Facebook changes its company name to Meta

  • Facebook changes its company name to Meta

Facebook changes the name of the roof company to Meta Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, announced that they will announce the names of the roof companies with a surprising statement.

Mark Zuckerberg announced at Facebook's "Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality" online conference that they will change their company name to Meta. Instagram, a commercial product under Facebook, will be a meta after WhatsApp and a trademark called Oculus. As you may remember earlier, in 2015 Google followed a similar path and changed the name of the umbrella company to Alphabeth. Announcing that they will invest 10 billion dollars in Metaverse, the company will revive it as different brands on the meta. Zuckerberg, who is important to the basic concept of Metaverse, explained that his priorities are Metaverse from now on, and the view of Meta from Facebook in a sense.

Meta: Why did Facebook change its name to 'Meta'?

In the statement made by the company, it was stated that while the fields it works in expand from social media to virtual reality, the name Meta has a more inclusive meaning for the work the company does. This change will not be reflected on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. The name of the company that owns all these applications is changing. This step was taken after the company's name started to be mentioned negatively due to many critical news about Facebook and information leaked by a former employee.

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