How to Sign Up for ChatGPT's New Plugins Feature

  • How to Sign Up for ChatGPT's New Plugins Feature

ChatGPT, the language model developed by OpenAI, is set to introduce a new feature: plugins. These plugins enhance ChatGPT's capabilities by enabling it to access external tools and information not included in its training data, connecting the generative AI to the internet.

ChatGPT's plugins aren't yet available, but you can sign-up to become one of the first users to take them for a spin.

How Do ChatGPT Plugins Work?

how do chatgpt plugins work

ChatGPT plugins are software components integrated into the What is ChatGPT useful for?. They provide ChatGPT with additional information, such as up-to-date news or data from proprietary sources, and enable ChatGPT to perform specific actions on behalf of users.

Plugins can also help ChatGPT overcome some limitations of large language models, such as AI "hallucinations" or the inability to keep up with recent events.

For example, suppose you want to use ChatGPT to write an email to your boss. You could ask ChatGPT to generate a draft for you, but it might not know the latest updates on your project or the best way to address your boss. With plugins, you could connect ChatGPT to your email client, calendar, and project management tool.

Then, ChatGPT could use these plugins to fetch relevant information and insert them into the email draft. It could also use the plugins to send emails, schedule a meeting, or update a task's status.

How Do You Sign Up for ChatGPT Plugins?

Currently, the ChatGPT plugins feature is only available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, and you have to join a waitlist to get access. You can sign up for ChatGPT Plus by clicking on Upgrade to Plus on the left tab on the ChatGPT interface.

Here are the steps for joining the waitlist after upgrading your ChatGPT account:

  1. Visit the ChatGPT plugins waitlist page.
  2. Fill out the required information.
  3. Choose whether you're a developer or a user.
  4. Click Join Waitlist to submit the form.

Joining ChatGPT's Plugins Waitlist

ChatGPT's new plugin feature enables users to connect language models to external resources, providing real-time and personalized data that can enhance the models' accuracy and usefulness. If you want to try this feature, sign up for ChatGPT Plus and join the waitlist. With some luck, you could be one of the first to use ChatGPT plugins when released.



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