Lilium to Develop Batteries for its Electric Aircraft with ABB

  • Lilium to Develop Batteries for its Electric Aircraft with ABB

Yes, we would like to announce to everyone that the news that this Lilium Jet has met with battery manufacturer ABB and decided to cooperate on battery production has come to the fore. One of the first steps for green travel alternatives initiated by electric cars was Lilium, an electric air taxi initiative, in 2017, to Daniel Wiegand, who has done a really successful job with this battery. One of the founders of the company plans to make electric vehicles easier in our transportation. The company had successfully completed the first unmanned test of the 'electric air taxi'. Thanks to ABB Battery's experience in this regard, the Lilium jet prototype, a compact and lightweight electric aircraft capable of vertical take-off and landing, completed its unmanned test flight. It was said that he was definitely making plans in terms of interior design and this paved the way for the 5-seat production model planning.

We were known that the company plans to start offering flights of 150 miles and above at speeds up to 175 miles per hour in Florida using the 7- or 9-seat Lilium Jet from 2024. But for this to happen, the batteries had to be able to charge. once and quickly. That's why Lilium Jet came together with battery manufacturer ABB and decided to cooperate in battery production. The ABB MegaWatt fast charging infrastructure has far outstripped other batteries and will allow batteries to be fully charged in just 30 minutes. The name of the system developed for the partnership planned by ABB with Lilium is MegaWatt Charging System. The ABB MegaWatt fast charging infrastructure will allow the batteries to be fully charged in just 30 minutes. It will provide charging facilities up to 1000 kW and up to 2000 kW and will also be used in electric vehicles such as trucks and buses. Last month, the news that it introduced the Electric Vehicle (EA) charging unit, which provides the fastest charging experience on the market, came to the fore. For this reason, this move by Lilium was very important for the future of the industry. Frank Muehlon, head of e-mobility division, said: "It has resurfaced Lilium's mission to grow sustainable aviation, and combining it with ABB's global market expertise and leadership in e-mobility and charging infrastructure is a win for the environment and a win for passengers." . He explained to us that there is an easy transportation system for this. It shows us why it is important in this year and in the next aviation years.

So what promise does Daniel Wiegand tell you?

Daniel Wiegand, CEO of Lilium, said the following about the world: “Starting to decarbonize aviation is both urgent and inevitable. This partnership will play an important role in enabling our high-speed regional air network by providing fast and efficient charging.” It will definitely launch a project that will be available to everyone in 5 years."

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