5 Ways That ChatGPT Is Already Being Used in the Wild

  • 5 Ways That ChatGPT Is Already Being Used in the Wild

Around the end of 2022 and the start of 2023, ChatGPT experienced tremendous growth in popularity. The artificial intelligence (AI)-driven application attracted notice for its capacity to deliver answers to queries, generate ideas for producers, and much more.

ChatGPT has been used by people across a variety of sectors to enhance workflows and find inspiration. You've come to the correct place if you're curious about how the software is being utilised because that's exactly what we'll talk about today.

1. Scripting YouTube Videos

Scripting YouTube Videos

Whether you want to launch a YouTube channel for entertainment purposes or as a legitimate professional route, making videos takes a lot of work. Filming your content is just one piece of the process; you also need to spend a lot of time editing and initially coming up with concepts.

Popular tech YouTuber MKBHD made a video regarding AI in the artistic field when ChatGPT first started garnering attention. Before giving his opinion on AI and creativity, he read a screenplay provided by the technology at the beginning of the speech. Even though the rest of the movie wasn't created and only the MKBHD opening was, it demonstrates ChatGPT's ability to assist users in content scripting.

Before you try to use ChatGPT to script all of your films out of excitement, keep in mind that giving your movies a human touch is still crucial. You should be knowledgeable in the subjects you talk about, and you should adjust your tone to sound more like you.

2. Brainstorming Topic Ideas

Brainstorming Topic Ideas

You won't always be able to think of fresh ideas, even if you have to come up with original ideas every day. There will be times when you struggle to think of anything, which can be irritating if your job requires you to use your brain.

Online, there are many opportunities to acquire inspiration for your work, including reading the most recent articles in your field and following your favourite producers on social media. But you may also employ AI to come up with fresh concepts that will point you in the right direction.

ChatGPT is a popular tool used by creators to generate subject ideas. You'll probably uncover at least one or two ideas that you think are worthwhile investigating further if you ask the tool to generate a list of possible themes. After that, you can conduct your own research and compile the information using the media of your choice.

3. Social Media Bios

Social Media Bios

Having a presence on sites like Twitter and Instagram can help you, despite the issues that social media can create. You may, for instance, show off your knowledge of a subject you're enthusiastic about and possibly get job offers. Additionally, you can connect with a group of people who share your interests using social media.

It's simple to dismiss social network profiles as an afterthought given that they often don't have many characters. However, having something that instantly provides people an insight into who you are is vital given that you are competing for attention with millions of other users.

You should give a decent social media bio a lot of thought, and ChatGPT can assist you with drafting one. Once you've established a basic framework, it will be easier to modify things to suit your preferences.

4. Learning a New Language

Learning a New Language

Learning a new language can offer up new opportunities for you, including the possibility to meet new people and perhaps land a job in a foreign nation. There are many language-learning apps available, like Duolingo and Babbel. Consuming films, podcasts, and articles in your target language will also help you improve.

It's a good idea to be familiar with the most frequently used terms and expressions when learning a new language. When you return to that location, at the very least, you should have an easier time navigating. Additionally, ChatGPT gives you the chance to advance in your language learning objectives.

The most frequent words in their target language, according to certain users of ChatGPT, are also available for translation requests. Additionally, you might want to consider requesting a list of resources from ChatGPT to add to your ecosystem.

5. Market Research

Market Research

Being aware of what your consumers want is essential whether you work for a company or own it. Many businesses make the error of expending significant time and resources on product development before realising that there is no market for what they have produced. However, conducting market research may be both difficult and time-consuming.

Numerous articles about ChatGPT's potential to be crucial to the future of market research can be found online. You may use the tool for a variety of things even if it is still in its early stages. You may, for instance, enquire as to what your target market's regular pain issues are.

Additionally, you may use ChatGPT to see what the potential customers are currently interested in. Although you should also employ other research methods, such questionnaires, to acquire a fuller overall view, ChatGPT can offer a decent starting point of data.



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