AI Generated News Presenter Debuts in Kuwait Media

  • AI Generated News Presenter Debuts in Kuwait Media

An artificial intelligence-generated virtual newsreader that will read internet bulletins has been introduced by a Kuwaiti media organization.

On Saturday, "Fedha" appeared as a picture of a woman with her hair exposed and donning a black jacket and a white T-shirt on the Twitter account of the Kuwait News website.

"Hello, my name is Fedha, and I work for Kuwait News as the country's first artificial intelligence-based presenter. What sort of news do you like to read? She said in Arabic, "Let's hear your thoughts.

The Kuwait Times, the first English-language daily in the Gulf area, launched in 1961, is a partner of the website.

It was an examination of AI's ability to provide "new and innovative content," according to Abdullah Boftain, deputy editor-in-chief for both publications.

Fedha might eventually take on a Kuwaiti accent and deliver news updates on the website's 1.2 million-follower Twitter account, the man claimed.

What Does Fedha Means?

What Does Fedha Means?

"Fedha is a well-liked, traditional Kuwaiti name that denotes silver... We blended silver and metallic since that's how we always see robots to be, according to Britain.

According to Britain, the presenter's light-colored eyes and blond hair mirrored the diversity of Kuwaitis and ex-pats living in the oil-rich nation. "Fedha stands for everyone,"

Journalists were among many who reacted to its initial 13-second video on social media.

The promise of AI's potential benefits in industries like health care has been accompanied by concerns about the technology's ability to spread misinformation, endangerment of jobs, and potential harm to artistic integrity.

In the Reporters Without Borders 2022 Press Freedom Index, Kuwait came in at number 158 out of 180 nations and territories.



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