4 Apps to Help You Stay Focused During Exam Season

  • 4 Apps to Help You Stay Focused During Exam Season

Exam season can be stressful because of impending test dates as well as assignment deadlines. Although doing everything at the last minute can work for some people, it's usually far preferable to organise yourself and accomplish everything in more manageable chunks. You've certainly heard stories of your classmates who did everything at the last minute.

Today, it is much easier to maintain attention during exam season. There are many apps available that can assist you in staying on task, whether it is by reducing distractions or by better managing your schedule. You'll find six of the top applications in this list to assist you in getting the grades you want.

1. Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey

There are many methods to make the most of your productivity tools, but even the best-laid plans will be useless if you keep getting sidetracked. There are many locations vying for your attention, including social media and entertainment websites. Furthermore, if you're not watchful, it's simple to go into a rabbit hole.

One of the greatest internet blockers for removing distractions while you study is Cold Turkey. You can add lists for websites where you frequently find yourself wasting too much time, and you can turn on and off your block lists as you see fit. You can choose a time for your blocks to take effect if you upgrade to Cold Turkey Pro.

The fundamental functions of Cold Turkey are free to use. The full edition, on the other hand, is only available for a one-time cost of $29.

2. Brite


During exam season, you may have a lot of coursework obligations and be required to study simultaneously for several tests. It's essential to arrange your day in advance and to divide the big activities into manageable pieces. You should plan your day in Brite for a number of reasons.

The overriding duties you must complete without difficulty can be added in Brite. Additionally, you can choose which are your priorities and the level of difficulty for each. For instance, if you need to finish your thesis, that might be your top priority up until submission.

The premium plan is available for $4.50 per month ($3.29 per month with annual plans), however many of Brite's features are free.

Download Brite (free with in-app purchases) for iOS.

3. Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Many students use Google Calendar as their default calendar, and it has a number of features that will help you focus on your academics. Planning your week in Google Calendar entails considering all of your obligations, not just your tests.

Even though you'll have to set aside time for your work, it's important to continue seeing your friends and maintaining a regular workout schedule. By tapping the time slots you want to add events for, entering the information, and then adjusting the length, you can add both of the above.

You may quickly add these sessions to your Google Calendar, which will help you remain on track while studying for exams. You may maximise your Deep Work by using a variety of free time-tracking applications in addition to Google Calendar.

Download free versions of Google Calendar for iOS and Android.

4. Notion


There are many reasons why Notion is a useful companion during test season, but organising your notes is possibly the ideal application for this time of year. You may establish many workspaces with the programme, giving you greater flexibility in how you break up your various assignments.

You are allowed to build an unlimited number of pages in each workspace. You can further decompose your assignments by including new sub-pages in each of these pages. You might want to consider using Notion to arrange your reading lists in addition to your notes.

Throughout test season, you can also use Notion in the following ways:

  • Creating a document with all of your due dates and tracking your progress within.
  • Making sites where you may keep track of the various methods used to grade your tests and assignments.
  • Connecting to or embedding significant materials that your professors provide with you.
  • During exam season, Notion AI can also increase your productivity. The add-on, for instance, can summarise your pages to make things easier to read. Additionally, you may search and create to-do list actions on each page using the tool.

    Download Notion (free with in-app purchases) for iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android.



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