5 Tips to Use Google Chrome as a Student

  • 5 Tips to Use Google Chrome as a Student

As a student, realizing that your days are dominated by internet surfing actually allows you to set up a private browser of your own. Therefore, it is your right to have a reliable scanner to work properly on our projects or to study for exams or the future you will do in your life.

Chrome has built a browser logic that can be easily offered by all people around the world. and although it is one of the best browsers for students, not all of them actually use it to its full potential, why do you think? If you are using Chrome as your primary browser, we would like to explain and show you how to set it up so that you can take full advantage of its features.

1. Create a Dedicated Chrome Profile

To tell you the first step in setting up your browser, you need to create a separate Chrome profile to study. In this way, you can only install the relevant extensions and also use the add-on differently. Your goal here is to separate your business from a social browser and keep your bookmarks organized and optimize browser settings that will increase your productivity.

Broadly speaking, there is also a way to keep all personal browsing and information in separate profiles. When you keep it, you do not risk or share anything personal with you while sharing the browser screen during virtual meetings and you should ensure your privacy.

See the rules below to create a new profile from scratch.

  • 1. In the top-right corner, click on the profile icon.
  • 2. Under Other profiles, click on Add.
  • 3. Sign in with your email, or click Continue without an account.
google chrome account
  • 4. Choose a username and an avatar for your profile, then click Done.
choose a username and an avatar for your profile then click done

When creating a Chrome profile, do not hesitate to check the Create desktop shortcut box of this situation, which actually creates a shortcut on your desktop. please sign. While your profile is logged in, it should generally be ensured that it can help you access your browser directly after booting.

2. Install Relevant Extensions

Actually, I would like to share our content about (How to Get Google Docs to Check Your Spelling & Grammar) how you can use your google docs files and drive.

After you create a Chrome profile, you should install the corresponding extensions so that you can use your student time in a nice and comfortable way to get the most out of the browser. For a situation that is up to you to make your work easier, you should read our article about the extensions you need to install in order not to encounter the wrong situation. However, while doing this, avoid installing too many extensions on the browser as too many add-ons will bother you.

Follow the below steps to install any extension:

  • 1. Visit the Chrome Web Store
  • 2. Type the extension's name into the search box in the top-left corner
  • 3. From the search results, choose the relevant extension
  • 4. Then click the Add to Chrome button
  • 5. In the popup, click on Add extension
2 installing a new extension in chromes web store

3. Leverage Chrome's Bookmarks Bar

Then you will have full use of Chrome's bookmarks bar, if you don't use it, you will run into big problems.

So start collecting the most frequently visited resources in the world in general and don't forget to add them to your bookmark bar. With this, you can also access the websites you visit most often with a single click, and you can control them as an administrator. and have no doubt that you will save a lot of time.

Note that you can bookmark a page by clicking its icon at the right end of the Chrome search box, like a star or plus sign, or by clicking the three vertical dots in the upper right corner and then clicking Bookmarks > Bookmark this tab and you should try. After that, drag and drop a page . Watch the bookmarked page will pass and place it in this bar.

leverage chromes bookmarks bar

In addition, you will be able to create special folders for different projects and keep bookmarks of resources in these folders to obtain relevant additional concepts. And then being able to add these folders to the bookmark bar to manage everything from one place is a big plus.

bookmarks of relevant sources within those-folders

4. Take Advantage of Chrome's Tab Groups

Next, you should organize your frequently used tabs into separate groups. The tab groups feature works the same as bookmarks and enable you to open all tabs included in one group at once.

Therefore, create multiple tab groups for your school projects and add relevant links and sources. To create a group, right-click on any tab and navigate to Add tab to group > New group. Then, name a group, select the group color, and press Enter.

add tab to group new group

Once the group is created, you can add tabs to it by clicking Add a tab to group and selecting the relevant group.

add a tab to group and selecting the relevant group

5. Turn On Sync in Chrome

The next step is to enable sync in Chrome. It allows you to keep your browser data consistent across your devices, such as installed extensions, bookmarks, saved passwords, browsed history, etc.

Hence, even if you wish to use a college computer temporarily, you will just need to sign on using your account, and you will be able to use a similar browser setup that you are used to. Any changes you make in the browser will be updated on any subsequent device you use with the same account.

To turn on sync in Chrome, follow these steps:

  • 1. Click on three vertical dots in the top-right corner and go to Settings.
  • 2. In the left-sidebar, click the You and Google menu.
  • 3. On the right-hand side, click Sync and Google services.
  • 4. Click on Turn on sync…
  • 5. Add your email account.
add your email account

In general, it is your most natural right to know the features of your google chrome browser. It is up to you to use such features conveniently. In this case, you can add the features you want, and you can also open sessions and switch to another session from that session. We are happy if we were able to present our valuable information to you as the techdataz team. Follow us to learn about new activities and app applications. We are here to create the most efficient and comfortable spaces for you in your life and technology life.



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