How to Crop Images Diagonally in Canva

  • How to Crop Images Diagonally in Canva

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Looking at it, you and Canva should provide business owners with the tools to do just about anything you can think of with your images. We'll tell you all about it, from magically erasing pesky flaws or photo bombs to diagonally cropping them without blurring your backgrounds or lowering their potential.

Friends, as the techdataz team, if you do not know some of these features, you can easily overlook them, but there is an archive section that you need to pay attention to, and you should be one of these hidden gems to crop diagonally.

So if you are one of the creative individuals who have found themselves wondering how exactly to crop diagonally on Canva, keep reading to find out how.

What Advantages Do Diagonal Cropping on Canva Offer?

We'll show you how to diagonally crop, or allow you to create more interesting, dynamic and eye-catching backgrounds for your images when you upload an image. It's especially useful for YouTube thumbnails or examples where you're comparing two things side-by-side, but sometimes it's useless. Cropping images in half or down the middle works, but is not as visually engaging as cropping diagonally or differently.

The secret to producing any type of media on Canva or elsewhere is to pique your audience's curiosity. People have busy lifestyles, and their minds frequently go 1,000 miles per hour. It can already be too late if something isn't intriguing enough to grab someone's attention and keep it. When it comes to issues like social media, this is especially true.

What Advantages Do Diagonal Cropping on Canva Offer

Cropping diagonally is simple and incredibly effective, and there's another reason Canva is so helpful for creators. If you want to learn how to take advantage of this stunning Canva feature, here we will teach you how and how you can do it.

How Do I Diagonally Crop in Canva?

If it's diagonal in Canva, the secret to cropping is to use a frame. If Frames is one of the least used and great ways to get the most out of Canva, it will be for you.

You have to choose from hundreds of creative and interesting options, each of which can elevate your image, if you don't, forget the frame! However, despite all these options, I would like to tell you that none of them offer a clear diagonal crop option, especially if your project is a YouTube thumbnail or other horizontal image. But it's not a deal breaker, you just have to be crafty enough to handle it yourself.

In fact, friends, the easiest frame you can resize and reconfigure to achieve perfect diagonal cropping is the diagonal square frame. Of course this isn't perfect for landscape photos, but you'll get the effect you're looking for if you have the frame large enough and also if you do it and tilt it at just the right angle. Here we show you how you can do it yourself. You just have to listen well.

How Do I Diagonally Crop in Canva

Start your project by hitting Create a design in the top right corner of the home screen and input your dimensions. Then go ahead and upload your first background image. You can upload one of your own images for this or pick one of the thousands of free backgrounds that Canva provides.

canva crop size

Then, if you haven't already, navigate to the Elements menu and put "frames" into the search field. You will probably be presented with hundreds of possibilities, but you can find the ones you want by clicking See all in the Frames part of your search results. They will be easy to identify because to the cartoony landscapes in their backgrounds.

Once you’ve successfully found the frames, scroll down the list and find the diagonal square option. Select it, and stretch and rotate it over your project.

crop size canva 2

Then, locate your second background image and drop it onto the frame's cartoon background. Your image will then take the place of the original background in the frame, and presto! Your first diagonally cropped image is now complete.

Add any additional text or photos you think your project needs, then finish it off by clicking the Share button in the top right corner to download and save your finished product.

Take Your Canva Project to the Next Level With a Diagonal Crop

Diagonal cropping is one of the best solutions if you're seeking for quick yet inventive ways to differentiate your photographs from the competition. To compare two photographs or simply add additional color and contrast to your backdrops, it is an intriguing, distinctive, and audacious approach to do so.

And while there isn’t a dedicated frame for rectangular diagonal cropping in Canva, there's no need to let that stop you from making your creative vision a reality.


Q: How Do I Change the Edges of a Photo in Canva?

What will you design today? One way to change the edges of a photo is to drag and drop an image into a frame. Click on the Elements tab and type "Frame" into the search bar. From the Frames section, select a rectangle or square shape with rounded corners. Finally, add a photo to the design and drag it over the shape to insert it.

Q: How Do You Crop an Irregular Shape?

If you have a Pro subscription, you can easily use Canva to remove image backgrounds, essentially cropping around a subject no matter what shape it is. There are also several easy apps to remove photo backgrounds that you can use to crop around a shape, then import back into Canva.

Q: How Do You Crop by Shape in Canva?

Click on the Elements tab and type "Frame" into the search bar. From the Frames section, choose the shape that you want to crop your image to. Click See all to view the entire collection, which includes all the standard shapes like triangles, squares, and circles; but also more creative options like numbers, letters, and abstract designs.



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