Why You Should Avoid ChatGPT Apps on the Mac App Store

  • Why You Should Avoid ChatGPT Apps on the Mac App Store

Unquestionably, ChatGPT is one of the most widely used examples of conversational AI that we have seen to far. It also means that a lot of users are attempting to utilise ChatGPT's power in both personal and professional contexts.

However, using ChatGPT on a Mac appears to raise some questions. On the Mac App Store, the majority of users perform a search for ChatGPT and download one of the top results. But as recent reports indicate, it's a behaviour you need to avoid.

Shady ChatGPT Apps Are Flooding the App Store

The Mac App Store is one of the safest places to download and install software, according to Apple. Most of the time, it is also true. However, as a result of ChatGPT's explosive popularity, shoddy and buggy ChatGPT apps are being released in droves on the Mac App Store. Additionally, many of these apps contain components that are frequently used to defraud users.

Shady ChatGPT Apps Are Flooding the App Store

In his Medium article, Alex Kleber uncovered this unsatisfactory aspect of the Mac App Store. The popular results for phrases like ChatGPT and OpenAI, according to the author, are actually phoney apps that fall short of their promises.

For instance, a lot of apps either have a paywall blocking them or don't function at all. A pop-up for an in-app purchase may appear on the screen after a few minutes of some apps working.

Additional investigation into the matter revealed that the majority of these problematic "ChatGPT" apps are produced by the same or very similar developers. The author therefore thinks that these apps are a part of a fraud network that is trying to take advantage of the rising demand for GPT-style services.

How to Safely Use ChatGPT on a Mac

Despite the proliferation of questionable ChatGPT programmes, there are two secure ways to use ChatGPT on your Mac.

1. Use the Web Interface

Use the Web Interface

The most secure way to utilise ChatGPT on your Mac is through the OpenAI online interface. The web interface appears to be the best choice for most users, given that OpenAI has not yet created a native programme for macOS, Windows, iOS, or Android.

While ChatGPT has issues, the web app almost always functions properly. Visit chat.openai.com to get to OpenAI's ChatGPT's online interface.

If you don't already have an account, you must create one. Additionally, OpenAI provides the free and paid versions of ChatGPT for your consideration.

2. Use MacGPT.


Check out MacGPT if you want a ChatGPT experience on your Mac that feels more native. It's one of the few trustworthy applications that enables ChatGPT integration on your Mac. For instance, MacGPT can be configured to function as a menu bar app on macOS.

You can communicate with ChatGPT using this menu bar interface without opening a new browser tab. You may use the same software to contact ChatGPT from a variety of text fields, including the Spotlight Search interface. All ChatGPT needs is a trigger word to start typing for you.

Use ChatGPT on Your Mac the Right Way

Without a doubt, ChatGPT can help you improve productivity and streamline your processes. And for precisely that reason, you might need a simple way to access it on your Mac. But before you dive in, it's crucial that you comprehend the various facets of the AI service, particularly the privacy consequences.



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