How To Speed Up Your WordPress Site?

  • How To Speed Up Your WordPress Site?

This can result in loss of both traffic and revenue because the performance of websites greatly affects how users evaluate the site. With the effect of the internet's ability to offer countless alternatives for each site, websites with slow loading rates are quickly overlooked by users.

There is not much tolerance for the speed of websites. Your website should load in two seconds. Also, search engines use website performance as an important evaluation criterion. The faster your website loads, the better your chances of earning a valuable spot on the first page of search results.

Tips on how to speed up your WordPress website include updating your WordPress plugins and themes regularly, using the Content Delivery Network (CDN), reducing JavaScript and CSS file size, using lightweight themes, deleting unused plugins, using image optimization to reduce the size of your media files, WordPress database cleaning, installing a caching plugin, removing unnecessary widgets and social share buttons, and adding Google fonts are the most common recommendations.

Before taking any action on these recommendations, it is recommended that you talk to your hosting provider about their services and WordPress compatibility because the secret to a fast WordPress site is a strong hosting infrastructure. Choosing a hosting solution that suits your capacity and performance needs will affect your site's success and traffic.

how to speed up your wordpress site

Usually, most hosting packages include a one-click WordPress installation, but that doesn't mean it offers a WordPress-specific hosting environment. Only WordPress Hosting packages have the architecture that WordPress can run with the highest performance. However, it is also important to make sure that your hosting provider is using the latest technology hardware and software before you review the hosting packages and click the Buy WordPress Hosting button.

For this purpose, we recommend you to review the WordPress Hosting packages of Turhost, which entered 2022 with innovations in Windows, Linux and WordPress Hosting infrastructures. The latest configurations of Turhost, which has been providing domain, hosting and server rental services with the most powerful hardware in our country for nearly 20 years, include PHP X-Ray, which provides detailed information about performance bottlenecks in websites using WordPress, and Cloudlinux 8 Pro, which has very important advantages, including central monitoring. full of empowerment. Underlining that the authenticity of the software used in the infrastructures should also be questioned when purchasing hosting services, Turhost emphasizes that unlicensed installations cause major security gaps and loss of prestige for websites.

How to Decide The Host

In summary, the wrong hosting decision is the biggest factor that can cause slowdown and access problems on your site. It should be noted that the most decisive role in the speed of your WordPress site is the hosting infrastructure. Choosing hosting providers with powerful hardware, advanced security layers, original software and regular configurations will ensure that your website achieves the success it deserves.

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