Exactly how to Back Up and also Restore Mozilla Firefox as well as Thunderbird

  • Exactly how to Back Up and also Restore Mozilla Firefox as well as Thunderbird

Firefox as well as Thunderbird are 2 Mozilla software application bundles that save individual account information. The Firefox internet browser has individual profile data for passwords, book marks, as well as expansions. Thunderbird conserves message and also address publication information for customer email accounts.

Firefox and also Thunderbird individuals need to back up user accounts when moving from one computer to an additional. Doing so allows you to restore Mozilla account information after reinstalling Firefox or Thunderbird on a various PC. This is exactly how you can back up and bring back Firefox and also Thunderbird accounts in Windows 11/10.

Exactly How to Manually Back Up and Restore Firefox Profiles

You can by hand back up Firefox accounts without any type of additional software. You can by hand bring back that account data in a various area.

  1. Open up Firefox, input regarding: assistance in the browser's address bar, and also press Enter.
  2. Click the Open Folder button.

  3. Exactly How to Manually Back Up and Restore Firefox Profiles
  4. Select all the documents in the account folder that opens by pushing a hotkey + the ctrl ( or with any other method in this overview, selecting all files in a Windows folder ).
  5. Right-click to pick the Copy choice.

  6. Right-click to pick the Copy choice
  7. Next, place a USD drive right into your PC.

  8. Open Windows File Explorer as well as a folder on your external storage to back up your Firefox account data.
  9. Right-click inside the account backup folder and select Paste.

Currently you've by hand backed up your Firefox account, you can manually restore that account information after installing Firefox on a various computer as complies with:

  1. You'll require to recognize the place of your present Firefox individual profile folder. Open the Troubleshooting info tab once again in Firefox, as instructed in step one above, and also keep in mind down the profile folder location revealed there.
  2. Close out of Mozilla Firefox.
  3. Put the USB drive that includes your Firefox account back-up.
  4. Raise the folder containing your backed-up Firefox profile data.
  5. Select all the profile data because directory site and also press Ctrl + C to copy them.
  6. Open the course for your present Firefox individual profile folder you took down for step one.
  7. After that right-click anywhere inside that folder to pick the Paste choice. When prompted, Select to overwrite existing account data.
Firefox on a various computer as complies with

How to Back Up and also Restore Firefox Profiles With Simple Firefox Backup

Basic Firefox Backup is a portable third-party utility with which you can back up as well as restore Firefox profile data. It's quicker as well as a lot more uncomplicated to back up Firefox accounts with that said software application than by hand.

This is exactly how you can support as well as bring back Firefox profiles keeping that software:

  1. Open this Simple Firefox Backup page.
  2. Click Download on the Simple Firefox Backup web page.
  3. Insert a USB stick right into a USB slot on your PC.
  4. Next, raise File Explorer to open the folder that includes the downloaded fbackup.zip archive.
  5. Extract the fbackup.zip archive by following the directions in this how-to unzip ZIP data overview. Select to draw out the ZIP to a folder on your linked USB stick.

  6. This is exactly how you can support as well as bring back Firefox profiles keeping that software
  7. Navigate to and open up the removed fBackup folder.
  8. Double-click on the fBackup_x64. exe documents to open Simple Firefox Backup.
  9. Then press the Create Firefox Backup alternative to back up an account.
Create Firefox Backup

Currently you'll see the profile back-up within the Simple Firefox Backup window. The software application will certainly save the profile back-up within a subfolder of the drawn out fBackup directory on your USB drive. You can see its place by right-clicking the back-up account in the Simple Firefox Backup window as well as clicking Open folder.

Easy Firefox Backup will support the account utilized when you last opened Firefox. If you wish to back up a various account, click the Firefox Profile Folder button. Select a various individual profile to start Fox with as well as click the Start Firefox button. Basic Firefox Backup will certainly back up whatever existing profile you picked to start Firefox with.

