How to Create Your Own IRC Channel

  • How to Create Your Own IRC Channel

Similar or different application infrastructures (IRC), such as Internet Relay Chat, offer you real-time online messaging with the strongest system infrastructures. It has been around since 1988 and is preferred by many people because of its simplicity and efficiency and strong use of technology. Users connect to a server and then join different channels on that server to talk to people.

Now we will clearly show you how to create your own IRC channel and give detailed information on this subject. With your own IRC channel, you can build your own infrastructure and set your rules, don't you think that sounds good? There is a great case when you can appoint moderators or choose an admin and talk about whatever you want. Creating your own IRC channel will allow you to have a similar experience with friends or family. This is a great way to hang out with like-minded people.

We will need to provide a little more information on IRC and how to create an IRC channel as realist.

What Is IRC ?

IRC, together with Internet Relay, means a Chat. It describes or offers a way of chatting with other people online via text. IRC has been online for over thirty years.

The IRC was originally conceived by Jarkko Oikarinen today while also working at the University of Oulu in Finland. Think about it, like the story of the founder of facebook. It actually came out of a bulletin board system to accommodate real-time discussions; he managed with code snippets to make other people's messages appear and respond to them immediately after sending them simultaneously or instantly, and he put it on the air.

Before Oikarinen took this movement and his career elsewhere, we would like to tell you that he continued to develop IRC for several years. He won many awards for his contributions to technology in technology companies or seminars all over the world and appeared in all the news. Interestingly, he designed the infrastructure for it, including Google Hangouts and Google Meet ( what is Google Meet?). He continued to work more permanently on Google's chat apps.

We can't tell you that IRC has really changed nowadays since its inception. Although the popularity of IRC has been taken over by modern chat apps like Slack or Twist, the company prides itself on still having a place in the hearts of many people due to its good net naked nature. - video calls or streaming or any other situation, the strong software team makes this situation stand out. It's actually about text chat rather than some thing. The number of people using IRC is decreasing from year to year, and we have statistical values for this. However, we can tell you that it still has a special community, especially with those in the tech community. It's not complicated to use once you get a grip on IRC, but it's obviously not as user-friendly as you might expect. You will understand this situation more clearly when you use it.

How is IRC Structured ?

Now that you look at it, it's important to know how IRC is configured before you create your own IRC channel.

Generally, IRC is not controlled by a single company. It's a protocol that people use to build IRC servers and publish it. It allows you to use different providers simultaneously to achieve the same thing and has a very similar outline to email.

In fact, generally speaking, there is an IRC server at the top of the Hierarchy and you have it. If not, it is not possible. We know that there is a machine running the IRC protocol, that is, the server system. It is also designed to operate as if many servers are assumed to be a single server, and there is the possibility of presence in an IRC network that groups them. On a technical level, when a human starts to use the system, it is still connected to a single server as a user, while being active in terms of the fluency of the system, the network allows you to talk to people on other servers without any problems. In this case, it means that channels and usernames are shared. Let's see, what do you think we should do in the system setup?

It is actually a chat room within the channel. Channels are usually centered around a theme or community, which spreads the participants. It comes to you with a hashtag like #techdataz in front of the channel name. In order to talk to the people in it, you need to increase the number of people on your own channel. you are in You can join an existing channel. You can also create your own different channel, such as IRC, which we will detail below.

If you are using a different channel or Discord, this structure will be familiar to you. Discord was inspired by IRC because of its separation into servers and channels, we can say that it used their programmers. For more on that, here's how to create your own Discord server; and secret group creation methods.

How to Create Your Own IRC Channel

Here's all you need to do to the make your own IRC channel.

1. Download an IRC Client

Let's say you need a client first to join an IRC. This is like you need an email client and how to send and receive email. Many suitable freeware for desktop and mobile devices are provided to you thanks to these servers. It has an IRC client and has a strong infrastructure. If you are reading this, you should know that there is an IRC client for your device.

To help you decide which client to use, browse this list of IRC clients. You can also connect with web-based IRC clients, but installing one to your device is the best method if you'll be using IRC regularly.

For this guide, we'll use HexChat.

2. Join an IRC Network

IRC remains divided among its many networks. Each network has its own rules, in fact, in general, we can tell you that it has channels and people. For example, some networks only adapt to a particular subject and remain without authorization to allow channels to be created. Some networks do not allow you to create your own channel. Also, generally speaking, larger networks inside such channels are more prone to similar attacks such as latency and denial of service.

Networks draw directions according to different topics, addressing audiences and countries. The type of channel you want to create is obviously very important in this regard so that you host your real public users on your channel. We also recommend checking out this list of IRC networks to find one that supports it. It would be helpful for you to visit a network's website in-depth to get an overview of what their policies are.

For this guide, we'll connect to IRCnet.

hexchat network list

Now open your IRC client. In the first window for HexChat, you are asked to find a nickname similar to your nickname and your choices. This is because aliases are automatically shared for you across the entire network. Of course, pseudonyms are required for this reason, as they protect your privacy and personal data. Therefore, it is possible to get common names, but there is a situation where the network side can distinguish it. In this window you will also need to select your network, which in this case is IRCnet. When done, click Connect.

If you do not use or actually use HexChat; the client will not provide this interface and you will have to take action accordingly. Therefore, to join the /server network type or other similar network types from within (replaces with the server of your choice if it is not IRCnet and it is). Then another case is when you need to type /nick username to set a nickname. This should replace the username with your own choice. If your nickname is taken, it will automatically assign you a close variation. Never hesitate to change it again with the same command, even do it right away, so this is what we're telling you. Come on, don't hesitate.

Some IRC networks should allow you to register your nickname, let's say fake for example, but you can get it back. It is possible that others will use the alias until you disconnect, in which case they will not let you use it and will allow it. Never hesitate to contact the worst support team, also spend time with the support team to learn their Policies and if possible how to register a name. You will need to look at the website of the network you have chosen for you.

3. Create an IRC Channel

Now that you're connected to a network, you know what to do, and now that you have a nickname, I can tell you it's time to create your IRC channel. This is the easy part for you!

talking in irc chat

Type /join #channelname, don't forget to write your channel name please and change it to whatever you want your channel to be called. If the channel already exists, or if you've tried to create it, join it and you should see other people there. If this happens, you will have to rewrite the command with a different channel name.

When you join your new channel, you'll be able to let the operator deliver similar impressions to you (known as "ops"). This makes you its owner.

If you think your friends are typing the same /join command, change it in settings. Or have the eons write this down and show them tag shows they can pop into your newly created channel.

Like nicknames, people also have other names, some networks also allow you to use the channel as your own. allows you to save in this case. Others, such as IRCnet, do not offer such a service, that is, if all operators leave the channel or not, other servers will not offer you these operators; someone else should be able to claim it as their own. Therefore, we recommend you to have a group of friends who are operators and one of them is always on the channel.

For help on how to moderate your new channel, you should familiarize yourself with IRC commands. Here are some important ones:

  • /kick #channel nickname – remove someone from the channel
  • /mode #channelname +b nickname – ban someone from the channel
  • /mode #channelname +o nickname – make someone an operator
IRC Offers a Simple Chat Compared to Discord

Actually overall, what's more important is to have a good time and find the shapes while managing your own IRC channel. It must be great to be able to chat with others from all over the world to build a community and share your memories, stories, similar things sharing your interests. Sure, it's not as flashy as Discord, but there's something nice about the simplicity of IRC. We want you to discover this.

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