5 Apps That Gamify Your Fitness Routine

  • 5 Apps That Gamify Your Fitness Routine

Do you ever wish that achieving your fitness objectives was more like advancing in a video game? Thanks to the fitness applications that different developers have released, cellphones already make it possible for you to achieve that.

So, use these applications to gamify your exercise regimen and inject some fun and creativity into your everyday routines.

1. PlayFitt


To earn coins for power-ups, the PlayFitt app tracks phone movement while you play daily fitness games. It's a cutting-edge method of training that aims to increase the enjoyment of working out.

You will know exactly what to accomplish each day thanks to your daily and weekly goals. For instance, the first set of daily objectives calls for nine active breaks, 3,100 steps, eight squats, and eight push-ups. Any movement you make following a time of inactivity is counted as an active break.

The app's most entertaining feature is undoubtedly how it detects movement from your phone.

Consider the section where you do squats. Choose the "squats" option first, then scroll through a few screens that describe how to perform a basic squat properly. Put your phone in a back pocket or waistband after that, then start walking.

The app notifies you when it's time for a break and counts your reps aloud. The home screen shows a cheery "You Did It!" message beneath the squats screen if you reach the day's target.

The app motivates you to exercise in tiny amounts throughout the day, whether you're at home or on the go, by making the exercises short and simple. In order to enhance the game experience, you may create a creative avatar using a photo of yourself.

The app also has a social component. You can go from the trainee to the beginner to the elite leagues by accessing a leaderboard screen. To increase responsibility and connectedness, you may also add friends to the app and make your own scoreboard.

You accumulate Fitt Coins throughout the game by doing workouts. Trade Fitt Coins for rewards like Starbucks or Amazon gift cards or contributions to causes that promote environmental protection. Your daily goals will help you accumulate those coins more rapidly.

The programme may be downloaded and used for free, but if you want to earn coins more quickly, you need get the premium version.

2. Hops - Journey of Tree Spirit

 Hops - Journey of Tree Spirit

The Hops app monitors daily exercise and transforms it into power for adorable tree spirits. Maintain your current level of physical activity to aid your Hop character in discovering new places.

A tree spirit named Your Hop roams the forest in search of precious stones, timber, and rare rubies that may be used for construction. Every time you walk roughly 500 steps, new crafting supplies enter the game. On the Hop screen, keep track of the materials your Hop has available. By exchanging components, you may also customise the character's appearance by altering its head, body, limbs, and accessories.

A map screen aids with your Hop's orientation. You'll discover a treasure box in the final location after exploring every section of the map. Your Hop need a specific amount of energy to explore the map. Meet your daily goals in the real world to earn one energy.

Although you may use the app to log your walks, it automatically gets data from your Health. Go to the Steps icon, select the Workouts tab, then hit the Walk button in the top right corner of the app to start recording your walk. Press "Start" to begin moving.

Overall, the Hops app is a fun and appealing addition to a straightforward activity tracker, making it one of the most straightforward applications.

3. Treeceps


Utilise the Treeceps app to level up in real life while exercising. By completing workouts, many of which emphasise strength and resistance training, you may grow and create an entire virtual world.

In the app, each activity has a distinct purpose. For instance, in the game, your daily steps turn into grass that the Runimals eat. The polygonal animals known as Runimals that may be seen wandering about your virtual environment can comment on what you do and give you advise.

You receive incentives from A Garden of Gains for time spent in the programme, finished workouts, and reaching step targets. The names of the plants are humorous and clever, such as Lily of the Walky and Cardiose.

The software also offers tutorials on how to perform strength training safely and effectively. You may use the app's plan or perform exercises on your own. The free version of the programme allows you to explore it and test its features, but a premium membership is necessary for more useful use.

4. Nerd Fitness Journey

Nerd Fitness Journey

With the Nerd Fitness Journey app, you can create a superhero avatar and get incentives for working out. It's a creative, original method of exercising that injects fun into each movement.

You may earn experience (XP) points for fulfilling various exercise goals by starting the app, which also offers a tour of the Nerd exercise concept. The opening makes references to popular franchises like The Hunger Games, so it's especially friendly to anyone who like nerdy things (as the name indicates).

Once you've started, you may use the items from Hero Crates to customise your character. Sash belts, a huge hammer, and many more items are available as accessories. Later, each time you level up in the app, you receive a new Hero Crate.

Under the Heroic Movement heading, there is a comprehensive overview of fitness fundamentals that covers everything from regular aerobic activity to strength training.

The Nerd Fitness Journey app also exhorts you to increase your non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) activities. One strategy to boost physical activity at work or at home is to engage in more NEAT activities, including taking the stairs or pacing.

Your fitness objectives show up as a Journey rather as a to-do list or a weekly activity routine. Under this category, a few exercises are presented in a clean, easy-to-read manner. Take the 10 Minutes of Movement adventure, for instance, which requires you to engage in any physical activity for 10 minutes every day.

Any movement counts during this activity, which might include walking or VR gaming. You are encouraged to make any movement you just like a priority for the challenge, and as a reward, you will receive some tasty goodies.

The app also has a big selection of workouts. It's simple to gamify workouts because bodyweight exercises, strength routines, and other entertaining activities are all covered. The software provides a free trial, but if you want to use it indefinitely, you'll need to subscribe.

5. Fitness RPG

Fitness RPG

To level up your characters in the retro-cool fitness RPG game, walk farther. This software is for you if you want to gamify fitness with a stronger emphasis on the game side of things.

You are encouraged to become more involved in the app via captivating tales. In order to level up the hero squad and protect Fitland from the Dark Force, you are doing more than just walking farther each day.

Given how well-developed the game's RPG is, this is more than simply a complex step counter. Characters converse with one another, engage in combat, acquire specialty gear, and work together to vanquish adversaries. The game has a compelling primary plot and a tonne of side tasks.

But walking outside is essential to the gameplay since the heroes require your steps to compete. When a titanic fight is at stake, it is simple to wander for a few more blocks. It's a wonderful complement to the entertaining pedometer applications that are already available.



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