4 Ways to Use ChatGPT Without an OpenAI Account

  • 4 Ways to Use ChatGPT Without an OpenAI Account

Although ChatGPT is unquestionably a useful tool, there are privacy issues with the system. Naturally, this is a dissuasive argument that could cause you to steer clear of ChatGPT. There are other approaches of using the tool, though. Here, we explore examine different methods for using ChatGPT without having an OpenAI account.

1. Bing Chat

Bing Chat

The majority of users may probably use ChatGPT without an OpenAI account most easily using Bing Chat. The GPT-4 version of the platform provides the foundation for the Microsoft chatbot. It can also include "live results" from up-to-date data sources in its outcomes.

All you need to utilise Bing Chat is a Microsoft account and Microsoft Edge. You could already have a Microsoft account if you already use Windows. It is an exception if it is a local account since local accounts are very different from Microsoft accounts.

Once you have your login information, using Microsoft Edge to browse to the new Bing will give you access to the chatbot and all of its magic.

2. Bing Mobile App

Bing Mobile App

Microsoft's AI Copilot software has got mobile users covered. GPT-4 is once again at the core of this software, which is available for free download on both Android and iOS. The majority of the functionality from the browser version are included in the app, which also adds a new dimension to mobile users' search options. This is an excellent approach to get around ChatGPT's privacy issues if you want mobile access without an OpenAI account.

3. Merlin


Merlin is a browser add-on that is accessible for Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Once installed, it becomes a virtual assistant and integrates into the browser. Among the tasks it is capable of performing are:

Email assistance: Merlin can assist you with email responses and email creation.

Google is now adding AI responses to searches, with Merlin showing up as a "alternative" response.

Using Merlin, you may utilise bullet points to summarise blog entries and YouTube videos. Although there are already many YouTube plugins that excel at transcription and other duties, it can also transcribe complete YouTube videos.

The installation of this is straightforward, however you must create a Merlin account. Although this is a little bit more limited than standalone chatbots, the idea is sound and it works nicely.

4. ChatGPT Writer

ChatGPT Writer

This and the Merlin Chat addon are quite similar. It functions by inserting itself into the Chrome or Edge browser of your choice, from where you can call it up to carry out a number of activities.

It demanded that we go to the OpenAI website to authenticate with Cloudflare before we could use the plugin. Once we had done this (without making an account), we had no issues using the tool.

Using Gmail, we tried it. To do this, we created a fictitious email and requested ChatGPT Writer to reply. The email asked for further information to support a job application. The tool was simple to use and was readily available from the Gmail reply toolbar. The results were stunning.

Overall, it was a straightforward process that was barely easier to use than Merlin.

Using ChatGPT Without an OpenAI Account

Few methods exist for using ChatGPT without creating an account. But of the four approaches we discovered, one ought to work for the majority of situations. The browser extensions were amazing, but the Bing chatbot came the closest to the "genuine ChatGPT experience."

The network is undergoing a significant spike in popularity, which has revealed legitimate privacy and security issues. Privacy and security issues are anticipated to become more stringent as technology advances in order to better align with regulations and public expectations.



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