10 Top Android Apps That Everyone Should Install First

  • 10 Top Android Apps That Everyone Should Install First

Reinstalling all of the apps you used on your previous smartphone is probably the first thing you do when you get a new one. However, you can take advantage of this opportunity to break the cycle of reusing the same apps and try out some new ones that can boost the performance of your Android device significantly.

So, let's take a look at a few extremely useful Android apps that you should first install on a new phone.

1. VLC: For Better Video Playing


VLC is something that every PC user has used at some point. It also has a smartphone app that is one of the best Android video players. The best part is: This open-source app is free and does not have ads.

Compared to the majority of stock video players, VLC supports a much wider range of video formats. You also get useful features like the ability to add subtitles, support for dual audio, an equalizer, and more. The app can even function as a full-fledged music player, allowing you to create playlists there.

2. Sophos Intercept X: For Privacy and Security


It's best to have a security app on your phone because it stores so much personal information. One of the best free antivirus apps for Android that doesn't have any features behind a paywall is Intercept X.

It runs in the background once it has all the permissions it needs and will notify you whenever it finds a security flaw. To ensure that everything is protected, you can also manually scan your device, network, or applications. For preventative measures, you also get security tools like an authenticator, password safe, and QR code scanner.

3. Sleep as Android: For Smarter Alarms

Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android is a great app for setting your alarm and keeping track of how much sleep you get. It offers a variety of wake-up alarm customization options and can assist you in keeping track of your sleeping hours. After the 14-day free trial, if you don't upgrade, the features are limited to alarms only.

In contrast to conventional phone alarms, which typically wake you up, its alarm is designed to wake you up gently but effectively. Also, the application offers week after week and month to month details connected with your rest cycle and recognizes different sounds you make while dozing, for example, wheezing or rest talking.

4. Microsoft To Do: To Supercharge Your Task Management

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do is a great app that gives you cool alerts and customizations to help you manage your day-to-day tasks. You can personalize your task list and receive notifications based on time, location, or date with this app.

It likewise has a strong synchronization highlight which is especially valuable in the event that you use Microsoft To Do on your Windows PC. Additionally, the app suggests tasks based on your Outlook emails. Task the board applications like this can assist you with keeping fixed on the significant stuff throughout everyday life, countering dawdling simultaneously.

5. CCleaner: To Keep Your Storage Getting Hogged


CCleaner is a well-liked junk cleaning app for Android that helps you get rid of junk files and leftover data from other apps. Because there are always some app or update leftovers that are not easily visible, this keeps the device's performance at its highest level while also saving storage space.

By highlighting the large files you might want to delete, CCleaner assists you in managing your multimedia files. You can likewise screen your utilization ways of behaving for each introduced application, alongside their battery utilization.

6. Bitwarden: For Easy Password Management


For Android, Bitwarden is a free, open-source password manager. When set up, it assists you with saving every one of your passwords securely in a vault, which is open across various gadgets as it's a cross-stage application. This makes it easier to forget all of your passwords for all of your accounts.

You can activate the autofill feature in the app's settings to enter your credentials with a single tap. Moreover, you can serious areas of strength for create to upgrade your security, and securely share them with your group or family.

7. AccuWeather: To Stay on Top of the Weather


AccuWeather is a well-known app for weather forecasts that provides fairly precise weather updates. You can open the app or create widgets for your home screen to quickly check the weather.

AccuWeather offers in-depth forecasts that include daily, monthly, and hourly temperatures. In addition, it provides data on the likelihood of precipitation, humidity, air quality, UV index, and other factors. You can also check the various weather conditions in any location by switching to radar mode.

8. Snapseed: For Making Your Photos Stand Out


One of the best photo editing apps for Android is Snapseed by Google. It's a straightforward yet amazing asset for rectifying and upgrading your photographs with lots of instruments to calibrate the appearance as per your loving.

It allows you to crop or expand, apply filters, correct colors, adjust brightness and contrast, and do a lot more with your photos. Exporting your images to the library and undoing any edits are simple while you are doing so. Overall, Snapseed would be an excellent tool to have in your arsenal if you enjoy taking pictures a lot.

9. Clipt: To Copy and Paste Anywhere


To share your Android clipboard across multiple devices, Clipt is a useful tool. You can significantly boost your productivity by copying and pasting text and images from one device to another. You'll need to introduce Clipt on your other gadget to begin utilizing it. The Clipt Chrome extension is the simplest method for PCs.

Additionally, Clipt stores your previous copy-paste history, which can help you save a lot of time when performing routine tasks. The association between gadgets is encoded, so your substance is no problem at all.

10. Musicolet: A Stylish Ad-Free Music Player


Musicolet is one of the few Android ad-free music players that looks good and has a lot of useful features that stock music players often don't have. With its built-in equalizer, you can improve the sound and organize your music collection by creating folders and playlists.

Additionally, Musicolet offers some cool widgets for the home screen. Besides, in the event that a tune is playing and the gadget nods off, it replaces your lock screen with the melody collection workmanship and control buttons. Android Auto is also supported by the app.

Improve Your Android Experience Right From the Get-Go

When you get a new phone, you'd naturally want to utilize its capabilities to the fullest. With the apps listed above, you'll be able to take your Android experience to the next level by having all the essential and powerful apps for every day-to-day task.

And you don't always need to buy a new phone, either. Something like a factory reset or a good clear out of your existing apps are among the many ways you can make your old phone feel new again.



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