Netflix's First Mobile Games Released

  • Netflix's First Mobile Games Released

We have seen and heard various claims about Netflix for a while. Netflix has finally announced the gaming service we know.

Starting tomorrow, it announced its service called "netflix games" to us. The game service that everyone has been waiting for will be on the air from tomorrow. You will also be able to access it through the netflix mobile application. Let's take a look at the game world of Netfix together. We think that he will present his special games to us, just like you. Actually, it was something we were curious about, and this step has finally taken place. Netflix Games has officially opened all over the world with its 5 new games. He stated that the new Netflix Games games, which only android users can play for now, will not charge an additional fee for memberships. All of the announced games can be played by downloading them from the mobile application. In addition, the games will come to iOS after a while.

Here are 5 new games from Netflix Games:

Users who will be able to log in from the Netflix mobile application will be able to play the games online or when not connected to the internet. In addition, all profiles in a netflix member will be able to play the games and access them from separate devices at the same time. While tablet users will see a separate game line and tab where they can choose the games, tablet users will see a separate game line or they will be able to access the games they will download and play from the "Categories" menu. The games, which are stated to be available in many languages, will be published according to the selected language setting in the profile. If there is no Turkish language support, the default language of the games will be English. Games will not be featured in children's profiles. The first five games introduced by Netflix Games are as follows;

  • Stranger Things: 1984
  • Stranger Things 3: The Game
  • Shooting Hoops
  • Card Blast
  • Teeter Up

In this regard, we see that netflix has opened its doors to the game world. Think about it, would you ever think that a world-famous movie and TV series platform would enter the game industry. Taking this big step means getting big investment offers on behalf of the brand. Actually, come on, we just have to play.



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