead, the sender would get a 550 Error: User Unknown response. Losing an old Google account might be depressing if you use it to recall someone, especially if it's your last remaining link to them.

Stop Your Google Account From Being Deleted

Fortunately, you can prevent Google from deleting your account. The most fundamental step is to sign into your previous Google account, read and send emails through it, upload or download a file from its Google Drive, or view a YouTube video there.

Adding a YouTube video is another option, and Google won't remove your account for it. However, you should choose an inactive account manager to look after your Google account if you want to make sure that it stays active even if you aren't available.



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