Easy Firefox Backup will support the account utilized

The Choose User Profile window is additionally like an account supervisor for Firefox. Clicking Create Profile will raise a Create Profile Wizard. You can click Delete Profile to erase selected profiles. Or push the Rename Profile switch to edit the name of your chosen Firefox user.

Bring back account back-ups is a breeze with Simple Firefox Backup. Put the USB drive that includes Simple Firefox Backup as well as saved account data into a various computer on which you installed Fox. After that pick an account in the program's home window and click the Restore Backup alternative. Click the Yes choice when prompted to run Firefox.

Easy Firefox Backup

Exactly how to Back Up and Restore Firefox and also Thunderbird Profiles With Mozbackup

Firefox stores a surprisingly large amount of data for you. Passwords, cookies, certificates, expansions, as well as much more. There is one free program that takes care of all exporting ( supporting ) as well as importing of these programs, along with several various other Mozilla products: Mozbackup.

Supporting and bring back Mozilla accounts is helpful for a number of reasons. One is straight-up back-up, to make sure that in situation your computer dies you will certainly have an approach of restoring your information.

Mozbackup serves also if you have a few other type of back-up system in area because simply supporting the directory site of your account does function, yet it will certainly take some tweaking to obtain it restored once more. Mozbackup makes the back-up as well as recover procedure dead simple.

If you are moving to a new PC or perhaps a brand-new OS, Mozbackup can aid you to migrate your old profiles as well as settings to that brand-new device. Of training course, an additional factor to use it is that it is complimentary, both for commercial and personal use.

Mozbackup deals with all versions of Firefox and also the most up to date Thunderbird mail client. It also functions with:

  • Sunbird
  • Flock
  • Postbox ( Express )
  • SeaMonkey
  • Mozilla Suite
  • Spicebird
  • Songbird
  • Netscape
  • Wyzo

As you can see, it collaborates with the full collection of Mozilla items.

Download and mount Mozbackup to your machine (Windows only). When you run it, it will discover all the profiles on your computer developed by Mozilla programs, and allow you to pick which program to support.

collaborates with the full collection of Mozilla items

You can likewise pick which information you desire to support. This consists of much more general setups, passwords, book markings, history, extensions, and also more. In the Thunderbird profile, you can pick an option to back up every one of your emails or simply the account settings themselves.


Hereafter option, you can choose whether you would love to password-protect the data or otherwise, which requires you to enter a password prior to recovering it to another profile.

Since you are going to restore it, the procedure is really similar to the backup. You just choose which submit you wish to recover from, and afterwards the specific functions you want to bring back. After it is done, you will certainly see a record which you can check to ensure everything went OK.

Thunderbird Profiles With Mozbackup

How to Schedule Backups in Mozbackup

To set up a back-up, you must produce a profile which you can then range from the command line. In the Mozbackup program directory site, produce a data named something like "Email.mozprofile" and also add the following lines.


[ General ]action=backupapplication=Firefoxprofile=Defaultoutput=c:\path\to\backup.pcvpassword=


Where the action is back-up ( if you are supporting ), application is the program you desire to support. The profile will certainly be Default unless you have numerous accounts on your system, as well as the result is where you intend to back up to. Leave the password blank unless you desire to password-protect your file.

After creating this backup profile, you then create a job in Scheduled jobs ( Administrative Tools ) in your Control Panel. The configuration needs to resemble the following:

if you are supporting

Select the Mozbackup program for the executable and also your account name as the debate. It will certainly then run the back-up program as scheduled.

You can likewise place some variables in the data name:


< **application > < **version > - < ** year >-< ** month >-< day >


These will certainly make your back-up data dynamic, so you can track exactly how old the backup is from.

The back-up data is essentially the account directory site in a ZIP documents. If you are moving to a Mac, unzip the documents as well as after that import the materials right into your Mozilla profile directory site.

Protect Your Firefox and Thunderbird Profile Data With Backup Copies

It seldom occurs, Firefox and also Thunderbird profile data can get corrupted. If they get corrupted, backing up your accounts with the approaches above will allow you to recover them. You'll additionally be able to restore your accounts after installing or re-installing Firefox and Thunderbird.



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