How to Manage Your Side Search Panel in Google Chrome

  • How to Manage Your Side Search Panel in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is constantly finding ways to improve the user experience for you. When you're on a web page and want to do a quick Google search, you'll be able to do so without opening a new tab. Activating your Side Search panel allows you to browse Google search results easily and see the results in the fastest way. In this article, we will explain for you how to manage your Side Search panel in Google Chrome.

How Google's Side Search Panel Works?

All in all, if you're looking for flags that will help you speed up Chrome, it will offer it, and this is one of them. When using Chrome's Side Search panel, you won't have to bother with an entirely different tab to actually do a simple Google search, reducing the need to open a new tab.

As well as this, the Side Search panel is a default feature, but if you can't see it in your settings, it's because the real version is still active today for controlled use. If you don't see it as a default feature, you can also access your Side Search settings via Chrome's hidden flags and get different functions.

How to Enable Google Chrome’s Side Search Panel

Now, when we look at it, we will explain what we want to tell the siler below. We know you want a shortcut to search Google Chrome while browsing a website, here is a step-by-step guide on how to activate your Side Search panel and this:

  • 1. Visit your Chrome address bar.
  • 2. Go to the Chrome flags menu by typing in this address: chrome://flags
  • 3. Type Side search into the search bar.
  • 4. Select Enabled in the box next to Side search.
  • 5. See You must select Restart at the bottom right of the page. Note that you will need to restart Chrome for these changes to take effect.
google crome experiment

After enabling this feature to be presented to you, you will also need to see Google's icon in the upper left corner of the page when browsing a particular website on the issue you need to pay attention to. All you have to do is tap this icon and the Side Search panel will appear to be presented to you.

google crome new tab search

Overall, if at any point you decide you want to disable this feature, we'll explain what you need to do, and here's the thing:

  • 1. Go to Chrome flags: chrome://flags.
  • 2. Type Side search in the search bar.
  • 3. Select Disabled in the box next to Side search.
  • 4. Select Relaunch at the bottom-right of the page..
google crome experiments setting

Enhance Your Google Chrome Experience

There's a lot more to Google Chrome than you can use in your default settings, assuming it should. Google chrome developers have thought of every detail for you and processed it with code. In this article, or a similar article, we think we have shown you in detail how to manage your Side Search panel via Chrome flags. Techdataz team is always ready to support you.

If you believe that this feature will add more functionality to your browsing experience today or tomorrow, we recommend that you optimize your experience and keep in mind that there is much more you can do in Chrome to continue.

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