What is Metaverse technology?

  • What is Metaverse technology?

Metaverse means primarily (fictional stage). We can say that big technology companies, marketers and analysts, in addition to these, are a system that does not fall into the tongues of our software friends. It is planned to make remote work permanent in the future. We see that most big technology companies are looking forward to working remotely. With Metaverse technology, you will be able to make instant changes as if you were working in a meeting or in the office. You will be able to organize meetings with your friends in reality quality and you will be able to be side by side thanks to instant connection. This issue attracts a lot of attention in this century, and it is planned that leading names of big technology such as Mark Zuckerberg and Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney will invest in the metaverse technology system. In its statement about the name change, Facebook reveals that the meta name has a more inclusive meaning about the work of the company, while the areas it focuses on expand from social media to virtual reality. "I hope that over time we will be seen as a metaverse company and that we can use both our businesses and our identity as the foundation of what we will build in the future," concludes Facebook founder Zuckerberg.

Let's take a closer look at what is the metaverse seen as the "future of the internet"?

At first glance (Virtual Reality), we can consider VR as an enhanced version of technology. Some consider metaverse technology to be the future of the internet. In fact, many believe that the metaverse is to virtual reality technology what modern smartphones were to chunky cell phones of the 1980s, and they are developing it further. You can think of it, instead of being in front of a computer, we can call it the first transition to the virtual world in a fictional reality space, that is, in a metaverse, where all digital environments are interconnected. You will be able to enter this virtual reality world with only the equipment consisting of headphones and glasses. Doesn't it actually sound both nice and scary?

Unlike virtual reality, which is mostly available for computer gamers, Metaverse will offer you many more features, such as being able to do your work in the fictional universe entered with metaverse, and attend meetings with your friends at the office. You can also enter the movie theater, watch movies and wander around. Many envision being able to create and use a three-dimensional (3D) avatar that is a representative of yourself in this universe.

Although, for now, there is no single agreed definition on the metaverse, as this is just an idea.



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