Microsoft Edge's AI & Efficiency Updates

  • Microsoft Edge's AI & Efficiency Updates

Microsoft Edge included AI into its user interface in early 2023 to increase user productivity and creativity. Learn about these enhancements that make the AI-powered Edge a fantastic tool for professional activities.

Bing Image Creator

Bing Image Creator

Bing Image Creator is accessible from the Edge sidebar and is powered by the most recent DALL-E text-to-image generative AI models from OpenAI. Here, you can enter a prompt and select from four image alternatives. After that, you can utilise the image by downloading it.

Every Edge user in the globe has access to Bing Image Creator on computers.

Sharing Files With Drop

Sharing Files With Drop

Use Drop, a new feature that enables you to drag and drop files from your desktop to your phone or tablet using Edge, if you wish to exchange files or notes between devices. Drop can be used to transfer links or bits of text from one device to another.

You must allow sync in Edge settings and login in with your Microsoft account on both devices in order to use Drop. Drop is then accessible from the sidebar or Edge toolbar.

Improvements to Efficiency Mode

Improvements to Efficiency Mode

By suppressing advertisements, reducing background activities, and improving media playback, efficiency mode is a feature that helps you conserve battery life and use less data when browsing the web.

Efficiency mode has been enhanced with the most recent Edge update, which also shows you how much data and power you have saved and gives you more choice over which websites are impacted.

Bing and Edge on Mobile

You will be excited to read about the new UI upgrade that matches the Windows 11 design language if you use Bing and Edge on your mobile device. With rounded corners, transparent effects, and adaptable colours, the new UI is stylish and contemporary.

The ChatGPT technology from OpenAI enables a distinctive conversation experience on the Bing and Edge mobile apps as well. You can use this function to focus your search by asking an AI assistant for extra information, clarification, and suggestions.

You also have the choice to operate your browser with voice access.

Enhance Your Productivity With Microsoft Edge

These are just some of the latest updates to Microsoft Edge that make it your copilot for the web. Microsoft continues to innovate and improve the Edge browser, making it a valuable tool for those who rely on the web for work and personal use.



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