Free Quillbot Alternatives for Paraphrasing Your Writing

  • Free Quillbot Alternatives for Paraphrasing Your Writing

The ability to paraphrase effectively may significantly improve the structure, clarity, and flow of your work. However, manually editing your text can be difficult and time-consuming. Tools for paraphrase might be useful in this situation.

Quillbot is one of the most well-liked options in this regard, although it might not be acceptable or inexpensive for everyone. Thankfully, there are lots of free options online that can accurately paraphrase your text. The eight top free paraphrasing tools are covered in the section below so you may improve the calibre of your writing.

1. Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing Tool

The Paraphrasing Tool is a free AI-powered rewriter that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) AI tools to rewrite the text you have supplied in a different way. You may use the site without creating an account or registering in to paraphrase up to 10,000 phrases at once.

There are two possibilities for paraphrasing: Basic and Advanced. While the basic option merely restates the original text using different words, the advanced option gives you access to a larger vocabulary and a deeper comprehension of the original text's structure.

The programme will rephrase the text in the same window if you select the Basic option. The content will be properly rephrased with a more sophisticated tone at Quillbot if you choose the Advanced option, though. Our article on how to appropriately utilise AI as a writer or editor might help you get the most out of it if you haven't used it before for writing or editing.

2. Prepostseo


Prepostseo is a fantastic choice if you're searching for a complete solution that provides a range of services. It has capabilities including a paraphrase tool, DA checker, spelling checker, summarizer, and plagiarism checker. Prepostseo provides four rewriting choices for the paraphrase tool: Standard, Fluency, Creative, and Smarter.

The Standard and Fluency choices are free to use, but the Creative and Smarter options are only accessible in the premium version. You may upload a file from your PC or Google Drive to paraphrase a text. It is compatible with the.docx,.doc,.txt, and.pdf formats. If your file is in a different format, you can always use a free online file converter to convert it to a format that is compatible.

Simply choose the language from the drop-down menu after you've uploaded the file and click the Paraphrase button to get started. It's important to note that the free version can only paraphrase up to 500 words at a time; however, if you subscribe to the Pro version, the word limit can be increased.

3. SEOToolsCentre


To help with all elements of content generation, optimisation, and administration, SEOToolsCentre offers a complete toolkit. Simply paste the text you want to paraphrase into the input box, choose the language you want to work in from the drop-down menu, and then click the Paraphrase button to use this tool.

The tool indicates any altered terms after creating a paraphrased version of your text. Then, by clicking on these words, you can manage them. By selecting Add, you may even add your own terms to the context menu in addition to seeing the original phrase and a number of recommended substitutions.

When finished, press the Finish button. Seven languages are supported by the tool: English, Dutch, French, Spanish, German, Turkish, and Indonesian.



Another choice is to use the website, which lets you paraphrase up to 600 words at once. It offers the Fluency, Standard, and Word Changer paraphrasing choices.

To begin, paste your text into the box, select your chosen paraphrase choice, select one of the four supported languages (English, Espanol, French, or Portuguese), and then click the Rewrite Now button.

The words that have been modified will be marked in green after the text has been paraphrased. Each term that has been highlighted may be clicked to display other synonyms, from which you can select one.

5. SpinnerChief


You can utilise up to 20 spins per day and up to 150 words at a time in the free version of SpinnerChief. Simply paste your text into the text box to get started, then select the options for sentence rebuilding intensity.

The "Basic AI (slight)" and "Disabled" choices are available in the free version, while the Advanced AI option—which has the potential to be considerably more potent—is available in the premium version. You'll see a Synonym slider at the top of SpinnerChief that you can move to manage how many words are substituted as you use it.

Keep in mind that the free version only allows you to move the slider to the middle at maximum. SpinnerChief is available both as a desktop application and a web-based tool, giving you flexibility and convenience when it comes to paraphrasing your text.



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