The 7 Best Sites to Download and Read Comic Books

  • The 7 Best Sites to Download and Read Comic Books

You could get your next book from a comic book store, but the internet is full of websites that sell digital copies. You can even download them to your smartphone or computer and read them whenever you want.

However, there are superior platforms. The six best websites for graphic novels and comic books that let you download the files are listed below. You will need software that can read CBR, PDF, and even ebook files in order to open them. Check the requirements of each comic and service provider.

1. ComiXology

ComiXology ComiXology is the most popular online store for digital comic books because it is owned by Amazon. It has a lot of movies, including Shang-Chi, The Boys, Stranger Things, Justice League, and Amazing Spider-Man.

Simple comics and special deals cost $2.99, while printed copies and special editions can cost up to $24.99 or more. You won't find free comic books very often, but you can try out Amazon Prime Reading or ComiXology Unlimited for $5.99 a month, which gives you access to thousands of comics, graphic novels, and manga.

You can read them by purchasing them and downloading them to your Kindle device or app. A good read can be found on Comixology. Consider ComiXology alternatives for comic book fans looking for platforms of the same caliber.

2. DriveThruComics


DriveThruComics is worth your time if you prefer a user-friendly interface and a lot of options. You get a mix of old and new comic books, some of which are free or you can pay what you want, and others that cost anywhere from $0.75 to more than $40.

As a result, you can choose from a wide range of books, both lighthearted and serious. Additionally, you can make use of filters. You can sort your choices by publishers, languages, formats, genres, and other criteria.

You must create an account in order to complete your purchases and receive your digital comics. The files will then be available for downloading to your device. The only other decision you'll need to make is whether you want an English comic book on your PDF reader if you already use one of the best comic book reader apps available. Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Dutch, or Polish are some of the other supported languages.

3. GetComics


Another website to check out is GetComics. It’s less user-friendly, but you get a good range of comic books to add to your digital shelves, as well as interesting offers. First of all, everything is free. Secondly, GetComics has individual and packs of issues for you to download and read, following the same universe, character, or theme.

Whatever you go for, there are several download options to choose from. Just have your CBR reader ready and waiting. You may need it more than other software, so stock up on comic book reader apps for iPad or any other device of choice.

4. ComicsMode


On the off chance that you like free comic books and realistic books, check ComicsMode out, as well. It lists books by popularity, new arrivals, and alphabetical order, and you can also filter by publisher.

This is a very inclusive community for fans of comic books thanks to the inclusion of both established and independent titles.

Keep in mind that you can only read titles online and not download them on ComicsMode. You should be able to enjoy your reading time because the publications are of high quality and the interface is clean and straightforward.

5. Comics-All


Another free online library for fans of superheroes and dark fiction is available here. In fact, Comics-All was created by fans and offers its extensive collection for free, unless you want frequent, quick downloads.

You can choose what you want to read by browsing its numerous publishers and titles, clicking the Florenfile download button, or both. After that, you have three choices. You can use a free low-speed download tool on this cloud storage platform, but there are some restrictions, like a maximum file size of 400 MB and one download every 24 hours. Additionally, the books are only available in CBR format.

You can subscribe to a premium account for prices starting at $8.33 or $10.83 per month for more flexibility, which includes eight direct download streams, no delay, and unlimited file sizes.

6. Internet Archive

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is the best place to look if you're feeling nostalgic and want to find old issues, especially free graphic novels in PDF and other formats. There are over 90,000 comic book and graphic novel results in its collection, so you won't run out of reading material soon.

In addition to classics like Asterix, Tintin, Watchmen, and Dennis the Menace, there are a number of manga options. Additionally, you can easily filter through them to locate your ideal batch.

You can download any comic book you want as a PDF, EPUB, Kindle, torrent, or any other format. Choose your option and claim your file for free. Manga applications for Android and iOS should also be considered when looking for the best software for comics.

7. Comic Book Plus

Comic Book Plus

Comic Book Plus is another good place to get old comics, even though it's not the most attractive website. Keep in mind that downloading files requires a free account. If not, you can simply read them online.

You can choose from more than 40,000 books in terms of variety. You can concentrate on particular subgenres, such as westerns, fantasy, adventure, pulp fiction, and international comics. The first publication dates are from the 1910s.

Most importantly, everything on Comic Book Plus can be downloaded for free. For a comprehensive tour of comics' golden age, go to this website.

Find More Ways to Jump Into Your Favorite Comic Book Universe

It's great to be able to download comics and read them whenever you want thanks to these websites. You can find English comic books in PDF format that are available for free download or the most original graphic novels on the market.

In fact, thanks to apps and the internet, there are numerous additional sources of comic book entertainment. Take, for instance, a look at the wonderful features that the Marvel Unlimited app provides. There is no limit to the amount of fun you can have as a member of this huge community, as cinematic universes enhance the appeal of comic books.



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